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Topics of the day:

  1. MIDI / msp timing problem
  2. drag and drop soundfiles
  3. number of sound and midi sequences at once?
  4. (ot): Powerbook/Midiman USB problem
  5. USB midi/Max and movie
  6. MSP Frequency analysis
  7. G3/400PB & max/midi


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 07:11:16 +0200
From:Jeffrey Burns <jeff@BERLIN.SNAFU.DE>
Subject: Re: MIDI / msp timing problem

>With regards to this discussion of Max timing, I remember a
>long time ago there was a discussion of why 1 ms was not
>1 ms in Max, and why 120 bpm was not 120 bpm in Max. Can
>anyone remember/dredge up this information?

I don't remember where it is, but here's a patch I wrote at the time, which
shows how much Max timing on your individual machine differs from the same
on other machines. Just open it and look at the values it displays for a
minute. If Max gave you perfectly absolute timing, it would always show a
value of 5000. On my old PPC 7200 it varied from 5020 to 5025, and on my G3
it varies from 5140 to 5145.

Jeff Burns

max v2;
#N vpatcher 371 74 566 174;
#P hidden newex -36 -194 50 196617 loadbang;
#P hidden newex 38 -23 50 196617 select 0;
#P hidden newex 38 -47 74 196617 counter 0 4;
#P number 38 26 113 36 0 0 164 3;
#P hidden newex -36 -171 40 196617 metro;
#P hidden newex 38 -72 40 196617 change;
#P hidden message -36 -144 50 196617 time;
#P hidden newex -36 -121 50 196617 date;
#P hidden newex -16 -96 65 196617 unpack 0 0 0;
#P hidden newex 38 1 39 196617 timer;
#P hidden connect 8 0 0 0;
#P hidden connect 8 0 0 1;
#P hidden connect 9 0 5 0;
#P hidden connect 0 0 6 0;
#P hidden connect 3 0 2 0;
#P hidden connect 5 0 3 0;
#P hidden connect 4 0 7 0;
#P hidden connect 2 1 1 0;
#P hidden connect 1 2 4 0;
#P hidden connect 7 0 8 0;
#P pop;


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 17:08:46 +0900
From:christophe charles <charles@TKD.ATT.NE.JP>
Subject: drag and drop soundfiles


would it be possible to drag and drop
soundfiles from the finder direct on/to
a max patch or object ? That is, without
being dependant on message objects like "read",
or on small dialog windows
(is there a way to have bigger/longer dialog windows ?)
Of course it is not a big task when all the soundfiles
to be used are few and in a same folder,
or in a coll list.
But when there are really a lot, and in very different places,
I would enjoy to just pick them up in the finder mode and drop them
directly on groove~ or a similar object.

thank you for your attention


concert announcement :
Steve Roden, Brandon Labelle, Markus Popp, Christophe Charles
"Sampling Rage"
concert at Podewil, Berlin
September 27, 1999


Henning Christiansen, Bjorn Norgaard, Christophe Charles
"Urban + Aboriginal XIII: POLAR"
concert at Haus der Kultur der Welt, Berlin again
October 17, 1999.

christophe charles
tokyo 110-0001 taitoku yanaka 3-21-5-303
tel/fax +81-3-5685-6566
mobile +81-908-59-65264


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:14:52 -0400
From:Louis Klepner <lou@EXPRESSIVEIMAGING.COM>
Subject: number of sound and midi sequences at once?


What is the maximuim number of stereo sound files, and midi sequences do
you think that MAX/MSP can handle. I would like to be able to trigger up to
6 stereo sound files to playback, in sync with a pre-set midi sequence. I'd
like to be able to control 12 different channels, triggering audio and midi
data to playback within MAX. Can anyone point me in the direction of multi
channel sound cards with MSP drivers?

How about:

Darla -or any of the Echo soundboards for that matter.
Audiowork -Emagic
Aark 22 -Aardvark

Can you address multiple PCI slots at once? Could I use two Audioworks cards

in the same B&W G3at once? I'd love any advice pertaining to multi channel
audio playback, and what the upper limit is. Thanks for you help.



Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:48:57 +0100
From:david stevens <david@RESONANT.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: (ot): Powerbook/Midiman USB problem

hi Bill,

this might be too obvious, but have you checked to make sure that you're not
filtering out incoming controller data in OMS? I don't know what options you get
in OMS with your interface, but with mine there's a panel that allows you to
route and mute different kinds of midi data.
another question would be - how are you checking to see if OMS is receiving
controller data? are you checking with a max patch (perhaps the problem is
there)? or do you have OMS Setup open, and set to [Test Setup] and you're
listening for the "Midi received" message?


> I'm using a 333MHz G3 laptop with a Midiman Midisport
> 2x2 interface. Software: MacOS 8.6 (HFS+), OMS 2.3.7.
> I can send MIDI data from OMS to external devices, but
> OMS doesn't see any controller data from external
> devices. All the indicator LEDs seem to be behaving
> properly.


