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Topics of the day:

  1. keydisk forversion 3.5.8
  2. Max msp & MAXpowr G3 cards (2)
  3. Note-on/-off checking (2)
  4. Max Student pricing...
  5. Karplus Strong
  6. Max - Canon


Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 00:31:24 PDT
From:"Sjoerd-W.Bijleveld" <bigax@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: keydisk forversion 3.5.8

Some time ago I received a new keydisk for MAX. I needed a new disk, because
when I wanted to remove the authorisation for MAX (version 3.5.9 for non
system 8), the original keydisk got corrupted, due to the fact that I had
upgraded to system 8, while MAX authorisation was installed under system
7.6.1. That's what the tech person (from the Belgian Opcode dealer) told me.
Well anyway, I received this new keydisk and the disk label says '3.5.8
keydisk'. How can one tell if this keydisk is for system 8.x or for earlier

Sjoerd-W. Bijleveld

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Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:05:30 +0200
From:Gilbert Nouno <Gilbert.Nouno@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: Max msp & MAXpowr G3 cards

I have an old powerPC 7100/66/AV + AudioMedia II card:-(

I 'm planing on buyingthe CPU upgrade MAXpower G3 PDS 300 from newer
( which is intended to work on 7100 and 8100 PPC.

Has anyone tried this with Max Msp and some audio hardware ?
any good (or bad ) advices before I decide to buy it ?

Thanks for your answers.



Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 09:55:53 +0200
From:Gilbert Nouno <Gilbert.Nouno@IRCAM.FR>
Subject: Note-on/-off checking

>I wish to be able to release a note currently held and rearticulate it. ...

Check out the Peter Elsea objects(Elsea Lobjects),
I think that Lnote is doing exactly what you need,
he also has other usefull objects dealing with sustained, legato, tremolo
notes ...



Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:33:11 -0400
From:Timothy Andrew Holt <tholt@STETSON.EDU>
Subject: Max Student pricing...

Hey everyone,
Does anyone know if the student offer can be purchased without the key
disk authorization? I suspect not, but it would help me a great deal.
Is cycling74 considering offering the bundle for a student price? I need
the challenge respeonse auth. it has but it's more expensive.
Anyway, thanks for any info.
Tim Holt


Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:15:16 -0400
From:Neal Farwell <nfarwell@FAS.HARVARD.EDU>
Subject: Re: Karplus Strong

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This certainly started an active thread...
thanks for all the responses so far.

Stefania's kastro~ object does a good basic K-S - though it has some
curious "dead zones" eg around 4700Hz fundamental, perhaps due to
interpolation (with implicit filtering) for fractional delay lengths?

Attached (apologies if this is bad form for the list - I don't yet have a
downloads site) is a stuffed folder with the patches I came up with:

1) SV_coeffs
generates coefficients for biquad~ to emulate an analog state-variable
filter. I delved into undergraduate math memories to derive the formulae...
The nice thing about this model is that frequency and Q are predictable and
independent. Anybody feel like packaging it with a biquad engine to make an
efficient external?

2) filter responser
to demonstrate the above, and a handy utility.

3) MultiKarp
divide-and-conquer attempt on the K-S max-frequency problem. Uses SV filter
model for flexibility.


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Neal Farwell

Visiting Fellow in Composition

Music Department
Harvard University
Cambridge MA 02138

(617) 591-9478


Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:09:40 -0700
From:Peter Elsea <elsea@CATS.UCSC.EDU>
Subject: Note-on/-off checking

Lnote, which is one of the Lobjects available at exactly the type of checking you are
looking for. Any note that is marked as currently sounding is
rearticulated. Lnote also works across channels.
If you download the complete Lobjects, be sure to get the fixed version of
Lnote that is in the beta folder. The old version has a bug that would
sometimes lock up the machine when a lot of notes were being played.
As a matter of fact, all of the note players in the Lobjects do
rearticulation. They are:
Lstrum- turns lists into guitar-like strums or harp-like arpeggios
Lperc- keeps individual vel and duration settings for each note; designed
for drum machine type uses, also does rolls and tremolos.
Lsustain- gives sustain and sostenuto effects.
Legato- turns stream of notes into a solo line, with control of overlap
(for instruments with a solo mode that respond differently to discrete and
overlapped notes)
Lchirp- removes notes shorter than a specified duration- orginally designed
for WX-11 but also handy for score analysis.

Speaking of bugs, if anyone out there is using Lspeak, send me a note.
There have been some changes in the speech synthesizers with system 8.6
that're giving me a fatal crash on Bruce and Victoria. To deal with this
I'm going to have to do a lot of work or delete a minor feature. If anyone
is using that feature, I'll do the work. Otherwise I'll dump it. It's the
bang on word from the left outlet that's broken. It never worked properly
anyway because the speech manager is pretty flaky in the timing of
WordoneCallback. Now the above mentioned voices aren't doing the callback
properly and there's not much I can do about it.
Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 22:46:41 +0200
From:Stefan Thorleifsson <stebbi@BIGFOOT.COM>
Subject: Max - Canon


My name i Stefan and I'm new on the list.

Im studying music in Aalborg University in Denmark and I have learned a
little about max.

I would like to know if anyone could send me (or tell me about) patches who
can play canons.

Stefan Thorleifsson
Oddesundvej 174
9220 Aalborg =D8st
tel./fax.: +45 98153374


Date:Mon, 14 Jun 1999 14:08:29 -0700
From:Martin Gotfrit <martin_gotfrit@SFU.CA>
Subject: Re: Max msp & MAXpowr G3 cards

We bought a G3 accelerator card for our 6100 to see if we could run MSP in
our lower division courses here at Simon Fraser U. (We have several 6100s)
I'm afraid I don't have the model # handy, but the good news is that most
of the specs were close to my home machine (one of 266 G3s). Caveats are
that the disc access is 1/5th the speed on 6100s so some things didn't work
well or at all because of that. The other problem is that the accelerator
we bought uses the single slot in the 6100 (7100s have more) so we had to
pull our AMII card out. Still testing but for _teaching_ Max/MSP it beats
not be able to do it at all!

Hope this helps.

Gilbert wrote;

>I have an old powerPC 7100/66/AV + AudioMedia II card:-(
>I 'm planing on buying
the CPU upgrade MAXpower G3 PDS 300 from newer
>( which is intended to work on 7100 and 8100 PPC.
>Has anyone tried this with Max Msp and some audio hardware ?
>any good (or bad ) advices before I decide to buy it ?
>Thanks for your answers.

Martin Gotfrit, Associate Prof., Music Area,
Simon Fraser University, School for the Contemporary Arts
Burnaby B.C. * V5A 1S6 * 604-291-3517/fax/5907


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