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Topics of the day:

  1. Opcode & Zerocrossing (2)
  2. Midisport 2X2 ==10% MSP performance hit
  3. Re : Midisport 2X2 ==10% MSP performance hit
  4. Pitch Shifting
  5. touch sensors
  6. A few requests
  7. VXpocket 1/2 price
  8. French manual
  9. setting up program changes
  10. Opcode, MAX futures, speculation et. etc.


Date:Sat, 16 Oct 1999 00:46:08 -0400
From:Nicholas Longo <71477.2332@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Re: Opcode & Zerocrossing

<I have been trying to understand what's going on with Opcode as I'm sure
<many others of you have. By now most of you have seen Gibson's (non-)
<statement about the subject

With all due respect to David Z., I'd like to point out that negative
publicity can be a very powerful lever in an intellectual property
dispute. If someone at Gibson reads this list, and they want anyone
to buy their their products in the future, (other than Les Paul Guitars),
they ought to consider every move they make from here on. The word
is out.

With that said, I also recall that shortly after Gibson bought Opcode,
they sold Encore to Twelve Tone Systems (Cakewalk). Then they announced
a notation package based on the same source code. Before you could say
"prepare a brief", there were suits and countersuits. Do I detect a
pattern here?

Nick Longo


Date:Fri, 15 Oct 1999 22:53:13 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Midisport 2X2 ==10% MSP performance hit

Zack Settel <zack@ZEEP.COM> writes:

>It seems that when my Midisport 2X2 USB midiinterface is connected to my G3
>400mhz Powerbook,
it costs MSP (according to its "DSP status" window)
>around 10% of the CPU. To get back the 10%, I unplug the interface and
>during the following seconds, the cycles return. Plug it back in,
and they
>dissappear again--you can do this a few times until MSP crashes.

I think OS 9 will improve the performance of a lot of USB stuff.
At least there are a lot of bug fixes listed in the beta
versions of Apple's new USB driver that sound suspiciously like
they address some of the difficulties people have been

seeing with audio applications. Plus it supports Audio now!

Of course, you'll need a new version of every PACE-protected
audio program you have in order to do anything with USB and OS 9.
Won't that be fun.

I haven't actually tested anything, so as usual I am suffering
from Male Answer Syndrome (MAS).

David Z.


Date:Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:18:16 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Opcode & Zerocrossing

Simon Gatrall <gatrall@SLIP.NET> writes:

>In trying to explain the situation at Opcode, today's Macintouch
>( makes Zerocrossing sound like a real company,
>however, they are actually more dead-in-the-water than Opcode.

I can certainly confirm that. There were four development people
working at Zerocrossing. John Cooper and Doug Wyatt now work at
Beatnik, and David Willenbrink and Greg Simpson now work at Be.

>One positive thing is that he thought it was likely that Cycling '74 will
>end up taking care of Opcode's Max.

Well, we're already "taking care" of it... :)

David Z.


Date:Sat, 16 Oct 1999 15:01:11 +0200
From:Le Quan Ninh <ninh@MUSIQUE.NET>
Subject: Re : Midisport 2X2 ==10% MSP performance hit

> From:Zack Settel <zack@ZEEP.COM>
> Subject: Re: Midisport 2X2 ==
10% MSP performance hit
> It seems that when my Midisport 2X2 USB midiinterface is connected to my G3
> 400mhz Powerbook,
it costs MSP (according to its "DSP status" window)
> around 10% of the CPU. [...]
> Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions (outside of living with one less
> reverb)?

I have the same PowerBook and the same MIDI interface and don't have this
problem. The CPU is 0,00 % when the MSP audio is off.

> My config:
System 8.6
OMS 2.3.7
MIDISport OMS Driver 1.0.6
USBMIDISportShim 0.2.8

Mine is :
French System 8.6
OMS 2.3.8
MIDISport OMS Driver 1.0.6

USB OMSMIDIDriver 1.1.2
USBMIDISportShim 0.2.8

So, the differences are the OMS version and the language version of the
An other difference is that I can't unplug the interface when the computer is on
because it crashes it immediately...



