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  1. midiTjet
  2. Young Observers : Japan


Date:Sun, 4 Jul 1999 17:12:31 +1000
From:Jeremy Yuille <overt@OVERLOBE.COM>
Subject: midiTjet

>question 2... is anybody using midiTjet with MAX? i'd be into hearing any
>experiences and/or tips on this.

i've used tjet with Vision, thru the iac buss, to control a software GS
synth on a remote machine. (i was in brisbane Australia the other mac was
in Melbourne) using a modem connection on my end, at about 33.6, and i
think a cable or isdn on the other end, but dont quote me on that.

as far as i can tell, it handled note information well, you would get
strange time lags as packets were kept waiting etc, but that was used in
the performance (its a FEATURE not a BUG ;-)

prog changes were cool too.

i was only really using three or four chanells doing a fairly spastic
drum&bass type set. lots of tight drum programming though, and it SEEMED to
keep timing integrity (within phrases.. see above)

as for using it with max. i had experimented at home using two dialups
through diffrent isp's to check things.. had a few crashes using their max
object, and that was why i chose to go with the standalone app. plus it was
so much easier to install remotely over icq with their techs.

i WOULD recommend experimenting with a speedlimit or some other data filter
(esp if you are using controller messages) before outputting to the iac bus
though. and tjet doesn't send sysex..

in fact i have thought this would be a great way to control an MSP app on a
remote machine, say, using note information to trigger and tweak etc, a two
way would be GREAT though.. so you would have some sort of feedback from
the remote site. in this case i had to rely on a dodgy realaudio feed,
which was novel. [:p

i'd be interested to hear what you're planning to do..


/ \



Date:Mon, 5 Jul 1999 01:21:33 +0900
From:christophe charles <charles@TKD.ATT.NE.JP>
Subject: Young Observers : Japan

Young Observers : Japan
The Albert, 191 Queens Gate, London SW7 5EU
Organised by
The Salon des Arts (Registered British Charity)
1st-31st July 1999, by appointment 07808 078 759 (Fujieda)
Noriko Honda, Kaori Honma, Peter Mcdonald, Miyuki Morita, Ai Murata, Shuko N
akata, Hana Sakuma, Hideyuki Sawayanagi, Uen
"undirected" by Christophe Charles
performed on a PB G3 with max/msp
23rd July, open 7:30 starts 8:30 PM, admission L2.00.

christophe charles
tokyo 110-0001 taitoku yanaka 3-21-5-303
tel/fax +81-3-5685-6566
mobile +81-908-59-65264


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