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Topics of the day:

  1. Pluggo source!
  2. starting detonate
  3. Advice on 16 independent audio outs from MAX/MSP?
  4. USB MIDI on PowerBook
  5. Subject: how to more than 12 tracks with MSP ?
  6. computer escape
  7. (FWD) Men in the Cities
  8. USB midi
  9. CNMAT MSP objects available; night school patches almost ready
  10. USB MIDI adapters
  11. MSP Frequency analysis


Date:Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:37:45 +0000
From:Louis Dufort <siuol@SYMPATICO.CA>
Subject: Pluggo source!

Hi, i've just bought the max bundle and a w/b mac... I'm an happy dude!

Anyway i was happyly surprise of the quality of the pluggo.vst's.

I was wandoring if it's possible to have a max version of those pluggo
to see how they are programmed?

Just curious



Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 00:00:08 +0000
From:Jeff Mann <jefman@UTCC.UTORONTO.CA>
Subject: Re: starting detonate

> Hopefully there will be a "locate" command added to detonate in the
> future. In the mean time, you might want to try putting your sequences
> into QuickTime movies using MoviePlayer, or you could try the sequencer
> patch that Jeff Burns posted to the list a week or two ago (it doesn't
> read MIDI files though).

You could also try nato.0+55.

I'm not sure if we can discuss this on the list, but I'm having a hard
time developing a sequencer application, and maybe this is an option.
I'd like to know if anyone is using it and whether it's worthwhile
spending the $100US or so on it.

I thought maybe you could get it at: this actually seems
to be something else called "sk!lerthu_thetta_mal", which did nothing
but shut down my computer (hopefully).

cu later <Jeff

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Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 01:17:58 -0400
From:Louis Klepner <lou@EXPRESSIVEIMAGING.COM>
Subject: Advice on 16 independent audio outs from MAX/MSP?

Hey Folks-

Does anyone have any advice on soundcards to get 16 independent audio
outs from MAX/MSP? CD-ROM drives on multiple SCSI chains? HAs anyone had
success with a particular multi-channel soundcard? Any advice/info would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 01:19:42 -0400
From:"Mr. Jester" <mrjester@FLEDGE.WATSON.ORG>
Subject: USB MIDI on PowerBook

> Date:Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:44:35 -0700
> From:
Peter Elsea <elsea@CATS.UCSC.EDU>
> Subject: USB MIDI adapters
> Both steal power from the USB line, which means we may run into the usual
> problems running them with powerbooks. A powered USB hub will easily fix
> this.

DOes anyone have any experience with this? (DO you speak from experience,
Peter?)The reason I ask is - our department is planning on purchasing a
new USB-only PowerBook, and we intend to play the International Computer
Music Conference in Beijing this year - we know the power supply on the
PowerBook is switchable, but we'd rather not chance any other equipment
with converters, etc. So we were thinking "well, the MidiMan device draws
power from the USB port, so we dont have to worry about it"

Do we have to worry about it - does the PB not supply power (or not supply
it in sufficient quantities) to the USB port? While I'm at it, does
anyone have experience/advice with the power conversion issues (or
other's I havent thought of) that come along w/playing interactive music


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Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:56:28 +0100
From:TodorTodoroff <todor.todoroff@SKYNET.BE>
Subject: Subject: how to more than 12 tracks with MSP ?

> I'm looking if it exists a way to drive with MSP two ot more Korg 1212
> cards.
> Does anybody have an experience or an (un)successfully try ?
> My aim is to output up to 16 or 24 DACs from on Macintosh (white or
> blue) drived by MSP.
The Digidesign Project II works very well and offers 16 I/O. You need an
audio interface, but the ADAT bridge I/O is not that expensive and offers 2

ADATLink I/O (=16 channels I/O).
And, if you have a ProTools system running on a second computer, you can use
the ADAT bridge I/O to connect one computer port to the computer running
MSP, the other to the computer running ProTools, giving you the possibility
of 8 channel bidirectional digital I/O between MSP and ProTools. This is
very powerful.

Todor Todoroff


Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 17:35:06 +0200
From:Manuel Poletti <Manuel.Poletti@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: computer escape

Someone in France is a teacher in Fleury-M=E9rogis Jailhouse and , for one o=
the prisoners, is looking for an institut or organism that could teach
correspondance computermusic courses.

Any suggestion is welcome.Please contact me or Beno=EEt directly.

Thanks in advance.


