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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 00:00:22 -0400
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Topics of the day:

  1. CDROM level control?
  2. bag object
  3. G3 jumpers
  4. IAC
  5. problems reading old files
  6. peavey analog filter
  7. virtual PC on the Mac? (2)
  8. another pcmcia card that won't work


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 00:53:33 -0500
From:Hungry Hill <hungryh@NCIS.NET>
Subject: CDROM level control?

I am using MAX to run a bank of CDROM drives for theatre SFX. Can someone
point me toward an object that will control the output level of the CD
drive like the desktop players do? It is not included in the MAX CD object
which I am using for all other CD drive control.


Bruce Bowers
Akimbo Music Prod/Hungry Hill Records


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 07:04:04 +0100
From:Trond Lossius <lossius@IAFRICA.COM.NA>
Subject: Re: bag object

Eirik Lie wrote (a few days ago):

> How many numbers can the bag object store? I can't find any answer in the
> manual or the help files. One would think that if you store additional
> numbers in a bag, sooner or later the computer would crash because of stack
> overflow? Is there any method for limiting the bag to, say, 16 numbers, so
> that when you store the 17th number, the first (oldest) one is deleted?
> Basically, I want to store a number in bag at regular intervals. At
> irregular (unpredictable) intervals, the bag will be banged to send out the
> numbers, and I want to make a list of the 16 most recently stored numbers.
> Of course I could set up a cycling counter to store the numbers in a table
> or a funbuff, but the bag object seems so much simpler. Any other ideas?

You could use Peter Elseas Llast object or Richard Dudas' floatdelline
or intdelline objects. They are all available for download from the
Ircam ftp site.


Trond L.


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:55:49 +0100
From:karrer manfred <a9006180@UNET.UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Subject: G3 jumpers

here are a few web pages posted according the jumperstuff:

The Clock-chipping page (overclocking):

and for Beige G3s specifically:

i have overclocked my G3/233 DT to 300 Mhz with a busrate of 66 Mhz and
the temperature is about 39 degree celsius. Is it possible to increase
the busrate to 75 Mhz without danger?




Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:58:13 +0100
From:karrer manfred <a9006180@UNET.UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Subject: IAC

just a info for iac users:
if you don´t find iac in oms you have to reinstall oms and switch from
easy install to custom install(manuell) to select the iac installation.


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:19:29 +0100
From:Rainer Gutkas <Rainer.gutkas@JK.UNI-LINZ.AC.AT>
Subject: Re: problems reading old files

I've got the same problem converting old max Patches to the power pc-version.
With some tables it worked to save them as text under Max 3.0, load them into
3.5.8 and save them again as table under 3.5.8. With other tables it didn't
work this way, it still says:
Error: unable to read old formatted files
I've got no Idea why, anyone got?????
The other thing is that some patches won't open after I loaded them into 3.5.8
the also won't open anymore at 3.0.

Thanks for any ideas,



Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:21:09 -0500
From:William Sethares <sethares@ECESERV0.ECE.WISC.EDU>
Subject: peavey analog filter

hi max list -

Im trying to write a little max program to
talk sysex to a Peavey "spectrum analog filter"

and am having some problems.
Has anyone attempted this before?


bill sethares


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 17:59:01 -0400
From:Neal Farwell <nfarwell@FAS.HARVARD.EDU>
Subject: virtual PC on the Mac?

Dear Maxers:

What is your experience with virtual DOS or Windows emulation on the Mac?

This isn't so far off-topic: I'm looking at various microcontrollers for
sensor interfacing - and they *all* use the PC for their software
development. Now I don't own a PC... but it would be really cool to be able
to toggle the PC-development and Mac/MAX-runtime environments on the same

Your recommendations and warnings gratefully received.


Neal Farwell

Visiting Fellow in Composition

Music Department
Harvard University
Cambridge MA 02138

(617) 591-9478


Date:Wed, 30 Jun 1999 08:24:33 +1000
From:Garth Paine <garth@ACTIVATEDSPACE.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: virtual PC on the Mac?

Hi Neal,

Virtual PC is rather slow, even on an iMac. It will recognise all
the Mac ports etc, but it takes a while to set it all up, and I have
heard of things not working at all, even though they should on the

Still it is a useful tool


Listen to some of the tracks from my latest CD at
See some video of my MAP1 installation


Activated Space
. Composer, Sound Designer, Installation Artist
.. Interactives Designer, Exhibition Consultant 61 3 95720133


Date:Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:24:55 -0700
From:jhno <ear@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: another pcmcia card that won't work

i heard about a very interesting pcmcia audio card for pc notebooks:

>Have you heard of the WaMi Box by a korean co. called EGO*SYS? It's a PCMCIA
>compatible unit:
>"Equipped with optical and coaxial S/PDIF, 2 in 4 out AD/DA, a MIDI
>interface, 64 voice programmable sampler/multi-timbral synth, mic preamp,
>and a 16 channel internal mixer [etc...] around $500

but an inquiry to the company yielded the following response:

>From: "EGO-SYS sales" <>
>Subject: Re: WaMi Box Mac drivers?
>Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 20:26:09 +0900
>Dear Sir,
>Thank you for your interest in our Wami box.
>Yes, we already knew there is big demand for Mac.
> Everyday we were asked
from lots of Mac users via our web to
> develop Wami box for Mac.
> But we are very sorry to inform that we don't have a plan to release
> Wami Box compatible with Macintosh Powerbooks in near future.
> We really want to make it
and are looking forMac software engineer
> in Korea and overseas whose skill is good and whose cost is suitable
> for our budget. But so far we have not yet met good engineer .
> Last week I have met some potential USA company for this
> purpose and we are now discussing the conditions. But even if we start
>it right now, it will take about 6 months to release it.
>if any progress, we will inform this new via our web.
>Thanks again for your interest.
>E-mail Address :
>Web Page :
>Tel : +82-2-780-4451
>Fax : +82-2-780-4454

i thought i would post this for general information, and just in case
someone knows a tech that could write their driver...!



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