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  1. Max/MSP Night School patches?
  3. Re :Korg1212+b&wG3+2940U2B
  4. Korg1212+b&wG3+2940U2B
  5. controllers...
  6. Using MAX to control multi-sequence haunted attraction


Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999 23:19:55 -0800
From:anechoic audio engine <anechoic@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: Re: Max/MSP Night School patches?

I emailed Matt at CNMAT today and he responded that the best way to get it
done is to keep bugging him about it...


full length:: blueCube( ) (Rastermusic)
comp track:: nb2e_Vortex.aiff (Mille Plateaux)
comp track:: vortexShedding (Caipirinha Music)
full length:: cathodeFlower (Ritornell/Mille Plateaux)

"the smooth always posseses a greater power of deterritorialization than
the striated."
- Deleuze & Guattari


Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999 03:59:53 -0400
From:Le Centre De La Bombe <mathius@USIT.NET>


A ouvrir les horizons de l'intelligence.

A l'aube de l'an 2000 la musique contemporaine agonise dans sa tour
d'ivoire apr=E8s 40 ann=E9es d'experimentations musicales. Et le public boud=
d=E9finitivement cette musique qui sortait des grandes voies de notre cultur=
de la m=E9lodie en mode majeur et mineur.

L'effort demand=E9 fut trop grand:
de la part du compositeur, de ne pas se replier sur soi dans l'=E9litisme et
le s=E9rieux qui tarit tout enthousiasme;
de la part du musicien, de ne pas vouloir sortir du "conservatoire" de musiq=

de la part des fabricants d'instruments de musique, de ne pas s'=EAtre engag=
dans la voie de la cr=E9ation au lieu de se paufiner dans la copie
de la part enfin du public, d'avoir lach=E9 prise car le passage =E0 une aut=
culture musicale =E9tait trop difficile.

L'=E9chec de la musique contemporaine correspond exactement au refus d'ouvri=
son intelligence.

Que nous reste-t-il aujourd'hui ?

- quelques pionniers =E9gar=E9s
- des institutions culturelles
- des compositeurs et musiciens opportunistes
- et un public absent

En fait rien de tr=E8s excitant.

Mais que sont devenus ces bricoleurs de la musique ?
Ils sont tous pour la plupart viss=E9s sur leur =E9cran d'ordinateur.

Mathius Shadow-Sky

Le Centre De La Bombe organize since 1996 a collective compilation of XX
century contemporary music composers. The first composer remixed (digested)
was Karlheinz Stockhausen, the second is Pierre Henry. We going to remix
each of them in a long remixed collection.

Composers, musicians, DJs, kinds, sound designers, etc, interested by the
project go

for Le Centre De La Bombe web site news go


Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999 12:03:28 +0200
From:Gilbert Nouno <Gilbert.Nouno@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: Re :Korg1212+b&wG3+2940U2B

> after updating to 8.6 the korg extension crashes the mac

be sure to get rid of virtual memory,
I remember having this problem just after having installed a fresh new OS
which puts virtual memory by defaults, and Korg extension can't stand it !

I have no experiences with Korg and new blue G3, anybody else ?
BTW, what USB midi interface do you have ? is it working good ?



Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999 14:40:46 +0200
From:Peter Swinnen <peter.swinnen@PING.BE>
Subject: Re: Korg1212+b&wG3+2940U2B


> we are trying to run a setup of two b&w g3s with 400MH, an adaptec

> 2940u2b scsicontrollercard, and with internal scsi-drives. after
> updating to 8.6 the korg extension crashes the mac.

We had similar problems last week, with an almost identical configuration...

As stated on Korgs website (, there is an incompatibility between the 1212
driver and the ATI Graphics
Card. Just disable the ATI Graphics Accelerator and it should work. At least, it worked for us.
The b&w g3 is working very
smoothly now...

Hope this helps,
Peter Swinnen
Composer(from Belgium)


Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:22:23 +0200
From:Michael Wieser <m.k.w@MAGNET.AT>
Subject: Re: controllers...

Hallo Klaus!


greetings from Julias PAX..

>some days ago michael wieser, you presented your midi-box

>> There are also 32 analoge Inputs, they send their status as Controler(x)
>> and have 7bits resolution. The resolution can go up to 10 bits, but I have
>> decided to use 7bit only now for some internal filtering (no toggeling
>> This 3 boxes have "only" 64digital I/O and 32analog inputs.
>i'm not clear about, what a digital I/Os can do. maybe you can enlighten
me, what a digital
>output can be used for. can it
>drive relais or step-motors?..and what do i have to connect to a digital
input, to get any contact
>to max?

You can do what you want. drive LEDs, Relais, Steppermotors (of course with
some glue-hardware), Flashes, everything you can do with a logic 0 (GND)
and logic 1 (around 5V)
Thats for the digital outputs. Also it can be used to give some feedback to
the digital inputs (Key pressed, so MAX receives this and send to the
coresponding LED a note on, the LED shows everything has processed normal).

The digital inputs do the same in the other direction: everything you can
reduce to a logic low / logic high will be sent as a note off/on. It
depends on you, what you want to do with this. I used this feature with
laser based light barriers (range from 2 to 50m), where the generated note
on/note off signals where used to trigger a sampler.

>> The housing is a 1HE 19" rackable case. Connectors are D-SUB-25 femal, each
>> with GND/5V for external Logic or some required OPAMPs...
>> Midi in and Midi out is setable on different channels in the next "OS".

done now.

>> This boxes are "stupid" boxes, no settings beside the Midichannels.
>this box may be a wonderfull solution, not just as a midicontroller, but
also as a tool to control
>anything by max...


>greetings klaus

Michael Wieser

Service and Audiodesign


Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999 13:11:15 -0400
From:Louis Klepner <lou@EXPRESSIVEIMAGING.COM>
Subject: Using MAX to control multi-sequence haunted attraction


I was wondering if you could help me put together a Max object that will
CD-ROMS, and play them back in sync with midi notes. I need to be able to
control up to 8 different rooms at once with midi note ON triggering the
sequence. I need to be able to trigger any CD-ROM to playback a track,
regardless of what other CD-ROMS are playing and what ever other sequences
are running.
This application is for a haunted attraction, where lights/valves will
be switched with a midi note on event. I'd like to use one computer to run
it all. MOTU's 1208/2048 multi-channel sound board was recommended, so I
wouldn't have to use so many CD-ROM's, and instead playback different sound
files for the different rooms. I just got MAX and I don't have very much
experience with it, or MAX/MSP. Is it concievable to get a system like I've
discribed together in 4 weeks? Any assistance/patchs/objects/helpful hints
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-

-Lou Klepner


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