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:54:57 -0800
From:Peter Nyboer <pnyboer@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: USB midi/Max and movie

>having problems that's stumping Midiman tech support,
>so I thought I'd try asking here again!

I recently tried to get one of these to work on a bluG3 400Mhz machine/sys
8.6, with no luck on midi-in, but "Test Studio" in OMS Setup sent midi-out,
and the lights blinked on midi in/out. I didn't rigorously troubleshoot,
so I can only provide a voice of "Yeah, that happened to me too!"Instead
of dealing with the problem, I installed a serial port on in the machine
and put a regular-ol' midi box on it. Perhaps when the show is over, I'll
come back and try to figure that damn thing out. I suppose it's a bad sign
that the drivers come on a floppy, even though no USB mac comes with a

RE: video in Max.
I've had reasonable success with the movie object ona 350Mhz bluG3 using
firewire. THere is definitely latency in triggering samples, and best
(really, I should say reliable!) sample triggering comes from putting the
movie on a max'ed out RAM disk, but I have still found it quite useful.
FOr hard disk-based sampling, I have experimented with creating "bins" of
short movie clips by creating 4 folders and reading/selecting their
contents with the menu object, and I've been quite pleased with these

I set up a PC-1600 so that one fader will shuttle through the length of the
movie, another fader bangs out random frames of the movie, and another
flips through the movies in the menu. When there is no actual "playback"
of the movies (just shuttling through frames), things go pretty well, and
it may prove to be a nice part of a performance. I have also used this
sampler for creating different segments of videos I'm scoring to music.

DV/firewire is nice for this-I can keep all my little performances in the
digital domain, and edit them into the piece without a loss of quality. So,
even if it's not great for performance, it's certainly handy for

As I mentioned before on this list, I am also using movie for the playback
engine for multiple computers playing multiple sync'ed videos. This has
also worked quite well--all the computers look for is a particular timecode
coming from the DA-88's, and they all trigger on cue. Previous problems of
Max getting overwhelmed by MTC flowing in while trying to play a movie were
solved by shutting off the MTC coming into the computer once the movie has
started. Duh!

SO, I can't complain too much about the movie object--ultimately it's
enabling 4-screen video playback sync'ed to 12 channel audio, which is a
good thing. All this shit will be on the line at Ars Electronica on
9/9/99--if you're in Linz , Austria then, come crash the show! Of course,
that's probably when movie will decide to flake out...gulp....

Off Topic:
One problem I encountered was that Movieplayer (and, subsequently, movie)
isn't as robust a DV player as, say EditDV. I had to make some last minute
re-edits to some movies becuase Movieplayer couldn't handle certain
transitions--I was able to play the same movie and print it to tape in
EditDV, but Mp. choked. These seemed to occur in transitions (though not
always) from black-and-white to color and from regions-of-a-lot-of-motion
to still-with-large-areas-of-one-color. The sources were from a variety of
movies on VHS, so there were probably radical changes in the noise patterns
as well.


Peter Nyboer
"I like your shape and I like your plan,
but you shoulda been offerin me your
stuff on dry land"


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 17:34:05 +0200
From:Steffen Brandorff <sbrand@DAIMI.AU.DK>
Subject: MSP Frequency analysis

Hi Max/MSP'ers!

About processing in the frequency domain with MSP:

For a new instrumental piece we want to make a frequency analysis
of a live signal from the Mac sound input. One scheme could be:

- The ten frequencies with highest amplitudes are selected,
all other frequencies are attenuated.

Another scheme could be:
- All frequencis within specific medium amplitudes limits
are amplified, all other frequencies are attenuated.

- and we need to be able to change the scheme several times during
the piece.

We need to do this for a piece in November, but I cannot see a
solution to finding, selecting, and manipulating these frequencies.
Perhaps, the general problem could be stated as:

"how do I analyse for frequency content (in several passes, probably), allowing
me to keep record of - at least - the last FFT frame and do something
selective with it. In other words: make music that depends on the
spectral contents of the input.....

I hope I have expessed myself clearly.
Any advice will be received with loud noises of gratitude!

- Steffen

Steffen Brandorff
Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music (DIEM)
Musikhuset Aarhus
DK-8000 Aarhus C
phone +45 8931 8160
fax+45 8931 8160


Date:Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:41:41 +0100
From:david stevens <david@RESONANT.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: G3/400PB & max/midi

hi all,

i have someone who wants to buy my older powerbook, which means that i'm looking
at getting a G3/400 PB as soon as i can get the rest of the money together.
the question is - is anybody using one of thesewith max & msp yet? is there a
midi interface that you can recommend? and is the audio quality any better than
earlier models?
and basically - does it work?????




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