Subject: MAX Digest - 20 Nov 1999 to 21 Nov 1999 (#1999-333)
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 00:00:20 -0500
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  1. CD object/Speechmanager


Date:Mon, 22 Nov 1999 00:59:13 +0100
Subject: CD object/Speechmanager

I'm thinking of making a special New Years Party CD with some CD music,
Bomb graphics and (hopefully) funny intermezzos using the built-in Victoria
voice. I've had Max speechsynthesizer objects at some point, but I am
unable to find them. Does anybody know the url where I can download them
again? Also, the CD object doesn't seem to report the time as it should on
my 5500. The only sure way to know the time is by sending the pause ('0')
message, which interrupts the music. Is this a bug?

Zip Boterbloem
studio DAC
Lange Begijnestraat 18b
2011 HHHaarlem
The Netherlands
tel. 31-(0)23-5326643
fax. 31-(0)23-5425133


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