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  1. AfricanMusicMachine
  2. MAX Digest - 18 Jun 1999 to 19 Jun 1999 (#1999-185)
  3. problem with external
  4. G3 Power 233->300Mhz
  5. G3 Power supplement


Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 09:52:07 +0000
From:Nick Lowe <n.lowe@RHBNC.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: AfricanMusicMachine

>AfricanMusicMachine-11.hqx is an algorithmic stand-alone music
>application that allows you to program and play a colorful African drum
>and idiophone ensemble. Or, let it program/play itself according to
>random settings you select. Learn about African traditional music as you
>select and cross different rhythms and instruments.

The URL for download should be
ne-11.hqx (Otto's original post missed off the /Archive/). Watch the wrap.

Nick Lowe


Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:53:38 +0200
From:p <pvotava@T0.OR.AT>
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 18 Jun 1999 to 19 Jun 1999 (#1999-185)

> The TCP/IP objects you're thinking of are by the guys at the Stichting
> Rainstick:

does this "internet_TCP/IP" external run on powerPC too, i thought it´s just for



Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 20:16:56 +0200
From:Laurent Cerveau <Laurent.Cerveau@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: problem with external


I'm implementing an extern which uses another library (not an Apple one),
where objects are created throough malloc, and calloc.

Thereare strange behaviors in the object. Sometimes functions don't perform
well as if the initialization process was not good, and that leads to strange values,
sometimes everything is OK.

For example I do :

void myobj_doCompExp(s_myobjPtr x){
defer_low(x, (method) myobj_DFdoCompExp, 0L, 0, 0l)


void myobj_DFdoCompExp(s_myobjPtr x){
function1(x); //where ther are some calloc
function2(x);===>sometimes it goes I don't know where.

Could this be related to interruption level consideration, and/or
scheduling ?

Thanks for help



Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 23:23:11 +0100
From:k <a9006180@UNET.UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Subject: G3 Power 233->300Mhz

hi chris

thanks a lot for the info about the jumpers!!!!!!
i have changed the jumpers on my G3/233 DT to get 300 Mhz and 150 Mhz at
the backside cache.
has anyone tried it with 400 Mhz?
it runs great with 36º Celsius( before it was 32º with 233)
i have heard that the really dangerous limit for the heat is about 65º
but the computer will behave instabil before reaching this. (i am not an
expert so this is rather an rumor than a fact)
a tool for changing the backside cache is XLR8 available at:

here are a few benchmark test results:

MacBench 4.0:

with 233/155 (backside cache):

processor: 782
floating point: 750

with 300/150:

processor: 924
floating point: 947

with CINEMA 4D XL_m_us_b benchmark test(available at:

with 233/155 (backside cache):

C4D2D: 264692 T/s3D: 71842 T/s
GL:2D: 538848 T/s3D 228756 T/s

with 300/150:

C4D2D: 301838 T/s3D: 85320 T/s
GL:2D: 710608/s3D 291664 T/s

in max i tested at how manycycle~ objects the cpu reaches 90%:

167 cycle -> 90% cpu233/155

213 cycle -> 90% cpu300/150




Date:Mon, 21 Jun 1999 23:46:24 +0100
From:karrer manfred <a9006180@UNET.UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Subject: G3 Power supplement

here is some supplement.
i have seen now after working a while that the temperature rises up to 40º.



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