Date:Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:39:36 -0700
From:Peter Washburn <spambait@PACBELL.NET>
Subject: Re: Pitch Shifting

I am trying to learn how to use wavelets for this sort of thing. I will try to write an external
to accomplish this at some point. My impression is that wavelets will be the most practical
mathematical method to apply to this sort of thing. I assume we are
talking about ,what I have been told is called, Pitch Scaling -- i.e shifting the harmonic
spectrum logorithmically (or exponentially, I can't remember which right now), so as to preserve
the harmonic qualities of the sound while altering the pitch. This is
what I am trying to do.

anyone have any experience with wavelets and/or pitch scaling?


> Date:Fri, 15 Oct 1999 03:35:05 +0000
> From:
Jeff Mann <jefman@UTCC.UTORONTO.CA>
> Subject: Re: Pitch Shifting
> Two summers ago, Les Stuck wrote:
> > All these windowed approaches have one big problem: the transients.
> > For percussive sounds (like speech), the best technique is transient-windowed,
> > like Studio Vision's time-compression (a similar technique can be used
> > if you have Recycle and a sampler). [and also Sonic Foundry's "Acid" I believe
> > In this technique, the percussive sounds
> > are cut just before the attack, and these cuts determine the chunks which can
> > be played back. Thus the windowing is sensitive to the content of the sample.
> >
> > As far as I know, this type of time stretching has not been implemented
> > in either ISPW-Max/FTS/JMAX or MSP. Some bright soul on the list wanna
> > hack an MSP external?
> >
> > Les
> Has anyone done anything like this since then? Any advice on how to do a
> good job of the transient mapping? Surely with the popularity of ReCycle
> and Acid, there's some clone code floating around out there... or is it
> just a simple application of thresh~?
> <Jeff
> P.S. is Les Stuck still on the Max list? I was looking for his example at
but it's gone...
> --
> Jeff Mann - Information Consumer ___O___O__= -- >
> "Tapping one's toe in time with a piece of music while sitting on
> a modern carpet can induce +/-10 volt potential change on a can of
> Spam five feet away."
- The Amateur Scientists' Bulletin


Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 00:40:36 +0200

From:jose manuel berenguer <jmcoclea@INTERCOM.ES>
Subject: touch sensors


infusion systems is using Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) for its touch
sensors. this are films made by Interlink Electronics wich change its
resistence values depending on weigth you applay on their surface. you
could try it works. their
representatives in Europe are in Luxenburg, but I've never been able to
contact them... perhaps you are looky and you can do it.

perhaps you can also try piezoelectric discs, (used as little piezoelectric
loudspeaker on electronic devices as watches, computers, etc...) I'm shure
you can find this in shops of electronic parts as Radio Shack and others...

as perhaps you know, Mme Curie showed that piezoelectric effect can exist
in two senses : you apply a current to a piezoelectric ceramic material and
it is deformed depending on amount of voltage you give (as the case of
speakers), but you can deform a piezoelectric ceramic material to obtain a
current with a potential depending on amount of deformation and other
physical characteristics of material. (this could be used to built a touh

the circuit you should implement to give some potential to a microprocessor
input could be the following

microprocessor (input pin) <--------- (+ ceramic part) piezoelectricdisc (0
metallic part) <---- 10 MOhm resistence <-------- microprocessor (0
-sometimes called ground- pin)

be aware of potential obtained by this means : it could be very high.
hence, you'll must protect your microprocessor input...

following you have some addresses you can browse to pick ideas

hope this helps

jose manuel

Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:31:34 +0200
=FFyvind Brandtsegg <obrandts@ONLINE.NO>
>Subject: Re: Touch Sensors
>You are probably looking for piezoelectric film,
>this is sold both as small pre-cut pieces and in large sheets.
>I just can't seem to find the proper web address at this time, but there ar=
>several companies making this sort of stuff.
>Try a web search on "piezo-electric film" something like "pressure sensing
>Another good place to start is Axel Mulder's link page:

>I think Infusion Systems are still using the films from Honeywell, but the =
>page for Honeywell Technologies doesn't seem to come up on my browser.
>Hope this was of some help.
>Oeyvind Brandtsegg
>eva sjuve wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm looking for some touch sensors, to put in a costume, to work with MAX=
>> I'm building the whole thing with microcontrollers, and it's going to be =
>> wires, so I-Cube is not an option. Do anybody know where to find this kin=
>> of sensors? Flat and small ones?
>> Eva Sjuve
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Jose Manuel Berenguer

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Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 02:28:25 EDT
Subject: A few requests

Aside from the Opcode situation for the moment (are we Maxers the dinosaurs
that were just hit by the Extinction Level Event asteroid?) - a few requests.

