Subject: MAX Digest - 29 Oct 1999 to 30 Oct 1999 (#1999-313)
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 00:00:31 -0400
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Topics of the day:

  1. Power mac 7600 frankenstein project
  2. sampler
  3. MAX Digest - 28 Oct 1999 to 29 Oct 1999 (#1999-312)
  4. directory location
  5. ibook problems.


Date:Sat, 30 Oct 1999 10:55:26 -0400
From:David Crandall <dcrand1@GL.UMBC.EDU>
Subject: Power mac 7600 frankenstein project

I'm still trying to figure out how to soup up my old "legacy" mac (7600)
to newer standards for MSP/video object use and have only gotten one
response so far, so here's a more focused question-

Is there a way to get the newer EIDE hard drives to work in this machine?
The web links I find seem to point just to B&W G3s or G4s, but the thought
of 30-something gigs for under $200 is driving me crazy...



Date:Sat, 30 Oct 1999 11:17:31 -0400
From:Neal Farwell <nfarwell@FAS.HARVARD.EDU>
Subject: Re: sampler

>a friend of mine's powerbook just died because someone spilled beer on it
>at a party. notebook audio connectors are fragile 1/8" sockets. affordable
>and ergonomic multichannel audio i/o for powerbooks has not happened yet.
>you have to treat a computer differently than a rugged piece of racked

I figure we should treat our "live" computers the same way as we do a
precious guitar, violin etc... Have the equivalent of spare strings and be
neurotic about spilled beer, sunlight on the varnish... etc... :-)



Date:Sat, 30 Oct 1999 11:37:54 -0700
From:jhno <ear@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 28 Oct 1999 to 29 Oct 1999 (#1999-312)

>I don't know what's inside the dac~ objects, but I guess that for each of
>the 65536 possible 16 bit codes, there is a well defined range of values in
>MSP's +-1.0 range.

i would love to see a visual represntation of this - bascically a graph
with three lines:

  1. the "true" source analog signal level
  2. the integer representation of the signal level

  1. the floating point representation of the signal level
  1. and 3. would both look chunky, but in different ways, since the spacing
    betweeen integers is uniform but between floats is not. i think if we
    examined what these curves look like, we could draw some interesting
    inferences about the differences between integer and floating-point math,
    and precision as well.

has anyone seen a visual representation of the difference between integer
precision and floatin point precision? i think this would be fascinating...

the practical upshot is that if there really is a difference in the sound
produced by integer and floating point representations, maybe there are
improvements that could be made, in terms of shaping the precision of
sample values.

i would be willing to bet that the best sounding digital representation
would mimic the logarithmic amplitude response of the human ear (since that
is the apparatus doing the listening in the first place... :).


() ))(((( ))) ))))) ( )((()) (( ))( )) (((( )(()( (()
san francisco, ca


Date:Sat, 30 Oct 1999 17:53:34 +0100
From:Michael Alcorn <alcorn@SOUNDIN.DNET.CO.UK>
Subject: directory location

Dear All

I am working with a large number of soundfiles in MSP and it would be
beneficial to spread these amongst a number of sub-directories. What
are the options for directing sfplay~ objects to access these

(I can't figure out how to configure the settings in'file preferences'

Many thanks

Michael Alcorn


Date:Sat, 30 Oct 1999 16:49:15 -0700
From:"Michael P. Whyte" <matrix6k@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: ibook problems.

I bought an ibook.
If I double click on the Max icon it immediately crashes the machine. All icons dissappear
the control strip and the mouse pointer.
Max 3.5.9 used to run if i boot off the cd-rom and ran max off the hard drive.
I formatted, reinstalled all sys software, Max still crashes.
I boot off the cd-rom, max refuses to run error -39.
I have 32 meg ram, sys takes 17. I have seen max take up roughly 5 meg on the ibook when
I got it to work once.
MaxMSPPlay works fine, and all msp patches run very well.
I've tried all extensions, no extensions, some extensions...
any ideas?
Thanks for your time,
Michael P. Whyte

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