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Topics of the day:

  1. Max for PC/Windows/Linux/BeOS... MAX for the future?
  2. help with crashes
  3. midi/ispeak through dsp
  4. iMac
  5. Touch screens
  6. OT: who offered free distribution of CD?
  7. bye for now
  8. David: will MAX be updated for G4?


Date:Mon, 13 Sep 1999 14:06:35 -0500
From:Pablo Silva <hpsilva@SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX>
Subject: Max for PC/Windows/Linux/BeOS... MAX for the future?


I think this is really a question for David Z.... I heard mentioned on
this list a while ago that Opcode was considering development of a
PC/Windows version of MAX. Is this true and what is the status for this?
On the other hand, are any versions even contemplated for other OS's? I
know of the current push from IRCAM to port THEIR jmax version of MAX to
different machines, but I wonder whether the ill feelings between Opcode
and Ircam would preclude some sort of uniformization of the versions. I
feel I'm not alone in hoping to be able to use our beloved MAX in
platforms other than the Mac (which is REALLY expensive here in Mexico).

See y'all



Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 00:12:52 EDT
From:Bob Ostertag <BOstertag@AOL.COM>
Subject: help with crashes

Hellooo List:

I have a problem with MSP crashing after it has been running a long time.

It always crashes with a message saying the application unexpectedly quit due
to system error 2.

usually, though not always, the machine then freezes and can only be
restarted with a hard reset.

others I have talked to seem to have similar problems.

do YOU have similar problems?
ideas of what to do?

Bob Ostertag


Date:Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:49:02 -0700
From:David Beaudry <dbeaudry@UCLA.EDU>
Subject: midi/ispeak through dsp

Was wondering if it was possible to route midi sounds/notes through msp
objects? Would also like to do this with something like ispeak as well.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

David Beaudry
UCLA Department of Music
UCLA Center for Digital Arts


Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:42:46 +0100
From:Rob Godman <rob.godman@VIRGIN.NET>
Subject: iMac

Hi all again,
Do any of you have experience of Max/MSP with the iMac? I haven't seen
the iMac mentioned on this list so is there a problem here?
Just thinking ahead......
Rob Godman


Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 10:43:25 +0100
From:Rob Godman <rob.godman@VIRGIN.NET>
Subject: Touch screens

Hi all,
Does anyone have any experience of using touch screens with mac's? Is
it possible to use Max with this control? Who makes/supplies them? Do
they cost mega-pounds etc?
Rob Godman


Date:Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:14:19 PDT
From:"Sjoerd-W. Bijleveld" <bigax@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: OT: who offered free distribution of CD?

I'm very sorry this is off topic, but I spend the last days searching the
Max archives (december 98, january 99, february 99 one for one!)for the
website of a person who offered free distribution of a CD only when he liked
the music. But, though I found many interesting websites (very creative
people on this list!),I didn't find what I was looking for. I'm almost 100%
sure this person posted on this list and his signature mentioned his
website. I did visit his website, but forgot to proper bookmark it. I think
he lives in the US or Canada. Can this person reveal himself or can somebody
on this list point me to this person? Thanks very much in advance!


Sjoerd-W. Bijleveld/Delfgauw/The Netherlands

Get Your Private, Free Email at


Date:Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:22:16 +0000
From:Robb Drinkwater <rdrink@ARTIC.EDU>
Subject: bye for now

I've become so terribly back-logged on Max postings I'm going to have to
remove myself until I get caught up.

Anyone who would like to continue discussions in private can email me at or

Thanks to all for all the great feedback & discussion!
Keep up the good work, I'll be back soon.
Robb Drinkwater
SAIC Sound Department
312 345 3573


Date:Mon, 13 Sep 1999 23:33:06 -0400
From:Andrew Brouse <brouse@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: Re: David: will MAX be updated for G4?

on 9/13/99 12:00 AM David Zicarelli wrote:

>johnny DeKam <johnny@NODE.NET> writes:
>>Are there plans to update MAX/MSP to take advantage of the
>>G4 Velocity Engine?
>I've been led to believe that simply recompiling one's DSP code
>with the standard G4 optimizations in a C compiler will produce
>a big speedup. I suspect that further increases in performance are
>going to be in the domain of specialized black art knowledge.

Not really, it's just a matter of learning some new dsp calls. The Apple
and Metrowerks compilers have been updated to speed up general purpose
code. For MSP to really take advantage of it you would need to vectorize
crucial dsp routines esp. where there are bottlenecks. There are a bunch
of new calls to Altivec which perform specific vector operations. You
don't even need to learn these however because there are a several new
optimised libraries which will perform DSP functions for you. Of
particular interest are:

vDSPLib - fft, dft, windowing and squaring
vImageLib - translate, rotate, reversal
bigDSPLib - large ffts and wavelets

This table compares AltiVec to MMX/SSE on several DSP calculations:

FunctionAltiVec MMX &Units
1024 dim. square
(bsqr1)0.51.3clock cycles per element

1024 dim. multiply
(bMpy2)0.751.33clock cycles per element
1024 dim. dotclock cycles per multiply-add
product (DotProd)0.52.21accumulate
256 point complexclock cycles per
FFT (FFT)< 46.94floating-point element
32 tap x 1024 dim. clock cycles per multiply-add
FIR filter (bfir)0.330.95accumulate
32 tap x 1024
convolution (conv)1185clock cycles per output point

The beauty of AltiVec is that it is a completely separate execution unit
and so - unlike Intel's MMX - there are no context switches going between
vector and scalar code. Thus you can have your Max scheduling, GUI etc
running on the scalar integer and FP units while all of your DSP code is
running in parallel on the vector unit. (Did someone say 'NeXT'?)It
seems to me this is exactly what the doctor ordered for something like
MSP and I am surprised that you are not more excited about it.

>But I know nothing for sure on this subject, and, given that the
>machines are essentially unavailable at the moment, I can't say when
>I'll have more information.

The machines are currently shipping and you can get an AltiVec emulator
in software from Apple at :

More general info is at:

...but I shouldn't need to tell you that.


End of MAX Digest - 13 Sep 1999 to 14 Sep 1999 (#1999-273)