Subject: MAX Digest - 15 Jun 1999 (#1999-181)
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 00:00:08 -0400
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Date:Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:37:12 -0800
From:Peter Nyboer <pnyboer@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 13 Jun 1999 to 14 Jun 1999 (#1999-179)

>I have an old powerPC 7100/66/AV + AudioMedia II card:-(
>Has anyone tried this with Max Msp and some audio hardware ?
>any good (or bad ) advices before I decide to buy it ?

I have a 7100/80 and AMII with a Sonnettech 233 g3 card in it. I did try
some MSP work, using the demo version of MSP, and decided against trying to
frustrate myself with pushing the machine with MSP. I tried some looping
samples and some filter operations, and it did those cleanly, but quite a
bit of CPU power was taken--over 50% for just one sample, one comb filter,
and some midi-note generation.
It is probably the least expensive route to get into MSP--around $US600 for
the hardware rather than $US2000 for a new machine (and all the doodads you
will end up buying with it!), and it does work. However, these cards are a
far cry from a G3 machine, since you still have a slow hard drive, slow
nubus slots, slow graphics,...
However, all that said, I am glad that I got the card, since it has
reasonably extended the life of my 7100 by taking the edge off of Photoshop
and many system operations, such as switching between applications
(something I did a lot of when doing web-design). The card has caused
absolutely no problems, and installation was very simple.
So, if you are dying to get into MSP, and you simply don't have the francs
for a new machine right now, then the G3 card will get you there. However,
if it is possible to stave off the craving, you might be better off eating
beans and rice (live large-throw in a ham hock on Sundays--wait, do you
have smoked ham hocks in France?), and saving for a new machine.


Peter Nyboer
"Where the land meets the hand"


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