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Topics of the day:

  1. movieplus`
  2. Timeout doesn't work
  3. problem getting audio in on G3 powerbook
  4. Graphics- quasi Present Movie
  5. G3 pb audio
  6. 3rd time lucky?
  7. Noodle (fwd)


Date:Sat, 5 Jun 1999 22:28:03 -0800
From:Peter Nyboer <pnyboer@SIRIUS.COM>
Subject: movieplus`

I have been working with the movie object quite a bit lately, and here's
how i have dealt with loop timing so far. I haven't used movieplus much,
but many of the commands are the same. Movie doesn't have the fancy
looping feature, but it does tell you the "timescale" (which varies from
movie to movie) and length of the movie in milliseconds, which I rely on

I have been defining loops by time in milliseconds. This time can be
defined by two taps--the first tap grabs the index of the current frame,
the second tap defines the amount of time passed from when the "start
frame" was defined. I also grab the "end frame" index number, for other
uses as well. I also define the loop by using a lever to select frames and
defining in and out with buttons. The loop time is calculated based on the
frame indexes. A loop is played by sending the movie objectan integer
to start at that frame index, and after the required amount of time has
passed, the start frame gets banged to movie again.

Since Max doesn't have the most accurate clock, loop endings can be a bit
erratic, but at least the movie starts at the same frame on each loop. To
deal with inaccurate loop endings, I prepare the movie in MoviePlayer (if
you are using QT3.0, this requires Quicktime Pro in order to do the cutting
and pasting) by cutting and pasting the part I wish to loop multiple times
in the movie. When saved "normally (with dependencies)", you will not take
up any significant space in your RAM disk, but you will have a perfect
loop. Of course, this requires pre-defined loops, which may not be what
you are after. THis also has the disadvantage of being unable to
continuously change the time of the loop while continuously changing the
speed, for the vague reason of "cuz that's just how metro works."

Another way of dealing with loops is to define start and end frame indexes,
and set up a "sel" object to listen for the end of the frame. The
resulting bang from a match bangs the start frame index, and, voila, you
have a loop that runs wonderfully all the time. However, if you speed up
the movie, there is the almost guaranteed chance that your magic "end
frame" won't be played, and therefore won't be matched by your "sel," and
your loop will not loop. This problem is what led me to define loops as
spans of milliseconds, rather than as frame index pairs. Also, I have yet
to test this method on a movie whose "timescale" is not 30, which is an
arcane way of saying a movie whose "length" message is not simply the
number of frames in the movie. It may be that polling a movie who has a
larger timescale, and therefore more numbers in the "length," that it would

be very likely to miss your magical "end frame" even at regular playback

Currently, I am working on integrating both methods in my playback engine.
(Wow, engine sounds so important, but keep in mind that mopeds have
engines too, and highly poluting ones at that....)I'm thinking of
something like "if the speed is 100% or less, then use the frames method,
if it's greater, then use the time method."It's a total pain in the ass,
but it might work.

I hope this stuff makes sense,


Peter Nyboer
"Where the land meets the hand"


Date:Sun, 6 Jun 1999 11:20:08 -0400
From:Matthias Daneck <MatthiasDaneck@CSI.COM>
Subject: Timeout doesn't work

Hello MAXers,
I tried to control an external effect processor (t.c.electronics fireworx) =
via midiclock with timeout, but I couldn't get it to work, not even with t=
he "help" patch. I'm using a Powerbook 1400cs with System 8.1 and OMS 2.3.6=
. Cubase does the job without any problems, so I've no idea what I did wron=
Anyone can help?
Thanx, Matthias Daneck

Matthias Daneck
Am Dorfbach 16A
D-79111 Freiburg
phone: +49 761 4766339

"My interest is in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my lif=
e there." --Charles F. Kettering (1949)


Date:Sun, 6 Jun 1999 13:27:44 -0700
From:David Zicarelli <zicarell@CYCLING74.COM>
Subject: Re: problem getting audio in on G3 powerbook

Marcel Wierckx <mwierc@PO-BOX.MCGILL.CA> writes:

>I'm recently started using a G3/266 Powerbook for MSP, and noticed that in
>MaxPlay and my standalones there is no way to get audio input (the dsp
>status window shows "default" as the input source). Even the Sound control
>panel tells me that there are no input devices available, not even the
>built-in mic, CD or external jack.

