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Topics of the day:

  1. help with crashes - and:version MSP/Pluggo
  2. crash system error 2
  3. Max on new OS
  4. Crashes
  5. OTUDP help
  6. <no subject>
  7. mathematical problem (msp)
  8. C74 at AES
  9. saving bug


Date:Wed, 15 Sep 1999 23:13:49 +0200
From:Werner Funk <werner.funk@T-ONLINE.DE>
Subject: Re: help with crashes - and:version MSP/Pluggo

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> Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 00:12:52 EDT
> From:
Bob Ostertag <BOstertag@AOL.COM>
> Subject: help with crashes
> Hellooo List:
> I have a problem with MSP crashing after it has been running a long time.
> It always crashes with a message saying the application unexpectedly quit due
> to system error 2.
> usually, though not always, the machine then freezes and can only be
> restarted with a hard reset.
> others I have talked to seem to have similar problems.
> do YOU have similar problems?

Yes: total crash when starting TRACE with a keystroke:
- enable TRACE
- start TRACE with a keystroke > object KEY

Mac G3/300 - MacOS 8.6.1 - OMS 2.3.7
OPCODEMAX 3.5.9 - MSP - Pluggo

b.t.w.: how do you point out version of MSP? Pluggo?

- immer auf der Suche nach dem subtilen Klang:
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- siempre buscando al sonido claro:
- always working on a perfect sound:

Klangwerkstatt Werner Funk


Date:Wed, 15 Sep 1999 20:45:15 -0400
From:sean paul zitello <spazello@MINDSPRING.COM>
Subject: Re: crash system error 2

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes constantly crashes 8.0 8.5
8.6 one computer two computers, especially 2
especially G3, especially 5300, especially MAX on
Mac...very frustrating.
no, no, no, no, no ideas. does it want keyboard
entry to keep from sleep? maybe thats it,

sean paul zitello


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:29:53 +0100
From:Vincent Puig <Vincent.Puig@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: Max on new OS

Mon, 13 Sep 1999 14:06:35 -0500
Pablo Silva <hpsilva@SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX>
>Subject: Max for PC/Windows/Linux/BeOS... MAX for the future?
>I think this is really a question for David Z.... I heard mentioned on
>this list a while ago that Opcode was considering development of a
>PC/Windows version of MAX. Is this true and what is the status for this?
>On the other hand, are any versions even contemplated for other OS's? I
>know of the current push from IRCAM to port THEIR jmax version of MAX to
>different machines, but I wonder whether the ill feelings between Opcode
>and Ircam would preclude some sort of uniformization of the versions. I
>feel I'm not alone in hoping to be able to use our beloved MAX in
>platforms other than the Mac (which is REALLY expensive here in Mexico).
>See y'all

An agreement has been signed last year between IRCAM and Opcode for the
port of Max on Windows. I cannot answer for David Z on the last status of
this port. Regarding jMax, since the code is now open source, it is now
more easy for anybody to freely develop compatible objects and applications
and modify the code for a better interoperability.

Vincent Puig
1 place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 78 49 59
Fax: 01 44 78 15 40
email :


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:54:11 +0100
From:Lawrence Casserley <leo@CHILTERN.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Crashes

>others I have talked to seem to have similar problems.

>do YOU have similar problems?
>ideas of what to do?

I have also had crashes, but these are complete system freezes with no
error messages, also after the patch has been running for a while.

I also have occasions when msp seems to freeze, but the control stuff
keeps working. No dsp occurs, but the Status Window tells me dsp is still
"On". Switching off and on again doesn't help - only quitting MAX and
restarting the patch.

Both are too sporadic to get any clear picture - except it usually seems
to occur when I have stopped doing anything and leave the program
unattended for a little while!



Lawrence Electronic Operations - Tel +44 1494 481381 - FAX +44 1494 481454
Signal Processing for Contemporary Music - email


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 13:08:10 +0000
From:Dragan <petrovic@WANADOO.FR>
Subject: OTUDP help

Hello. I need some help for OTUDP object, does any body knows how to send IP
adress and net PORT to this object?



Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:01:39 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@SOUNDFLOWER.COM>
Subject: Re: <no subject>

Don Malone <dmalone@ROOSEVELT.EDU> writes:

>my new g3 powerbook makes a loud high pitched sound
>didn't someone here have a fix recently
>i can't seem to find it in the archives

Apple has a special program to fix this problem. Just give them
a call. Unfortunately, I called in early August and they said
they were waiting for parts. They've never gotten back to me.
One thing that makes my computer quieter is plugging it in,
using the battery makes the noise louder. Also you can adjust
the screen brightness, but this is a little like pitch shifting
a leaf blower as far as I'm concerned: right after you change
it you feel relieved, but then the lack of any pitch change
becomes just as irritating.

David Z.


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 19:36:44 +0000
From:Robert Henke <imbalance@SNAFU.DE>
Subject: mathematical problem (msp)

Dear maxlist,
i failed solving a simple mathematiccal problem in msp :
i need to distort a sine wave into an almost sawtooth like shape. what i am
looking for is a patcher which has an input for a phase (e.g: from phasor~ )
and a distortion index for the shape of the wave form ( 0 could mean sine
wave, almost -1 could mean almost sawtooth falling, almost +1 almost sawtooth
rising ) this input does not have to be a signal input, float would be also ok
. and of cource a signal output for the waveform
any idea ? thanks in advance!


btw.: jhno if you read this : your animated knobs for pluggo are pretty cool !


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:38:58 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@SOUNDFLOWER.COM>
Subject: C74 at AES

Cycling '74 will have a booth at the upcoming AES show in
New York 9/24-9/27. Booth number 1562 to be exact. It'll probably be
somewhat hard to find, given that we're a tiny company and
it's our first time at this trade show (booth assignments are
made by seniority; in other words, it's easiest to locate the
stuff you've already seen before). We'll be demonstrating
our software and making announcements of various minor
evolutions to our products in an attempt to create a fleeting
image of legitimacy.

If you are going to be in the New York area and would like to
get into the AES show for free, e-mail us (
with your snail mail address and we'll send you one of the
ridiculously large number of complimentary passes we received by
mistake. Quantities are limited and time is short, so act now.

David Z.


Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999 11:37:21 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@SOUNDFLOWER.COM>
Subject: saving bug

Several users have recently reported the same problem with
saving files in Max. I can't tell whether it was introduced in the
latest version or not, although I can't make it happen with Max 3.0.

The problem is that if a patcher loads a coll file that is saved as
text, then you do a Save, that patcher will adopt the text format.
In addition, the next time you do a Save As..., the text
radio button will be selected.

A workaround would be to save all your coll files that are
loaded into your patcher in binary format, or embed all coll data
into your patcher.

David Z.


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