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Topics of the day:

  1. max in pop culture..
  2. Max/MSP and Touch-tones (2)


Date:Sat, 11 Dec 1999 11:37:13 -0600
From:putney swope <muni@POP.RIPCO.COM>
Subject: max in pop culture..

jhno mentioned that looper was used on aluminum group's "plano" record, and
was thinking of where else max/msp has wheedled it's way in...
bands like autechre, nobukazu takemura, and the mego label groups (pita,
fennesz, etc.) are using max and i've used it on recent records by a rather
diverse group of people, the newer aluminum group record, stereolab, high
llamas, superchunk, old dirty bastard, oh scratch that..
i've been going through backlists to get a picture , but: what was the
final verdict on the vx pocket?

any good??

jim o

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Date:Sat, 11 Dec 1999 01:30:08 -0800
From:Les Stuck <les@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Max/MSP and Touch-tones

>My memory may be awry, but isn't there a touch-tone decoder in the MSP

"dialer~" is actually an *encoder*, but i'm sure it would be useful
as a tester for a decoder. the frequency pairs are available:

0, 941 1336;
1, 697 1209;
2, 697 1336;
3, 697 1477;
4, 770 1209;
5, 770 1336;
6, 770 1477;
7, 852 1209;
8, 852 1336;
9, 852 1477;

*, 941 1209;
#, 941 1477;

plus you can tweak the twist to test how your decoder deals with
alternative phone companies. twist is the ratio of the amplitude
of the higher frequency to that of the lower. in the patch it is 2.


could someone post a pointer to peter swinnen's "phonedecoder" object?


Date:Sat, 11 Dec 1999 17:15:13 -0600
From:Ken Gregory <kgregory@PANGEA.CA>
Subject: Re: Max/MSP and Touch-tones

>>The micro procssor looks for the
>>low/hi outputs from the tone decoders and in in real time sends the info to
>>the Mac serially.
>hi ken,
>it sounds very interesting.
>do you have any circuit diagrams that you could publish to the list?

Hi Michael,
In a nutshell my scratchy notes are not really worth attempting to publish!

Here are some references for you though.

..I double checked ..that chip is called a LM567 ..Texas Instruments has a
fax back service which includes application notes about how to do the
circuit which i based my tone decoder box on. They may have a wesite now
too with PDF files of the notes. Most electronics parts manufacturers do.

Also check Their online catalog is searchable and has
links to all the manufacturers notes .

Using the circuit I built would be like reinventing the wheel though. As i
noted before there are complete DTMF transeiver chips available. The main
difference in my box, is that I can tune the seven channels to any
frequency for other uses.

Dan O'Sullivans Physical Computing page has a complete set of notes with
diagrams on how to interface the Basic Stamp microprocessor to a Macand a
PC serial port.

for Stamp microprocessor info

There's also a lot of links at the Parallax site to info on all types of
sensors and interfacing resources.

>You can buy a telephone-to-line input adapter at Radio Shack. But when I
>tried it with my powerbook, I got terrible hum. Running off the battery
>helped, but you might need to use some kind of better transformer
>isolator or D.I. box.

>> Go crazy man... just remmeber that it is basically ilegal to mess with the
>> phone lines....research all aspects of this circuit before you hook it up!!

>I don't think that's true anymore, at least in Canada, but if you screw
>up your phone line you'll have to pay to have it fixed. Anyways, I've
>hotwired phones with surplus 600 ohm 1:1 audio transformers successfully.

As i said'research all aspects of this circuit before you hook it up!!'
You need to protect the input on your computer from some of the things
going on with the phone line, specificaly the 50 or so volts which trigger
the ringer in your phone and any other stray voltage weirdness. My tone
decoder box has a circuit to filter out the ringer voltage. You can also
use a telephone answering machine as an inbetween.

It should be noted that I built this box before there was MSP for use with
a Qudara 840. I'm a kinda low/tech guy. It stills works fine and I still
use the840. As others noted there are other ways to do this.

Thanks Jeff.

Hope this helps more.



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