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Topics of the day:

  1. Max and Vision
  2. pictures -> sound (2)
  3. DVD
  4. Matrix and Matrix~


Date:Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:56:36 -0500
From:Ed Hartley <e-hartley@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Subject: Re: Max and Vision

I've only got Vision 3.5, but I'm pretty sure I've got your answere. For some
reason (a lame reason, to be sure), Vision won't "create" IAC buss instruments
on its own. You've got to open up the "Instruments" window do it yourself. I
haven't been in there in a while but the menue is pretty self-explanitory.
Create a new instrument and select IAC as it's port.

The bad news: 4 IAC bussesX16 channels=48 new instruments and you've got to
set each one up INDIVIDUALLY.

The worse news: Instruments are save with each Vision file, so you'll have to
do this AGAIN when you open a different file. If you save as a Setup File,
then at least each new file you create will have the IAC instruments. If you
need an explaination of that, let me know.

Have fun!

Ed Hartley

Todd Welbourne wrote:

> Hi there,
I have been recording Vision (2.0.1) patches into Max (3.5.9) fora
> couple of years so I told a friend I'd show him how to do with his Vision
> (4.0.1) and Max (3.5).
Well, with OMS (2.3.7) I set up an IAC bus in a
> new studio setup (IAC shows up in the setup and everything) and then went
> to Vision and tried to change the "Thru" instrument to the IAC
and it does
> not show up and a choice of instrument! This is how I always worked my
> systme and it was fine..... This is really an OMS/Vision problem I realize
> but I have noticed lots of people doing this type of thing on the list and
> maybe someone knows of something in the later versions of Vision that I am
> not aware of?? TIA, TW
> Todd Welbourne
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> School of Music
> 455 N. Park Street
> Madison, WI 53706
> ph. (608) 263-1914
> email:
> web:


Date:Wed, 1 Sep 1999 00:47:09 -0400

From:johnny DeKam <johnny@NODE.NET>
Subject: pictures -> sound

You should check out uisoftware's

Metasynth & Xx

Metasynth is the most advanced image --> sound environment I've ever seen,
you might see it as photoshop for audio/dsp
The image is parsed out as a sonogram, where X axis is time, Y axis is
frequency, color is placement in the stereo field and luminance is volume of
a given frequency. It also gives you a number a filtering, transforms, and
effects that are applied ~as image effect~ which are in the context of sound
design. It also has a nice convolve/morph facility.

Xx is the equivalent program for MIDI -- image to MIDI, painting MIDI
brushes, and a robust set of aeletoric algorhythms to make sequences.

very unique stuff.

> Date:Tue, 31 Aug 1999 09:23:36 -0700
> From:
{ brad brace } <bbrace@WIRED.COM>
> Subject: pictures -> sound
> Are there any applications that will 'read' images (changes in saturation,
> color, form, etcetera) as sound -- other than SoundHack? TIA


Date:Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:59:29 +0200
From:Thierry Fournier <thfo@PLANETE.NET>
Subject: DVD


Excuse me if this question had just been asked on the list.
Is it possible to drive a DVD Player on a G3 (or G4, now) with Max ?
In this case, is it possible to play separately the 8 audio tracks of the DVD
(for ex. with an 8-ch audio card) ?

Thank you in advance,

Thierry Fournier


atelier 4 rue Martel 75010 Paris France - T: 33 (0)1 4022 0390


Date:Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:58:17 -0400
From:"Mr. Jester" <mrjester@FLEDGE.WATSON.ORG>
Subject: pictures -> sound

> Date:Tue, 31 Aug 1999 09:23:36 -0700
> From:
{ brad brace } <bbrace@WIRED.COM>
> Subject: pictures -> sound
> Are there any applications that will 'read' images (changes in saturation,
> color, form, etcetera) as sound -- other than SoundHack? TIA

Brad -

Metasynth, from Arboretum systems (, does what I think
you are referring too. And as far as I know, SoundHack does nothing of
the sort....


####Mr. Jester|
##########Jer Welter|
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<formal wake for reason"--barkmarket


Date:Wed, 1 Sep 1999 20:07:31 +0100
From:Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green <>
Subject: Matrix and Matrix~

>Date:Mon, 30 Aug 1999 00:39:54 EDT
Panaiotis Panaiotis <Panaiotis@AOL.COM>
>Subject: gatelike object with > 10 outlets
>Try my matrix object. It's in the unsupported objects->PanaiotisObjects
>folder that comes with Max 3.5. It allows up to 256 inlets and
>(well, almost), and allows you to configure any inlet to simultaneously send
>to any combination of outlets.
I have tried several times but couldn't understand quite how it worked.
Could you be nice enough to small intelligences like mine to make a simpler
version or a simpler help file.
Infact I have been very interested in this object as a connection matrix
for sends to distant objects but I couldn't yet get into it. Sorry.

Audio Matrix
By the way would someone make a good Matrix~ to route, spread and mix
freely any signal.
It could use either lists or a collection of toggles disposed as a
connection grid.
That would be nice.


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