It would be nice if sfplay~ and sfinfo~ would handle .wav files. Whether we
like it or not, most audio files existing on computers worldwide are now wave
files. I send files to the orient everyday and have to supply an explanation
with software that I send that functions x,y and z will only work with SDII
or AIFF files. "What the fuck are those" they say.
Would it be so hard to make the Text window dynamically update or at least
close if there is any attempt to update it, uh , so that it updates. (It
might be nice if undo and stuff worked in the Text window as well - it's
great ending up with an app that has an Edit pulldown, very little of which
works). Peter Swinnen's textdisplay object's window updates when open but
cannot be saved or loaded.
Likewise the coll window. I have to thank Stephen Kay for heeding my request
to have collx accept an "open" message. (This has changed my life - I can
actually have an editable data window that I don't have to have an ugly,
exposed coll object to double click on just to get at its innards.) If collx
would accept a "close" message then, again, any attempt to update its
contents could close its window first. I'm so sick of including the text in

the Help File " Be sure to close the Text/Data window before breathing as it
will not update if left open"
Someone please do all of things that I ask, and my gratitude will be most
gratifying for you. Honest.


Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 16:03:26 -0000
From:Nick Rothwell <nick@CASSIEL.COM>
Subject: Re: VXpocket 1/2 price

> Sorry for the spam, but it looks as though Bias has worked out a deal with
> Digigram ... Powerbook users rejoice!

American Powerbook users only, of course. Gotta protect those
lucrative dealership margins.


Nick Limited
systems - composition - installation - performance


Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 20:36:46 +0100
From:Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green <>
Subject: French manual

Vincent Puig wrote :

>Except Philippe Manoury Max Manual wrote 10 years ago, I am not aware of a
>French manual for Max

There should be one.
Legally speaking, Max shouln't be sold in France without the french manual.
As far as I know, recently, some french studios like Bourges or La Rochelle
succeeded in getting the translations of various sofware manuals such as
ProTools, StudioVision etc. done.
In some ways Opcode takes advantage of the solidarity of max users and
their relatively good technical and linguistic level to overtake law.
It isn't fair.
Nowadays, Max users aren't anymore only specialists, but a quite spreadout
range of people including electroacoustic music and new technologies
students in conservatories and universities.
Naturally, teachers, such as I, would be able and interested to translate
max manual and help files, but not for free of course.

Yours sincerly
Roland Cahen


Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 20:36:37 +0100
From:Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green <>
Subject: setting up program changes

>I want to create a set-up using max so that everytime a person
>triggers a sensor it will either make a program change or increment
>or decrement to a specific midi note. Can anyone help me on this

Seems quite ordinary setup isn't it?
Anyway, if it's difficult try this way :
0)nce the sensor sends data to max :
1)filter the data so that the trigger becomes sinificant

(change obj for example)
2)put a bang at the outlet of the change
3)use the pgmout object as explained in the manual to send program changes
4) and or inc-dec object to increment decrement with a choice of input :
route or graphic commute etc.
5) plug th thingy into a makenote 99 99 left inlet
6) put the left outlet of the makenote into the left inlet of a noteout and
the right outlet into the middle inlet.

unless I didn't catch it?


Date:Sun, 17 Oct 1999 18:20:27 PDT
From:Lindon Parker <twomoonlp@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: Re: Opcode, MAX futures, speculation et. etc.

Neal wrote...
>I vote for David Z.
I don't want to speak for everyone here but I'd suggest(to IRCAM, Gibson,
Opcode, anyone interested) that most of us might agree with this sentiment.
In fact if Opcode/Gibson want to hand over OMS (and Cycling '74 want it) I
wouldn't be sad to see this land there either.

In the end however we are all, as David suggests, speculating and probably
to no useful end. I think we should leave this in the capable hands of David
Z. who seems to be both our best bet and to be on the case.



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