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>Subject: recherche
>Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 13:52:32 +0200
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Enseignant =E0 la Maison d'Arr=EAt deFleury-M=E9rogis, je cherche,=
pour un
>d=E9tenu, un organisme >dispensant des coursd'informatique
>musicale...forc=E9ment par correspondance. Avez-vous connaissance >de
>l'existence d'un
semblable organisme ? Je vous remercie de votre
>attention et attends
votre >r=E9ponse.

B. Charuau


Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:16:46 -0400
From:Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: (FWD) Men in the Cities


Help celebrate the release of Amy Knoles' new CD "Men in the Cities"
(Echograph), where Amy will perform pieces for live electronic's that are
"DRIVEN by TEXT" for Voice, Computer, and Electronic Percussion. Amy will
also do tunes by Australia's Lindsay Vickery, and Frank Zappa.


Friday, September 24, 19997pm

Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery-Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd

info: (213) 485-4581

Percussionist and composer Amy Knoles is a founding member of the
California E.A.R. Unit, she tours regularly with the Paul Dresher
Ensemble, Rachel Rosenthal, Basso Bongo , and maintains an active solo
career performing interactive computer music with state of the art
electronic percussion controllers "the old fashioned way - with
interpretive passion supported by controlled technique..."[Los Angeles
Times]. Amy is a recipient of the 1999-2000 "Indiviual Artist Fellowship"
Award from the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. to create an
hour long solo work "One X10X10X10", was the 1996 ASCAP Foundation "
Composer-in-Residence at the Music Center of Los Angeles", and a Brody
Fellow in 1987. Recent commissions include a sound environment for
dancer/choreographer Lynette Kessler's "Immediate Presence", "Belgo"- a
solo piano and CD piece for pianist Vicki Ray, Tad Coughenours' "A Thorn
at My Heart" and Rachel Rosenthal's final solo piece "Ur-Boor".

Amy is proud to announce the release of her solo CD "Men in the Cities" (a
collection of her pieces for computer assisted live electronic percussion)
on the Echograph Label.

Global New Music


Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 12:25:20 -0700
From:Matt Wright <matt@CNMAT.CNMAT.BERKELEY.EDU>
Subject: Re: USB midi

The MidiMan interface has worked fine for me and for CNMAT on
a B+W G3, and on a G3 powerbook. There's nothing floppy-specific
about the USB drivers that happen to come on a floppy (unlike
key disks...); for the B+W G3 we burned a CD-R of the contents
of the floppy and it was fine. In the readme they whine about
how they were in a hurry to get to market and how the floppy
was the best they could do.

Our experience with Opcode USB MIDI products was more sketchy.

The one gotcha is that Midiman's USB drivers require MacOS 8.6 or
higher, so you may have to upgrade to that. ( has a
reasonably easy to find link to the page on Apple's site where
you can download the (free) 8.5 -> 8.6 upgrade.)



Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 12:28:39 -0700
From:Matt Wright <matt@CNMAT.CNMAT.BERKELEY.EDU>
Subject: CNMAT MSP objects available; night school patches almost ready

Thanks to everybody that's helped remind me to get the Max/MSP
night school 1999 patches available online. They're almost ready.

In the meantime, you can have some fun with CNMAT's new MSP objects:
variable-sized banks of sinusoids, resonant filters, and other
goodies. Available from the CNMAT's pathetically outdated Max
page: http://www.CNMAT.Berkeley.EDU/Max/

You can also read our upcoming ICMC99 paper describing these objects:

Expect the night school patches next week.



Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 22:40:06 +0200
From:Jean Paul Laurent <jean.paul.laurent@SKYNET.BE>
Subject: Re: USB MIDI adapters

Peter Elsea wrote:

>I have just succeeded in getting Max to talk to both the MidimanMIDISport
>2x2 interface and the Opcode MIDIport 32

Didn't you test Roland "Super MPU64" (4 in, 4 out) ?

Jean Paul Laurent


Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999 22:52:30 +0200
From:jvkr <jvkr@KONCON.NL>
Subject: Re: MSP Frequency analysis

>- The ten frequencies with highest amplitudes are selected,
all other frequencies are attenuated.

Didn't get into that, but someone at IRCAM did, making a patch using 40
or so sines, following the strongest amplitudes.

>Another scheme could be:
>- All frequencis within specific medium amplitudes limits
are amplified, all other frequencies are attenuated.

You could use >~ and/or <~ to test the spectrum (signal) and multiply
this result with the spectrum itself. Result is not that interesting, but
it works.

Another more interesting operation, I found, is pow~.

Anyone else did something nice with spectrum?



johan van kreij
weteringkade 6
2515 AP 's Gravenhage (the Hague)
the Netherlands
tel/fax +31.70.3818888


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