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Topics of the day:

  1. Scriabin, Synaesthesia, and Software...
  2. Megawolf serial card
  3. Books


Date:Sat, 17 Jul 1999 13:06:33 +0200
From:Peter Castine <pcastine@PRZ.TU-BERLIN.DE>
Subject: Re: Scriabin, Synaesthesia, and Software...

On around 16-7-99 18:29, Rich Cirminello said something like:

>I am interested in creating a simple patch that will sythesize Scriabin's
>synesthetic experience (sorry about the tongue twister)
by drawing colore=
>bars or circles on the screen when certain pitches are played. Is there a
>way to expand the MAX color palatte to get maybe 256 colors or more?

TTBOMK, no. You can modify the color mapping used by Max, but I don't
know that you can increase the number of colors.

OTOH, Alexander Nicolayevich never listed more than 12 colors for his
synaesthetic spectacles. This is true for Prometheus and the sketches to
Mysterium and Prefatory Act.

But perhaps you want to go beyond a direct implementation of the score of
Po=E8me de feu, in which case 8-bit color might be limiting. In that case,
you might want to look into doing your graphics with Bomb or BlissPaint
and just use Max for controlling the graphics software.

You might want to take a look at what others have done using Sascha's
synaesthetic systematics as a springboard: try Jeff Burns' WWW Site

And if you want a sibilantly alliterative tongue twister, try "Si six
scients scient six cypres..."




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Date:Sat, 17 Jul 1999 10:11:46 -0400
From:Eric <er@INTERPORT.NET>

Subject: Megawolf serial card

Hi all,

I recently purchased the 4 port Megawolf card, The Romulus, for use in an
installation - popped it into my 233 'original' G3 and it worked like a
charm with Max giving me a total of 6 serial ports. Its actually designed
to work with the blue G3's.

I did NOT use it for MIDI though and a few months ago neither card
supported OMS although the literature that came with the card stated
"Opcode & Steinberg MIDI drivers are under development" and "MOTU has
already updated FreeMIDI to support both cards".

The developer is the same gentleman (Ward Macfarlane) who 'built' the
Hurdler card that used to be a Nubus favourite. He's extremely helpful and
could probably answer your question <>.

Eric Rosenzveig


Date:Sat, 17 Jul 1999 22:52:45 +0200
From:Werner Funk <werner.funk@T-ONLINE.DE>
Subject: Books

> Date:Fri, 16 Jul 1999 07:35:07 EDT
> From:
Dominic Cammarota <Dcammaro@AOL.COM>
> Subject: Books
> Hi All,
> I'm a real newbie at MAX. Are there any books worth looking at besides th=
> Manual?

Todd Winkler, Composing Interactive Music Using Max
with CD-ROM for Macintosh
ISBN 0-262-231193-X

With really a lot of experience in interactive jobs! Not quite a tutorial.

Sch=F6ne Gr=FC=DFe von der Cannstatter Altenburg!
Werner Funk


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