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Topics of the day:

  1. preset frustration!
  2. video capture
  3. seq loading
  4. Pitch Shifting
  5. Apple MIDI Driver in OMS?
  6. video in


Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 12:20:18 +0100
From:"Sebastian Oschatz, meso" <oschatz@MESO.NET>
Subject: Re: preset frustration!

On Son, 29. Aug 1999, 4:00:45 Uhr GMT Automatic digest processor wrote:
From:Stephen Kay <sk@COMPUSERVE.COM>
> Basically, when all is said and done, anyone who reaches a certain
> level with Max decides to stop ripping their hair out over presets
> and moves to storing data in other fashions - most usually with
> coll (or my improved collX object). This has been discussed at
> length on this list previously.

i agree,
i did so, in fact, and i found myself already preaching along these lines
and explaining all the gritty details about colls and how to save you from
loosing your work.
the preset object is one of those nifty metaphor expanding details,that
make some programming environments more friendlythan other. it very max,
so to speak.
for simple patches i enjoyed the simple design, for complex patches i found
myself in constant fear of having hours of work in one little object
without any chance of getting in or out. but: thats my question: is there a
principal problem in fixing this behaviour, or is it just a matter of
everyone thinking, that nobody ever using it? kind of double-click-and-
getting-editor-window-grid thing? an improved preset object would be a good
perspective forthe next versionwouldnt it?

my .2K

sebastian oschatz

w w w . m e s o. n e t


Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 14:11:28 -0400
From:johnny DeKam <johnny@NODE.NET>
Subject: video capture

> There is no other object for MAX designed for video capture.

I am mistaken, there is one Max object which supports capture -- nato.0+55

If you would like to know more, check out the unmax site.

(fear of disclosing more within this venue)

-- Johnny DeKam


Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 14:38:52 +0000
From:andy g <host@PODCENTRE.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: seq loading

i have a patch under construction which uses 11 seq objects with arguments
to automatically load midi files, all of which are in the same folder. for
some reason the patch only automatically loads 10 of the files - ommitting
the same one each time. i can load this particular file with no problem by
giving the seq object a read message.

any ideas why this file won't load automatically?

and another thing..... is there a gate or gate type object that will allow
more than 10 outlets?




Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 11:19:19 -0700
From:Peter Washburn <spambait@PACBELL.NET>
Subject: Pitch Shifting

Does anyone have any idea how real time pitch shifting is accomplished?
Any pointers to info on the subject would be most appreciated.




Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:21:47 -0500
From:Paul Hertz <paul-hertz@NWU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Apple MIDI Driver in OMS?

So I reply to my own posting...

Nothing seems so likely to drive me to finding a solution as reaching the
point of actually asking for help. Before help even arrives the befuddling
clouds clear away, as if the act of asking were an incantation--I sacrifice
my pride and the gods smile ;-}.

I went back to MAX 2.2, found the OMS Apple MIDI Manager, installed it and
it showed up in Patchbay, where all the necessary virtual ports can be
controlled either by OMS Setup or by HyperMIDI. Actually a better setup
than what I used before. I still can't get the Modem or Printer port to
appear in Patchbay, even when I have released them from all possible
callers (OMS, modem, tablet, etc.). Although I thought Midi Manager was
supposed to work with System 8.5.1 and up, it's unsupported--has anyone
made it work with the new systems?

>I'm trying to revise a piece I did back in 97 with HyperMIDI (in Director
>6.5 now, 5.0 back then), Apple MIDI Manager/Patchbay, OMS and MAX.
>HM/D7/Patchbay/Apple MIDI Manager took care of the modem port input from an
>I-CubeX. HyperMIDI output from D7 was physically cabled from modem port

>MIDI out to printer port MIDI in, where OMS and MAX took over to drive a
>Sample Cell. Used to work like a charm, under System 8.1 as I recall.
>I'm running System 8.5.1 now and I can't seem to get the modem port to
>connect to HyperMIDI. The port doesn't even show up in Patchbay--only
>HyperMIDI does, with nothing to get input from. HM won't make the
>connection by itself (it should). I've tried multiple configurations (like
>turning off AppleTalk and OpenTransport, etc.) but no luck. I've heard that
>a version of Apple MIDI Driver that talks with OMS could be the solution
>(or was it a version of OMS that recognized Apple MIDI Driver?). (Paul Hertz)| (*,*) (+,+) (#,#) (=,=) |
Multimedia Applications Developer| (#,=) (=,#) (*,+) (+,*) |
The Collaboratory Project| (=,+) (#,*) (+,=) (*,#) |
Northwestern University| (+,#) (*,=) (=,*) (#,+) |


Date:Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:16:53 +0100
From:atlas <atlas@IDECNET.COM>
Subject: video in