This is the second report of this problem I have had. The solution
is to reinstall your system...that's the only way of getting
sound input devices back.

>(An aside note: Pace and Opcode can go to hell if they expect me to pay
>$200 for a superdrive to authorize software I've already paid for.)

I think a floppy drive that fits in your powerbook is more
like $100, and this requirement will end soon. But hey, go ahead

and get mad about feeling like you have to buy something that
doesn't even work with your machine.

David Z.


Date:Sun, 6 Jun 1999 13:43:00 -0700
From:Christopher Dobrian <dobrian@UCI.EDU>
Subject: Re: Graphics- quasi Present Movie

In response to some questions by rob.godman@VIRGIN.NET:

The messages "; max hidemenubar" and "; max showmenubar" hide and show the
menu bar in version 3.5 and later.

I don't know what you mean by a "present graphic" command, but you can
certainly show and hide pictures in a graphic window using multiple pict

HyperMIDI from EarLevel Engineering is the best way to use MIDI in
Director. It worked fine up through Director version 6.5. I haven't tested
it with version 7.
It's for Mac only, but if you're using Max you're obviously already an
enlightened computer user. ;)

I've used MSP and Director together in an audio/visual installation, but I
didn't feel like struggling with trying to make them both work smoothly
together in the same box, so I just sent MIDI between two different
computers, one running Max/MSP and one running Director/HyperMIDI. The
audience sees only the Director computer, and hears only the MSP computer.
Worked great.


Christopher Dobrian / Department of Music / University of California, Irvine
Phone: (949) 824-7288 / Fax: (949) 824-4914 /


Date:Mon, 7 Jun 1999 01:03:18 +0200
From:Jeffrey Burns <jeff@BERLIN.SNAFU.DE>
Subject: G3 pb audio

>I'm recently started using a G3/266 Powerbook for MSP, and noticed that in
>MaxPlay and my standalones there is no way to get audio input (the dsp
>status window shows "default" as the input source).

Works fine for me. Bet you forgot to throw the Max Audio Library into the
MaxPlayMSP folder.

Jeff Burns


Date:Sun, 6 Jun 1999 23:38:08 -0400
From:Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: 3rd time lucky?

Greetings Maxers,

Bad news and... er... just news.

First the bad news:

I got an email on Friday from the CD manufacturers, they stated that there
were two pin-sized holes in my master CD, making this the 2nd master CD
that was rejected. So, I have to send yet another. As you can guess, I'm
not too impressed, either I'm the unluckiest person, or... who knows.
Anyway, I am sending them 3 masters which should be there by Tuesday
latest. I'll post when I hear more details. If for some freak reason these
3 aren't good, I'll be looking for another manufacturer (funny thing is I
have done 4 other CDs with these people without any problems at all).

Now for the better news:

In order to compensate for this delay, I will be sending one-offs to the
contributors first off. So, would all the contributors, please email me the
address you want to send this to you. Don't worry about postage, this one
is on me. I will send them as soon as I get your address.

Also, anyone who wants bulk numbers of CDs, I have a work-around. I have a
CD-R with a Toast disk image of the MAX list CD, which I will send to
anyone who wants to burn multiple copies easily. Please read the license
agreement before you burn any copies. It is available on the web at:

More news will be to come. If anyone has any suggestions etc. please give
me a shout.




Date:Sun, 6 Jun 1999 23:40:20 -0400
From:Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: Noodle (fwd)

Wow, Ray just sent me this, and I think it is too good not to share.

Check this out, it is very interesting and a fantastic concept.




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