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Topics of the day:

  1. Controllers
  2. hacking controllers
  3. max and tv mirror (3)
  4. acid
  5. MIDI controllers
  6. Controllers...
  7. tapin/out
  8. Contacts in South-Africa


Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999 20:05:55 -0700
From:Mark Dumas <trailerstudios@WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
Subject: Controllers

> Besides the Peavey PC1600 (which I own myself) I am looking for a *small*
> device with at least 8 sliders and some buttons. Any suggestions? The gear
> must be compact enough to put it in my computer bag when I am performing
> abroad

The KAOSS Pad from Korg is only 2-D but loads of fun. It has semi
sampling and the usual filter sweeps, along with midi output. I paid
It is a surface pad that does realtime DSP control (presets only).


Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 14:21:47 +1000
From:"Sensor.E Overlobe" <overt@OVERLOBE.COM>
Subject: hacking controllers

>about the Peavey 1600:
>A good thing about this box is:
>you can open it and rewire the buttons for external devices (16 switches !
>etc.) and also the internal faders (which work from 0 - 5 Volt) for
>external CV to MIDI.

this is also the case with the roland mcr8 box, and most midi faders i think..
switches are easy., but the 0-5v standard seems to hold over most gear?
(gettingunsure here;-) - and a lot of sensors.. like the bending sensors
from etc..


/ \


Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 00:46:49 -0400
From:Eloy Anzola <leaddaet@EARTHLINK.NET>
Subject: Re: max and tv mirror

>>I have a ppc 8500 with video in and out. Nothing will come out onto my
>>recorder. Video in OK. In order to get the screen to go out to my
>>vhr, the mac help says to enable the tv mirror
options in my control

> if i recall correctly you need to have 4MB of Vram installed
> to enable video mirror/extension out of an 8500

This is correct.

I have an 8600 with Video and S-Video out, but only 2mb VRAM. If
I want to use the Video out, to output to a VHS or TV, I simply
unplug the Monitor from the CPU and use the TV as the only monitor.

4mb of VRAM would avoid this hassle.

hope this helps,



Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 00:35:50 +0000
From:Jeff Mann <jefman@UTCC.UTORONTO.CA>
Subject: acid

Hi all - does anyone know anything about the internal workings of Sonic
Foundry's ACID software? Specifially, I'm wondering if I could slurp the
time-slicing/stretching info out of ACIDized WAV files and make MIDI
files to use with something like Les Stuck's "recycler" example, or
something like that.

Also, I'm wondering about how ACID does its actual audio-stretching,
whether it's done on the fly or what, and how I could do it in MSP.
Thanks... <Jeff
Jeff Mann - Information Consumer ___O___O__= -- >||
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Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 09:08:03 +0200
From:"Dr. Karlheinz Essl" <essl@EUNET.AT>
Subject: MIDI controllers

Hi MAXers!

Just found an URL worth looking at which lists dozens of different MIDI

Cheers, and happy MAXin'

Dr. Karlheinz Essl

composition - performance - improvisation
Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology (Austria)


Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999 21:11:13 +0200
From:Michael Wieser <m.k.w@MAGNET.AT>
Subject: Re: Controllers...


I hope the time for some advertising for my Midi-box is a good one:

In the next days the first 3 pieces of my MIDI-Controlerbox are leaving the
In the full version it can handle up to 128 digital Inputs and 128 digital
They send/receive their information via note(xxx) on/off.
For this boxes a note on for the digital outpou results in a logic low
output, because there are only LEDs driven now, but this can be cahnged in
a future "OS" as a customer needs it.

There are also 32 analoge Inputs, they send their status as Controler(x)
and have 7bits resolution. The resolution can go up to 10 bits, but I have
decided to use 7bit only now for some internal filtering (no toggeling LSB).

This 3 boxes have "only" 64digital I/O and 32analog inputs.

The housing is a 1HE 19" rackable case. Connectors are D-SUB-25 femal, each
with GND/5V for external Logic or some required OPAMPs...

Midi in and Midi out is setable on different channels in the next "OS".

This boxes are "stupid" boxes, no settings beside the Midichannels.
There is also a LCD-Display (up to 4*40chars)behind the curtain (with a
little protocol like the VT100, so if someone will just delete the 3 line,
he hasn`t to write the whole LCD again), this will come up in the mid/end
October (I hope).

The webside is still under construction(comming soon), sorry, I have no
time to do this at the
moment :-((

hope this helps a little bit.

Michael Wieser

Service and Audiodesign


Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 08:57:08 -0400
From:David Crandall <dcrand1@GL.UMBC.EDU>
Subject: Re: max and tv mirror

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Eloy Anzola wrote:

> > if i recall correctly you need to have 4MB of Vram installed
> > to enable video mirror/extension out of an 8500
> This is correct.

Would this also apply to my friend with the beige G3?




Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999 23:52:04 +0200
Subject: tapin/out

Hi Eric,

I'm not completely sure, what your problem is, but I have two ideas for you:

First, don't use a sig~ but a [pack 0. 50.] followed by a [line~],
otherwise you will get jumping delay times resulting in discontinuities in
the output waveform. This way above you will get the transposition when
moving. If you want to move in the delay line without transposition, you
need to do some granular stuff with jumping times and crossfades between
two taps (didn't try it yet, but it should work...).

Second, I experienced some glitches in frequency, when connecting a cycle~
to the time input of tapout, when it moves around the zero. I think this
has to do with the vector size, but this might be something for David Z. to
look at. This stuff went away if the minimum time is a bit larger than zero
(can't remember exactly, but I think 4-5 using vector size 64 output size
512 and 22050 Hz sampling rate.




Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:50:02 -0700
From:Matt Biederman <mbiederman@SFMOMA.ORG>
Subject: Re: max and tv mirror

Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:32:02 +0200
From:muki pakesch <mpakesch@T0.OR.AT>
Subject: Re: max and tv mirror

At 0:00 -0400 09.08.1999, Automatic digest processor wrote:
>I have a ppc 8500 with video in and out. Nothing will come out onto my
>recorder. Video in OK. In order to get the screen to go out to my
>vhr, the mac help says to enable the tv mirror
options in my control
>OK, but this
prg does not appear on my CS. and although I have located

When I needed to pull this off with an 8500, I think what I did was shut
down the machine, disconnect the monitor, plug the rca's out (a&v) to a
vcr and looped that through to a TV. Then restart, and the mac figures
out what to do. Then there should be a number of different settings in
the monitors and sound control panel, set the one you like ( I think
there's even a "flicker free" setting or checkbox). go to your movie
player and play it with a long black leader and simply hit record on the
vcr. Or if you need to simply record screen movements, do it to it. Kinda
clunky, but it works.



Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999 23:59:54 +0000
From:philippe <audiocre@INFONIE.FR>
Subject: Contacts in South-Africa

I move from France to South Africa and I'd like
know South-African people working with Max and
other tools for interactivy. Thanks


philippe monvaillier


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