Subject: MAX Digest - 15 Nov 1999 to 16 Nov 1999 (#1999-328)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 00:00:31 -0500
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Topics of the day:

  1. MSP/bw-G3/MacOS 8.6(/Audiowerk8) crashing problem
  2. Pluggo channels
  3. Max on an iMac
  4. Input controllers
  5. More than 8-Ch Out in MSP?
  6. microphone
  7. time code thru


Date:Tue, 16 Nov 1999 01:14:13 +0100
Subject: MSP/bw-G3/MacOS 8.6(/Audiowerk8) crashing problem


I have a problem with a blue-white G3/350 using MacOS 8.6 and the Max/MSP
from the bundle CD. There is a Audiowerk 8 build into the computer as well
as a wide-SCSI controller (Adaptec?) and a Gport connected to a MIDI Time
Piece II.

I had problems with the internal DVD drive and the cd object (mostly when
reporting the CD time regularly), but I changed to an external Toshiba SCSI
drive using an older version of FWB CD-toolkit. I also changed the USB
keyboard to an ADB one, because sometimes the keyboard locked up (mostly
when reporting seek problems on th DVD drive and similar stuff). I also
eliminated Davids beta stage "sndin~" object, just to be sure, that this is
not the source of the problem and also because it was not really needed.
So, I tried to eliminate potential problems.

I know, that I didn't eliminate the potential problem of Norton File Saver
beeing activated after some time, but that`s not the point of my question,
because even on my old PowerMacintosh 7100/80 with a DSP load of 95% there
was no crash when Norton File Saver was activated (but using MacOS 8.1!).

The annoying thing is, that using MacOS 8.1 on my home machine, Max/MSP
runs happily in the background (this did not work with MacOS 7.6.1), BUT on
the G3 with MacOS 8.6 putting Max/MSP into the background stops all output.
I don't know if this a problem of the audio card driver or the OS. I know,
that I can try this out myelf, but sometimes it`s easier to ask a probably
well known problem.

All I want to know for now is: Is there any setting in MacOS 8.6 to enable
applications to continue running when they are not in the foreground?




Date:Mon, 15 Nov 1999 21:33:13 -0800
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Pluggo channels

"Dunskus, Bertram" <Bertram.Dunskus@PARTNER.COMMERZBANK.COM> writes:

>in sifting through the Pluggo SDK it seemed to me that Pluggo only supports
>two channels of I/O. Is this correct? I would love to avoid this limitation,
>because I need to convert my MSP patch to an 8-In 8-Out VST Plugin.
>Is there a chance that in a later version we may get this functionality?

As soon as I see a host that supports more than two channels, sure.
In the meantime, use PluggoBus.

David Z.


Date:Mon, 15 Nov 1999 21:41:01 -0800
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Max on an iMac

"Jay J. Bauer" <j-bauer2@NWU.EDU> writes:

>Is it possible to install an old version of Max onto an iMac computer
>to run our MIDI controllers? In our lab we use Max v.3.0 to run our
>equipment. Currently we are using a very old Macintosh Performa Power
>PC computer to run Max but we would like to update to an iMac.

If you want to use MaxPlay, it's included in the 3.5.9-9 download
on either the Opcode or Cycling '74 web sites. Just get the
installer file onto the iMac and double-click. At the present time,
you'll have a difficult time upgrading Max 3.0 to a version that
doesn't require a floppy disk for authorization. But you'll get
30 days out of the demo mode of the 3.5.9-9 version. Will the
quarter be over by then?

David Z.


Date:Tue, 16 Nov 1999 21:19:18 +1100
From:Garth Paine <garth@ACTIVATEDSPACE.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: Input controllers

Hi Bertram

>If not, would it be worth developing an Apple Game Sprocket to Max
>conversion object? That way, all sorts of controllers on the Mac could be
>used with Max! I already sifted through the various SDK's, but I have never
>developed in any of these.

The apple Game Sprocket idea is a really good one - I have no idea
how that would be programmed, but it would access a lot of stuff
which could be really fun to play with.



Listen to some of the tracks from my latest CD at
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Activated Space
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Date:Tue, 16 Nov 1999 12:09:00 -0500
From:David Gamper <dgamper@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: More than 8-Ch Out in MSP?

I think adc~ and dac~ are actually limited to 16 channels. I used to
use the Korg 1212i/o which provides 12 channels (I used mostly 5
through 12, which addresses the ADAT lightpipe i/o.) I'm now using
the MOTU 2408 also (no crashes on 266MHz PB G3 with Magma PCI
expansion box). For more channels I'd need to add more d/a converters
and configure the MOTU PCI console appropriately - something I hope
try soon using the ADAT lightpipe to my Korg 880d/a. It's too bad you
can't configure the SPDIF i/o on the MOTU 2408 to anything other than
the 1st or 3rd banks and get a couple more channels of i/o. Perhaps
someone will extend adc~ and dac~ to address more than 16 channels.

David Gamper


Date:Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:59:21 -0500
From:David Gamper <dgamper@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: microphone

For live micing in performance (feeding extensive processing where
isolation is important) I've had good luck with the Countryman ISOMAX
series - very small clip on mics in a variety of patterns. I use an
omnidirectional pattern on strings clipped to the bridge - position
adjusted to get the best balance of bow, string, bridge and f-hole
sounds. Resonable price - about $US300.

David Gamper


Date:Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:17:39 -0800
From:Benjamin Nevile/Towers Perrin <nevileb@TOWERS.COM>
Subject: time code thru


Why does Max's midiin strip the time code? I want to echo the MTC
coming in to a midi output. A simple midiin -> midiout doesn't do it. There
must be an easy way.



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