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Topics of the day:

  1. serial port busy
  2. controllers
  3. File out, otudp and more serial ports
  4. IIci audio solutions
  5. tapin~/tapout~
  6. more MIDI controllers
  7. MIDI Controller Mapping.
  8. max and tv mirror


Date:Sat, 7 Aug 1999 21:56:07 -0700
From:jhno <ear@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: Re: serial port busy

>>... it really messed with my serial connection such that no serial
>>communications software can see the serial port

there is a great little utility, called serial reset, by nigel redmon, aka
earlevel engineering (author of hypermidi). it tells you whether your
serial ports are busy, and if they are - who is using them. it also lets
you "reset" them in an attempt to free up the ports.

written in 1990, still works on my g3's... :)

since it is freeware i dropped a copy onto my site:


() ))(((( ))) ))))) ( )((()) (( ))()) (((( )(()( (()
san francisco, ca


Date:Sat, 7 Aug 1999 22:28:07 -0700
From:jhno <ear@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: controllers

native instruments sells the "4-control" - not many knobs, but small.

then there is the "phat-boy" - 14 knobs, made for general midi...

doepfer's knob box, the drehbank, probably has more controllers per square
centimeter than anything - 64 in a three-space rack. it is a very shallow
rack, though, so it counts as small.

a nord modular rack or micromodular doubles as a knob box.

i just got the jlcooper faderbaby, as i mentioned on the list - doesn't get
any smaller than that - !

any others out there? this could be a faq item...

good luck


Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999 10:29:31 +0200
From:Georg Hajdu <hajdu@UNI-MUENSTER.DE>
Subject: File out, otudp and more serial ports

I have a number of issues today:

  1. Using the fileout object, I encountered a problem with it. When I try to
    save a temporary file, a dialog box with the entry "bidule" comes up. After
    pressing the return key I consistently get an error message (-43, if I
    remember correctly) telling me that there was an error saving my file. Is
    there an explanation for this behaviour?

I regret that there is no easy way to erase any of the (non-temporary) files
I create with fileout.

It would be great if someone wrote a file-select object that returns the
name of *and* the path to a selected object.

Also, is there a possibility to write to the clipboard file using fileout,
i.e. could I in theory write data to the clipboard and open it with another
program? Or is there another object that would do the same thing?

  1. To Matt Wright concerning the otudp object: I was wondering whether it
    would be possible to change the IP address on the fly using a message
    instead of having to type in the IP number as an argument each time I want
    to communicate with a different computer. I know a workaround with bpatcher
    but it would be nice to have this feature built into your object.
  1. I started to use the Wacom drawing board as a controller. Unfortunately,
    it uses up the only port on my Wallstreet Powerbook leaving no room for
    MIDI. Could I use a USB PC Card adapter and a USB Serial Port dongle to add
    additional serial ports? Does anybody on this list have experience with this
    kind of setup?

Georg Hajdu


Date:Wed, 4 Aug 1999 19:27:22 -0000
From:Nick Rothwell <nick@CASSIEL.COM>
Subject: Re: IIci audio solutions

> I don't win the contest for the oldest MAX/Mac set-up!

I composed and recorded LISTEN/MOVE on an SE/30, running MAX and
Vision in parallel connected via MIDI Manager, and doing SMPTE lock
from an ADAT BRC. All worked flawlessly.


Nick Limited
systems - composition - installation - performance


Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999 10:11:55 EDT

From:Eric Lyon <Eric.Lyon@DARTMOUTH.EDU>
Subject: tapin~/tapout~

I wanted to check if anyone could recreate the anomaly I've experienced with
tapin~/tapout~ - namely that you can control the delay time with interpolation
using output from cycle~ but not ctlin output routed through sig~. I wrote an
object implementing an interpolated delay line and observed the same behavior,
so perhaps it is a MIDI vs DSP issue in MAX/MSP.

Any thoughts?



Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999 20:53:34 +0200
From:Melvyn Poore <mpoore@BIGFOOT.DE>
Subject: Re: more MIDI controllers

Karlheinz Essl wrote:

> Dear MAXers!
> Besides the Peavey PC1600 (which I own myself) I am looking for a *small*
> device with at least 8 sliders and some buttons. Any suggestions? The gear
> must be compact enough to put it in my computer bag when I am performing
> abroad.

There is a device made by EES called SetCon which I've been using this
week(!). It worked fine for sending basic control information to the 02R.
If I remember correctly it cost about DM 400 about two years ago.

Check it out:


Melvyn Poore
Uferstrasse 166
D-53859 Niederkassel

Tel: +49-2208-911217
Fax: +49-2208-911218
see also:


Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999 15:31:05 -0400
From:Nev <nwalker@MINDSPRING.COM>
Subject: MIDI Controller Mapping.

Greetings to everyone,

I am a Max beginner so apologies if this

is basic stuff, but I am looking for some info regarding the following.

I have an existing Max Patch that I would like to modify or add to.
What I would like to do is modify the onscreen sliders to respond to
MIDI Controller info from my Peavey PC-1600. The various Max
sliders would then pump out the sysex info which they are currently
programmed to do ..

Keeping in mind that I am a total learner when it comes to Max, are
any quick tips that someone can offer to help me achieve this?
In addition the simple task of getting to the various objects is proving

difficult. There are so many things one on top of the other , that
selecting what you are trying to get to is a real problem. I did not
write the
patch so its difficult to figure out exactly whats what due to this
Are there any practical tips to work around this problem?




Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999 20:26:38 -0400
From:Otto Henry <muhenry@EASTNET.EDUC.ECU.EDU>
Subject: max and tv mirror

This isn't exactly about MAX but I'm hoping someone can point me in the
direction with a problem I'm having trying to videotape some of my Max
music and graphics programs.

I have a ppc 8500 with video in and out. Nothing will come out onto my
recorder. Video in OK. In order to get the screen to go out to my
vhr, the mac help says to enable the tv mirroroptions in my control
OK, but thisprg does not appear on my CS. and although I have located
(along with 16 other CS modules)I cannot get it onto the CS or get it
(or several others)
to load and work. Duh. Apple support or manuals are no help.
Hope somebody knows what the trouble is.

Thanks in advance, Otto


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