Subject: MAX Digest - 17 Oct 1999 to 18 Oct 1999 (#1999-301)
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  1. A few requests


Date:Mon, 18 Oct 1999 01:17:21 -0400
From:Stephen Kay <sk@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: A few requests

JW asks:
>Likewise the coll window. I have to thank Stephen Kay for heeding my
>to have collx accept an "open" message. (This has changed my life - I ca=
>actually have an editable data window that I don't have to have an ugly,=

>exposed coll object to double click on just to get at its innards.) If
>would accept a "close" message then, again, any attempt to update its
>contents could close its window first. I'm so sick of including the text=

>the Help File " Be sure to close the Text/Data window before breathing a=
>will not update if left open"
>Someone please do all of things that I ask, and my gratitude will be mos=
>gratifying for you. Honest.

Is this a request for a "close" message? If so, please rephrase
in a manner consistent with the English language, and common social

Stephen Kay


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