Subject: MAX Digest - 21 Oct 1999 to 22 Oct 1999 (#1999-305)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 00:00:37 -0400
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Topics of the day:

  1. More Opcode Rumors
  2. Variable Speed, Same Pitch
  3. FFTease Morphine~ on 8600/300?


Date:Thu, 21 Oct 1999 21:33:18 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: More Opcode Rumors

Simon Gatrall <gatrall@SLIP.NET> writes:

>Maybe I should stop forwarding things from the opcode-users-list.
>Soon after that rumor about some sort of Digidesign-Gibson-Opcode
>debacle was posted other people that probably know much better than I
>do pronounced it false.

I will confirm that there is absolutely no truth in that rumor.
It was, however, presented quite artfully.

Digidesign, or at least their parent company Avid, appears to
be having problems of their own. Avid announced they lost
$22 million last quarter, the CEO and president resigned,
and their stock dropped 20 percent today.

I've noticed Avid hasn't been doing very well ever since they
announced (and later reversed) that they were abandoning the
Mac platform. I always assumed this announcement was related
to the very large Intel investment in the company a few years
back. Let that be a lesson to anyone considering taking Intel's

David Z.


Date:Fri, 22 Oct 1999 00:00:00 -0600
From:Bob Falesch <raf@INTERACCESS.COM>
Subject: Re: Variable Speed, Same Pitch

david, nick

The granular patch by Sako is
rich, provocative. His doc file:

msp Granular 2.0

granular synthesis and graphical sample player for msp.

topic of v2.0
* playing 8 grains simultaneously.
* more stable and accurate sequencing.
* add pitch randomize and quantize function.

* add new control mode ..........grphical drawing of performance, like Hyperprism.

CPU Utilization; approx. 21.0% on PowerBook G3/300MHz, OS8.5.

First of all, click preset buttons in the patch.
Try new sample file.

All suggestions or bug reports are welcomed.

Nobuyasu Sakonda

kobe, japan
Jan. 1999


> Date:Thu, 21 Oct 1999 09:11:50 +0100
> From:
david stevens <david@RESONANT.DEMON.CO.UK>
> Subject: Re: Variable Speed, Same Pitch
> hi Nick,
> nobuyasu sakodna's rather superb granular patch will do this, among other
> things. unfortunately, i've lost the url of his site - perhaps someone who has
> it could post it here?
> david
> > From:
Nick Lloyd <nxlloyd@IX.NETCOM.COM>
> >
> > Does anyone know of an MSP object which would playback audio from a buffer
> > at variable speed but hold the pitch??


Date:Fri, 22 Oct 1999 07:40:34 EDT
From:Eric Lyon <Eric.Lyon@DARTMOUTH.EDU>
Subject: FFTease Morphine~ on 8600/300?

Actually since they do not run in realtime, the only modification is to
remove byte-swapping routines in a couple processors, and in the
utilities that read and write soundfiles from/to disk. If people express
interest in running POWERpv on big-endian hardware, I can fix that up myself.


p.s. Isn't a "regular Unix box" a bit like "military intelligence"?

--- Paul Hertz wrote:
How about running the code on a reguIar Unix box? I suspect your
specification of "Lintel" means that using the code on an SGI would require
reassigning drivers at the very least for realtime playback.
--- end of quote ---


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