> Date:
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 12:06:53 -0400
> From:
johnny DeKam <johnny@NODE.NET>
> Subject: video capture
> The videoin object wasn't really designed as a capture application, but f=
> motion tracking -- turning frame difference information into data suitabl=
> for notes etc (similar to BigEye)...
> There is no other object for MAX designed for video capture. However -- =
> standalone QuickTime Sampler Application (Prophet) will allow both still =
> streamed capture to disk triggered from a MIDI note message. The current
> version (alpha 14) features a robust live input reveal function... disk
> capture should be incorporated into the next version. It is OMS compatib=
> supports firewire and is currently free.
> Steim's Image/ine is also capable of video capture from a MIDI note.
> -- Johnny DeKam
>> From:
jose manuel berenguer <jmcoclea@INTERCOM.ES>
>> Subject: FireWire Video grabbing and MIDI USB
>> Hello,
>> I'm actually working with a G3 at 400 MHz and I'd want capture video fro=
>> its FireWire ports. It is indeed running MacO 8.6 whith FireWire v2.1 an=
>> OMS Opcode v 2.3.7. Anybody knows any Max Object to do this? As far as I
>> know VideoIn wasn't adapted to PowerPC. PowerPC and FireWire compliant
>> seems too much early, but may be it's possible... Any body knows if ther=
>> is any update?

Months ago I was in Madrid in the course of csound and was speaking
with Adolph nu6nez - director of the laboratory of musica of the queen
sofia- on a piece that habia done for years.

Mostro interested with the piece and like asistio to the concert, I ask
tecnicos data of the program, comments to him that mandaria him
greater information, but until the moment I have not been able it to do
because I am changing the place study and has not even arrived the
moment. That they estan in contact, your eras the president of the
association of composers of electroacustica musica and Adolph the
vice-president, osea who estan in continuous communication. Ademas
to agree in several " vanguardisticos " concerts. To then I request you
that you make him also arrive this email.

Also and to raiz of the course other composers have asked for me
information on the subject - modestly I have been a pioneer in this
reason why it is possible to be seen;)

jose manuel, I suppose that these referring to you to I modulate
videoin, was the one that I use in the festival of 1997 in the palms.
Your you were in the same festival, and also you were interested in
like habia done.

You remembered to me because I closed I arrange of canary
composers, where were Daniel rock, to jabier Ruiz, Juan hidalgo, etc,
and I Guillermo Lorenzo. We made it in the audience of the
conservatory of the palms of great canary.

my piece consistia in gathering the movement of I publish assistant
and to produce sound, as much midi as with sound sources.

use powermac 7500 to 100 mhz and 132 Mram, the digitizer of own
the 7500.

I recogia the information of where she was publish placed and the
movement of those zones, not other aspects, is to say that the piece
lasted what people moved and the end determined the own one to it I
publish, because the room ended leaving I complete spectator.

this piece was third of " three pieces " I modulate videoin that this in
native PowerPPc greetings

PS: as I am in I journey, I request to you that you respond via list to me
max then I do not want to reshape the aparatitos of Internet, I am in
another account and the changes at this moment are bad.


Hace unos meses estuve en madrid en el curso de csound y estuve hablando co=
adolfo nu=F1ez - director del laboratorio de musica del reina sofia- sobre un=
pieza que habia hecho hace unos a=F1os.

Se mostro interesado con la pieza y como asistio al concierto, me pregunto
datos tecnicos del programa, le comente que le mandaria mayor informacion,
pero hasta el momento no lo he podido hacer pues estoy cambiando el estudio
de lugar y no ha llegado aun el momento. Se que estan en contacto, tu eras
el presidente de la asociacion de compositores de musica electroacustica y
adolfo el vicepresidente, osea que estan en continua comunicacion. Ademas d=
coincidir en varios conciertos "vanguardisticos". Pues te ruego que le haga=
llegar este email tambien.

Tambien y a raiz del curso me han solicitado informacion otros compositores
sobre el tema - modestamente he sido un pionero en esto por lo que se puede
ver ;)

jose manuel, supongo que te estas refiriendo al modulo videoin, fue el que
yo use en el festival de 1997 en las palmas.
Tu estuviste en el mismo festival, y tambien estabas interesado en como lo
habia hecho.

Me recordaras porque yo cerraba el concierto de compositores canarios, dond=
estaban daniel roca, jabier ruiz, juan hidalgo , etc, y yo guillermo
lorenzo. Lo realizamos en el auditorio del conservatorio de las palmas de
gran canaria.

mi pieza consistia en recoger el movimiento del publico asistente y produci=
sonido, tanto midi como con fuentes de sonido.

use un powermac 7500 a 100 mhz y 132 Mram, el digitalizador del propio 7500=

Yo recogia la informacion de donde estaba el publico colocado y el
movimiento de esas zonas, no otros aspectos, es decir que la pieza duraba l=
que la gente se moviera y el final lo determinaba el propio publico, pues
acababa con el abandonar el ultimo espectador la sala.

esta pieza era la tercera de "tres piezas"
el modulo videoin se que esta en PowerPPc nativo.

PD.: como estoy en un transito, te ruego que me respondas via lista max pue=
no quiero reconfigurar los aparatitos de internet, estoy en otra cuenta y
los cambios en este momento son malos.


End of MAX Digest - 28 Aug 1999 to 29 Aug 1999 (#1999-258)