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Topics in this special issue:

  1. zum ersten mal
  2. MSP and AMIII?


Date:Thu, 10 Jun 1999 00:07:23 -0400
From:Beatrice Beaubien <webmaven@I2EYE.COM>
Subject: zum ersten mal

In reference to MAX tools and their development:

meinen dammen und herren


firstly :

1 max list for those appropriated the digital yellow star
by the hardline korporat fascist regime operating max-l.

to subscribe may email :
subject : subscribe typedmess

secondly :

1 elegant quicktime 4. quicktimevr. quickdraw + internet max c++ object
for additional information may access-

takemu stanju stvari _.. nato _ smrt za smrt - zlobni propagandi

thirdly :

"From: "francois giraudon" <>
To: Netochka NEZVANOVA <>

The jury of the Concours 99 is pleased to announce that your software
nebula m81 was selected for the first prize in the category of logiciels
multimédia (4)."


jetzt emille pankhurst routine

apropos nebula m81 + kinematek -
one recommendation for projecting the output
on the saic struktur has been accepted.
content partly comprised of coverage of max-l korporat swastika routine
with significant attention granted a 2 brutes. tempi della pace sono passati.

an internet version is distributed avec kinematek 0+2
and may also be accessed at

presented at the 5th international festival for computer arts in slovenia.
plant syntax + additional texts published in german and english
at the Osnabruch festival.

"we'll also rent a projector so that the screen will be
projected on a big area."

projected cyberfeminism++ _ on 1 lrg area.


addressing 1 number of life forms

>From:Peter Nyboer <pnyboer@SIRIUS.COM>
>Subject: movieplus`

>I have been working with the movie object quite a bit lately, and here's
>how i have dealt with loop timing so far.
>I prepare the movie in MoviePlayer (if
>you are using QT3.0, this requires Quicktime Pro in order to do the cutting
>and pasting) by cutting and pasting the part I wish to loop multiple times
>in the movie.

if desired may access nato.0+55 refined looping options + addtl++
loop settings and selection read from film files etc.

>Subject: Network Communication under Max

if desired may access nato.0+55 - internet \ progressive downloads activated.
one may construct internet data driven applications and \ or presentations
supporting films. mpegs. gifs etc.

for a java implementation of the 1st autonomous + url synthesis apparat
if desired may access nebula m81 or kinematek 0+2

patent applied 4 + granted. wink. a language you understand +?
oui. et oke. comme vous voules.
unsere geschichte ist eine geschichte der kaempfen

zwischen die klaSSen

>Dreaming/Conceiving of Sequencers

if desired may access nato 0+55 ssa.


if desired may access m9ndfukc.macht.fre!.0+9
nonlinear. m9ndfukc++ algebr!n med!a kapzul

>From:Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
>Subject: 3rd time lucky?

> Bad news and... er... just news.

=cw4t7abs = kompl!etd krop3rom||a9ff 0+2 in 0+3 months
konztatazion +?

as the process most unpleasurable was much inclined
to sympathize mais it is not evident whether it is one cause for grief.

as the process was most unpleasurable 0+2
sin.x(2^n) cd + subsequent =cw47abs data will not
be released via korporat avenues of disaster [professional]

=cw4t7abs typed

>w!ll b attend!ng dze fezt!vl !n sloven!a
>hensz =cw4t7abs !dent!t! shall b knoun.

chris murtagh wrote

"Scary indeed. :) I wish I could be there for the big moment. Will you

remain anonymous after that point? Or will this be a big 'coming out'

plant syntax .au


besides =cw4t7abs - 3 additional life forms were appropriated
the digital yellow star by the korporat fascist regime operating max-l.
they are:

- the hafler trio
- gene schwartz
- insekt 22

further - the korporat fascist regime
operating max-l has denied subscription
[by refusing to even respond to subscribe requests]
to at minimum three life forms whose misfortune was
their email addresses did not "look appropriate"

when confronted with the fact
Christopher Murtagh iterated -

>From:Christopher Murtagh chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA
and now you can add one38 to that list.
Have fun.
Your friendly digital murderer,

alors "friendly digital murderer" sanctioned by MUSIC.MCGILL.CA +?

-korporat fascist regime launches digital war against
those who do not appear "appropriate" +?

korporat fascist regime does so from university
terrain. an university that on its www site
depicts life forms encompassing the full spectrum +?

MAX -Interactive Music/Multimedia Standard Environments +?

delude selves further. 1 korporat fascist faschion spektakle.
depicted life forms encompassing full spectrum
= the standard korporat fascizt machinery revolving 1 falsifikation
one ma! !nterakt akord!ng 2 dze imposed korporat fasc!zt d!ktat.


