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Topics of the day:

  1. MAX/BigExe
  2. Pitch Shifting
  3. FFTease Morphine~ on 8600/300?
  4. still looking for ORB data points
  5. MSP distortion after 3.5 hours
  6. A few requests
  7. A few more requests
  8. touch sensors
  9. Terminal/Serial Control
  10. ICMC 2000 WWW On-line!
  11. Request for civility and a close message (2)


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:35:19 +0200
From:michael <sm@XDV.ORG>
Subject: MAX/BigExe

hi there
i´m trying to run max 3.5 together with BigEye-demo on a 1400cs/166
powerbook w/ 64MB ram, but BigEye is constantly crashing. since there is
almost 30MB of ram leftwhen both programs ar running, it doesn´t seem
to be a ram-problem - but what could it be then? and how to solve it?
would be nice to hear some suggestions


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 07:15:30 EDT
From:Eric Lyon <Eric.Lyon@DARTMOUTH.EDU>
Subject: Pitch Shifting

There was recently a discussion here on various methods of pitch shifting (also

the music-dsp list). I don't know of any wavelet-based externals, so that would

be a nice contribution. I have a time-domain granulating pitch-shifter at granola~ and the FFTease package

( contains a phase vocoder,
pvoc~ which does frequency domain pitch shifting. In the latter case, each
partial is multiplied by a constant, resulting in a spectrum which preserves the
ratios among the harmonics while shifting the perceived fundamental (as well as
any formant structure present).

Eric Lyon

--- Peter Washburn wrote:

I am trying to learn how to use wavelets for this sort of thing. I will try to
write an external to accomplish this at some point. My impression is that

wavelets will be the most practical mathematical method to apply to this sort of
thing. I assume we are

talking about ,what I have been told is called, Pitch Scaling -- i.e shifting
the harmonic spectrum logorithmically (or exponentially, I can't remember which
right now), so as to preserve the harmonic qualities of the sound while altering
the pitch. This is

what I am trying to do.

anyone have any experience with wavelets and/or pitch scaling?

--- end of quote ---


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:41:11 -0500
From:Paul Hertz <paul-hertz@NWU.EDU>
Subject: FFTease Morphine~ on 8600/300?

I've been having a great time with the FFTease externals, but so far
haven't been able to get morphine~ to do anything interesting. This may be
because I'm working on a 300MHz 8600 and CPU usage reports 85 - 99%. What's
the base machine I'd need to run morphine~?

Also have wondered whether, when the CPU can't handle a patch in real time,
I can still send output to a file.

-- Paul (Paul Hertz)|(*,+,#,=)(#,=,*,+)(=,#,+,*)(+,*,=,#)|


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:48:06 -0400
From:David Crandall <dcrand1@GL.UMBC.EDU>
Subject: still looking for ORB data points

As it becomes more evident that my Jaz drive is eating disks at random,
I'm still searching for anyone who's having experiences with the new Orb
drive. My previous post netted one respondent who wisely pointed out that
it's a bit too early to tell definitively and that they had one which was
very slow.

I'm not looking for a lab test (unless someone knows of one) but just a
heads-up if anyone is having obvious problems I should look out for.

To the prevous respondent: is that a parallel-port or SCSI model? There
seems to be a huge speed difference between the two in the specs.


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:26:24 -0400
From:Louis Klepner <lou@EXPRESSIVEIMAGING.COM>
Subject: MSP distortion after 3.5 hours

Hey Max'ers-

I've got a little bug using an audiowerks 8 board with MSP. Audio plays
out fine until the patch has been running for 3.5 hours, and then the audio
begins to quickly distort. It sounds like the speakers have been blown. I
was wondering if this is a bug in the beta audiowerks driver, or perhaps
because I'm running the patch on an unregistered version of MSP... Any



Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 23:57:57 +0200
From:Peter Swinnen <peter.swinnen@PING.BE>
Subject: Re: A few requests

Dear Maxers,

JohnBrit@AOL.COM wrote:

> Peter Swinnen's textdisplay object's window updates when open but
> cannot be saved or loaded.

I'm glad to announce you that I just upgraded my textdisplay object. Besides documenting some
undocumented features (as the write, font, size and title messages) in the included help file, I
added a read message, which works both with or without a full
pathname included.

And, it doesn't crash anymore when the append or word message is sent with a number ...

You can download this updated textdisplay object from my web site, in the Software section.

Happy Maxing,
Peter Swinnen
Composer(from Belgium)


Date:Tue, 19 Oct 1999 08:46:33 +1000
From:Garth Paine <garth@ACTIVATEDSPACE.COM.AU>
Subject: A few more requests

While there are a few requests floating around, I thought I would
throw in my 2;

  1. Allow the patcher window to be made as small as required - ie.
    remove the limitations on collapsing the patcher windows. I often
    find I want lots of sub-patcher windows open, and they might only
    contain 6 number boxes that I want to see, but the window size must
    be larger than required, and therefore steals a lot of screen space.
  1. I love the function that allows the connection of one outlet to
    many objects, but I would also like to see the reverse, whereit
    would be many outlets - probably of different patchers - to one
    inlet. I often use a trigger object or some such to gather a number
    of outputs that need to go to one place, but it is still tedious
    drawing each patch cord separately.
  1. OOppps I only meant to put 2, but now I've got going ;-) - It
    would be really cool to have an argument for 'thispatcher 'that would
    report the name of the patcher window - not change it, just report
    the name.


