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Topics of the day:

  1. MAS pluggo ? / Opcode
  2. CD capture
  3. golden ambient 1.0b1 (beta)
  4. Opcode ok? (3)
  5. authorization for blue and white mac
  6. dancers and sensors
  7. authorization


Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:45:16 -0400
From:Eloy Anzola <leaddaet@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: MAS pluggo ? / Opcode

Dear List:

Cycling '74-pluggo latest is their support for MAS
(Motu Audio System - digital performer plug-ins)
I'm wondering if it'll be possible to build MAS
plug-ins just as I can VST.

The reason is, because of Opcode's unclear future,
I want to cross-grade from Vision Studio Pro to either
Digital Performer or Logic Audio.

I would love suggestions if anyone uses this sequencers,
please reply directly, this is off-topic.

I definitely don't want to start an off-based tread,
but I too wonder about MAX and Opcode, as Opcode seems
to be focusing on its hardware and leaving it's
software behind.

Still, I have this feeling that MAX might just end up
in good hands...

All the best,
and thanks,




Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:57:16 -0400
From:Nick Lloyd <nxlloyd@IX.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: CD capture

Does anyone know of an object which can pull an audio file directly from an
audio CD into a buffer object? Or is the best bet to record it in real-time?

Thanks in advance,



Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:20:32 -0700
From:noah thorp <noah@LISTENLABS.COM>
Subject: golden ambient 1.0b1 (beta)

I just posted the beta version of "golden ambient" an application that
generates ambient pads from 4 sets of 6 oscillators tuned using the golden
mean. Parameters of these gong like sounds may be tweaked in real time (as
you would expect with msp).

Source code is available by request, but I have to clean it up a little bit
;-) The code got a bit chaotic after I built the interface for it.

The app is in the software section at

I'd love to get feedback on it to help with future revs.


Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 20:19:41 +0200
From:Roald Baudoux <roald.baudoux@BRUTELE.BE>
Subject: Re: Opcode ok?

Christopher Murtagh wrote :
I've been getting rumors galore regarding Opcode's eminent demise.
> The credibility of *some* of the sources leaves a lot to be desired,
> and others are more credible, so I was wondering... does anyone here
> have any info to verify or discredit these rumors?

Well, maybe this info : a rumor says that the added MIDI functionalities of
the new Pro Tools 5.0 have been implemented by a programmer who was part of
the Studio Vision development team not so long before.

Roald Baudoux


Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 13:36:18 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: Opcode ok?

Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA> writes:

> I've been getting rumors galore regarding Opcode's eminent demise.

I think he probably means "imminent"...

As far as I know, Opcode is still in business. Today I received
some spam from them promoting a web site called
A new version of Vision was released a few days ago.

Regardless of Opcode's fortunes, I'll do what I can to keep Max
a viable product. It's too late to do anything else with my life.

David Z.


Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 17:16:26 -0400
From:Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: Re: Opcode ok?

At 1:36 PM -0700 10/7/99, David Zicarelli wrote:
>Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA> writes:
>> I've been getting rumors galore regarding Opcode's eminent demise.
>I think he probably means "imminent"...

Well, that's what I would have meant, if only I could spell.... :-)

>Regardless of Opcode's fortunes, I'll do what I can to keep Max
>a viable product. It's too late to do anything else with my life.

I for one was not worried about MAX, I think I can speak for many
people here when I say I feel that MAX is in good hands. Dare I say
that perhaps if MAX were to leave the hands of Opcode to go to some
other small (unnamed to protect the innocent) company it might be
even better for the the MAX community?




Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 17:21:12 -0400
From:dave solursh <dsolursh@GEORGIAN.NET>
Subject: authorization for blue and white mac

Hi all, maby I have missed the post at some time, but could any of you give
me some ideas on how to authorize my version of MAX on a blue and white
mac, I have just upgraded. I don't want to buy a floppy drive just to
authorize software!!! Can I copy my MAX diskette onto a ZIP disk???? and
authorizr from it? is Opcode offering any solutions to this problem?
Tahnkx, Dave.

Also I am looking at getting and ECHO Layla card, does anyone have
experince with this one in combination with MAX/MSP. Any problems or

Thankx again.



Date:Thu, 7 Oct 1999 17:21:57 -0700
From:William Tsun-Yuk Hsu <hsu@TLALOC.SFSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: dancers and sensors

Michael Strohmann wrote:

> i want to track the movement of a dancer to generate midi-data to feed it
>into max/msp

The Dance and Technology Zone webpage might be useful:

Also, there's an article on dancers and sensors in
a recent issue of Computer Music Journal (not the
most recent one, but I think the one right before that).



Date:Fri, 8 Oct 1999 11:35:24 +1000
From:Garth Paine <garth@ACTIVATEDSPACE.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: authorization

For the B+W machines you need to most recent version which has
challenge and responce, and then you get an authorisation from the
Cycling site.

I am wondering if this version can also be used on Macs that do have
a floppy drive. I have nearly run out of authorisations AGAIN!!! as
noted recently on the list, and would really prefer to use a
challenge and response system on any computer. David Z, is this
possible with the current version??


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