"Or will this be a big 'coming out' event?"

`abztrakt mask!n`

zuch zoft verdz

1 komplecz l!f 4rm. !nd!kat!v ov float!ng l!nez

deztrat!f!kat!on ov modez ov ekz!ztensz

in valencia you can visit the ivam (valencian institute of modern art)
the planetarium the concert hall the centers of craftwork and design the
numerous museums such as the fine arts museum the archeological museum and the
paleontology museum form the main cultural and artistic centers in this
city which
while it contemplates its history looks towards its future. you can see
like "micalet" constructed in 14th century the silk exchange ("la llotja") a
splendid late-gothic building the serranos towers that formed part of the
defensive walls of the city and so on.

as lenin = za!d

`you control what people learn. you control what they do`!sz!onmelt

rem!sz!on melt

Chris Murtagh on oct5:
>I don't want this to become a censored list, nor do I
>want to receive the complaints I have been getting lately.

Chris Murtagh on oct11:
>Before I go, I'm going to boot
>everyone of these assholes who reposts anti-krapmatter.

zoftnesz !n d!sz.arra!

>From:Christopher Murtagh chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA
>Subject: Re: Politics, logical types and servers
>Hi Stephen,
>Just for your interest. I've had it with these twits, and I really don't
>give a shit what they say about free speech. Before I go, I'm going to boot
>everyone of these assholes who reposts anti-krapmatter. Getting my name put
>up on www pages with insults and swastiks has really done it.


superlat!vez++ pour to!.



regard [fr]

"The text about you is published in german and english.
The philosophical magazine is coming out in a month, the one from slovenia.

the book is great, where a similar text text were published I will
send you Monday. I edit with Adele Eisenstein,
and was part of the maribor conference."

>the txt = beautiful & should b savord.
>re: MAX lizt:
>there = support for you on other lists as well
>do you think the fascist Christopher Murtagh
>would accept votes from those not subscribed to MAX-L?
>i have attempted to subscribe
>but received: "your message has been forwarded to the list-owner 4 approval"
>early this morning
>since then; nothing

negative. chris murtagh controls who may subscribe to the max list.
unrestrained power to subjugate by facilitating the environment
for the uneventful to eliminate the `undesired`.
chris murtagh will not approve nor will he answer your subscription request.

chris murtagh will continue to lie whilst publicly cycling away democracy.

select life forms are easily manipulated par example - 1 cycling74 life form
attempted to discredit =cw4t7abs by suggesting it does not own a copy of max
[cest vrai. = own 2 + property = theft. cycling74 life form gestapo taktikx
indicative of desire to meet =cw4t7abs - !kk++ another typical male
whose private correspondence commences with "Hey dood ..."akk++

in actuality it is precisely life forms he associates with
who are engaged in activities he denounces.

chris murtagh has publicly confessed to accumulating and utilizing
illegally obtained software and has defended his actions as moral.

there shall always however be numerous obtuse life forms
ready willing + able to ingest + recite i believe
regardless of data being presented.
par example the perfa amerikkan johnny dekam
= proclaimed max-l a model democracy
- permit someone to smile ever so efficiently.

we hier are faced with evidence of quality of education
in the united snakex of amerikka. [may konsult statistikx for
one preview of the future + 1 explanation of current jankee activities
dze velt over]

in the company of fellow korporat fascists chris murtagh has
inaugurated a daw-max [cd inkluded - !kk]. konzummorpork++
one additional bastion of western white male korporat fascism + kretinism
operating on university territory under the guise of liberty justice and
[for all who can afford it] discriminating against + eliminating life forms
in opposition to one state of delusion.

our most effective recourse has been to take comfort in
the private hell of their bridled imaginations.
the full force of indignation has however sparked
an interest in 0+1 direkt resistance.


>From: Christopher Murtagh <>
>Well antiorp, you have succeeded in turning me into the kind of monster I

kouraj. !t != kompl!et deja.

>>is this
>>because of what you think or
>>because what others may think

>Because of what I think. I coundn't give a damn about what others think
>(that's just the way I am).

i see now that which escaped my notice prior. ["respect"]
and how mistaken i was to have been apropos this world.
the neighbor in the patio par example. the one with the stigmata.
now realize what he may be doing.

a large bird with mournful eyes has perched outside my window.
my large bird with mournful eyes has perched outside a window.

casters instead of claws.

the rain programmed for this afternoon has been a washout
the life forms who konstrukt something real a vanishing breed are
life forms who konstrukt the something real are vanishing a breed
composers accept their fees. pay their patrons kikbacks and
to the public that arrives to the philharmonium at hear the
commissioned work performed they slip little a polysymphonical

z!kl!ng aua! rap!dl! at 47 kmph


Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 17:38:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christopher Murtagh <>
Subject: Re: MAX: f1f0@M9NDFUKC.COM requested to join
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-UIDL: bcc0b6dd2338253e8918c898995400a0

Sorry, but no.