Check out some of the tracks off my CD "Escape Velocity"
Activated Space
. Composer, Sound Designer, Installation Artist

.. Interactives Designer, Exhibition Consultant 61 3 95720133



Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 22:03:13 -0400
From:Ken Gregory <kgregory@PANGEA.CA>
Subject: Re: touch sensors

InterLink Electronics makes a fine set of FSR sensors, interfaces well with
the iCube, Stamp microprocessors, etc. They have a nice evaluation kit for
60$ us, lots of sensors to play with!

fax 805 484 8989
attn: product support
toll free in North America 800 340 1331

Measurment SPecialtiies Inc make Piezo film sensors,

nice sensors for contact mics, drum pads, vibration sensors, tiny
speakers, used anywhere a piezo disc can be used.
They have a basic design evalution kit with lots of their products,
documentation and example circuits, available from DigiKey.

Hope this helps.



Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:39:20 -0600
From:OVT Brain <ovt@MCS.NET>
Subject: Terminal/Serial Control

I am trying to use Max to control a Knox 8X8 video router. When I use a
terminal program, such as Microphone LT, it works fine. The command
structure is this, 'Vxy'V is Video, x is input, y is output. The serial
output of Max doesn't respond though when I use 'message' to send 'Vxy'.
The Max window gives me the error 'Serial: doesn't understand "Vxy"'I
have set up all of the serial protocols properly as far as I know. I have
also tried various values for x and y. Does anyone know what is happening

Also, does anyone have a patch for the Panasonic WJMX-50 or Videonics MX-1
video mixers?


Brian Dressel


Date:Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:02:08 +0200
From:Peter Castine <pcastine@PRZ.TU-BERLIN.DE>
Subject: ICMC 2000 WWW On-line!

Subject: header says it all (almost)

The World-Wide Web Site of the 26th International Computer Music
Conference (ICMC 2000)
is now online.


This message should be of interest to all recipients; if you've received
this by mistake, please accept my personal apology. Apologies also if you
receive multiple copies.

I hope to see many of you at ICMC99 in Beijing later this week. But most
of all, and in the name of the entire ICMC 2000 organization team, I
invite you to Berlin for the 26th ICMC next August.

With sincere best wishes,

Peter Castine

Dr. Peter Castine| The World-Wide Web Site of the 26th
4-15 Music & Technology| International Computer Music Conference is
| now on-line! <>
| Enjoy!


Date:Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:47:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Request for civility and a close message

In a message dated 10/18/99 20:00:46, SK wrote:

>Is this a request for a "close" message? If so, please rephrase
>in a manner consistent with the English language, and common social

JW wrote:
If collx would accept a "close" message then, again, any attempt to update its
contents could close its window first.
(Sounds pretty straightforward)

What's with the attitude ????
Please appreciate that I'm very busy. I am only moved to submit any requests
when I am sufficiently frustrated to make the time to do so. I'm sincerely
sorry that you do not like the way that I express myself and my frustration.
I do resent the implication that I am at fault in my use of English and that
I do not understand the rules for common social intercourse. Would it be
easier for you to understand if I wrote in Antiorp gibberish? Then you could
really attack me. You do seem to thrive on confrontation don't you ?
Incidentally, I did suggest to you about a year ago that it would be useful
if collx would accept a "close" message and your reply was that this would be
inconsistent with standard practice and that you could not see any merit in
it. Having now explained my reasoning behind this request, I am asking you in
a polite and non-confrontational manner if it would be possible to grant this
request, please.
Thanks. Might I be so bold as to suggest that you try not to be quite so
abrasive. This is actually rule #1 of common social intercourse. Please do
not feel the need to perpetuate a personal vendetta against me on the MAX
list. I am not interested in a game of one-upmanship with you or anyone else
and nobody wants to read it anyway.


Date:Tue, 19 Oct 1999 16:56:30 -0400
From:Stephen Kay <sk@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Re: Request for civility and a close message


>What's with the attitude ????
>Please appreciate that I'm very busy. I am only moved to submit any
>when I am sufficiently frustrated to make the time to do so. I'm sincere=
>sorry that you do not like the way that I express myself and my

I publicly aplogize if I may have been short, John, but sometimes
one has to sift through the venting of your frustration to try
and determine exactly what the functionality that you are
requesting is, and why you think you need it. It's "stream-of
consciousness" writing that is occasionally difficult to distill.
THAT is what I was referring to.

I also don't want to get into a long drawn out argument, so I'll ignore =

YOUR attitude and other comments.

I have implemented your requests in the past. I'll take a look at the
message again when I have time, but I suspect it's more difficult than th=
open message, or I probably would have done it when you asked me the firs=

Stephen Kay


End of MAX Digest - 18 Oct 1999 to 19 Oct 1999 (#1999-302)