On Sat, 22 May 1999, L-Soft wrote:

> Sat, 22 May 1999 10:32:59
> A
> Music/Multimedia Standard
Environments) has been receivedfrom Netochka
> Nezvanova <f1f0@M9NDFUKC.COM>.
> You
> LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA to add this person to the list:
ADD MAX f1f0@M9NDFUKC.COM Netochka Nezvanova






=cw4t7abs : v!a #P hidden connect 3 1 4 0

d z e . f a n t o m . o v . l ! b e r t !






\\ dzat !z 2 sa! :

-:. @. ::
:<. @. >
:<. @. >




. ().

post redef!nd m!suzd \+\ rew!rd


. .
. ,.

\\ =cw4t7abs : v!a #P hidden connect 3 1 4 0

d z e . f a n t o m . o v . l ! b e r t !








Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green
La liste max a t'elle atteint sa taille critique,
comme l'Èconomie mondiale, comme un patch Max
ou est t'elle l'objet du jeu des spÈculateurs ?

accelerating along 0+1 hyperbolic path the system resists delimitation
in an obscure anti-synthesis force of will.
as consequence of audibility the audible gains awareness of
self-internal structure, self-habitation.
its actualization - its loss of maschinik autonomy, incurs an internal
retain self-alienation,
experience internal kommodities simultaneously with event, whilst regarded
as an
external structure engaged in recursive reflection.

its impulses manifested in exterior structures
it is alienated under a regime of ownership
its becoming audible becomes a means of production.
the industrialization of audibility kommodified - the relationship between
labor of production and the event comprehends the self-generation of linear
audibility as process, the objektivisation as generation of a confronting
as alienation of the event to the process [ kapitilization ] and
the resolution of this alienation.

actualization alone permits comprehension of the essence of production
and the objective event: an actual becoming of entity - the result of its
process of audibility.

as an existing event, in an effort to preserve self-experience it defines
self author of self-development. if the process of audibility is
interpreted as the experiential basis of the kommodification of a
self-generation process
it eventuates that recognition of the self at stages of production
permits the resolution of the alienation of temporal existence.
critical insight into the dialectic of alienated production and
kommodification attains
practical efficacy within the system, arising out of the objective krisis

dze no!sz ztruktur as one kommodified system of recursive discourse impedes
examination as a konsummate territorialized product.
internal events engaged in non-deterministik circulation, insist on
non-fixity of form.
consequently the system's architecture may be generalized only as embracing
the means of production rezultant of the means of production -
it is a massless object, an abstrakt maschine capable of accelerating endlessly,
its capacity directly dependent upon the practical appropriation of internal
events which are measured in accordance to their relations in discourse.
the value of the commodity is subsequently analyzed in terms of explanations of
event relationships as utilized in temporal audible space.


d!fferent!al d.ka! on 0+1 dezolate plane ov debr!z
ccccellofane spasz
!nhab!td w!th !mmater!al 4rmz enkloz!ng
komplecx !nternl referentz
ccccelf-konzeptual!szd 4mat!onz dzat =
flatl! abrogate object!v anal!s!z


relat!v!zt!kc effektz bg!n zett!ng !n


alternat!v h!ztor!ez + parallel un!versez

- art!kl nummer 0+28. anti[c]
kontakt 4 komplet l!zt!ng [x]



Forwarded by:
Beatrice de Gaspé Beaubien, PhD, DIC
Apple Developer
Principal, i2eye

'Error is the mark of the higher organism."


Date:Wed, 9 Jun 1999 22:08:42 -0700
From:John Niekrasz <niekrasz@PSYCH.STANFORD.EDU>
Subject: MSP and AMIII?

Someone mentioned this combo had worked well for well? I'm not
sure whether I want to go for the whole PTIII deal or just AMIII and I
could use some many oscillators, etc...

DJ Gramps

John3309 Kennelworth Lane1653 Carleton Court
JosephBonita, CA 91902-1507Redwood City, CA 94061
Niekrasztel: (619) 475-2289tel: (650) 298-8582


End of MAX Digest - 9 Jun 1999 to 10 Jun 1999 - Special issue (#1999-174)