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  1. PLUGGO - Plugmaker problems - again
  2. Sequencers
  3. PC vs MAC question
  4. Bomb & MAX - Using my own pictures
  5. 2408 and ASIO


Date:    Sun, 23 May 1999 06:36:15 +0200
From:    Maurizio Giri 
Subject: Re: PLUGGO - Plugmaker problems - again

>but I have just uploaded a new update that I suggest for
>anyone who has downloaded the pluggo installers. This
>includes a Plugmaker that should immediately allow
>dragging patches and collective files onto it. Plus,
>a nasty bug was fixed that made environments with large I/O
>vector sizes crash when any plug-in that used plugsend~ was
>turned on.

I've update my pluggo copy to 1.0.3, but the updater doesn't seem to change
plugsend~ (its info says: created and modified on dec 17 1998) and Logic
still crashes.
Maybe that's because i've slightly changed my max folders path?
Couldn't we have a less "smart" updater? :)
(maybe simply a good old set of folders named "put me into externals" "put
me into plugins" etc.?)

Thanks for your wonderful work, anyway!



Date:    Sun, 23 May 1999 12:24:50 EDT
From:    JohnBrit@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Sequencers

In a message dated 5/21/99 20:04:52, you wrote:

>Date:    Fri, 21 May 1999 16:17:09 -0700
>From:    Ben Nevile 
>Subject: sequencers
>Is it possible to run Max and a good VST-style sequencer at the same time?
>Logic Audio?

You can sync Max and MIDI sequencers that use OMS timing using timein and
timeout. This works with SVPro and Metro and (although I've never tried it)
it shold work with Logic Audio. Also, you can send and receive MIDI messages
between Max and the sequencer over the IAC bus.


Date:    Sun, 23 May 1999 15:17:51 +0000
From:    Michael Carlito 
Subject: Re: PC vs MAC question

I wonder if this listserv can shed some light on a question I am
pondering. You see I have an old Q610 which is presently running MAX
and EPOSE. I am about to tool up to do some strong multimedia
environments but it is obvious that I need to upgrade to do so. should
I be considering a PC for my video editing and programming and use max
on the Q610 or should I go for the total mac environment. I've been
checking out power mac 9500 which are pretty impressive but do I need
all that machine? For the price of used 9500 I can get a screaming PC
with some good editing software. does anyone have any comments to make
on this subject?



Date:    Sun, 23 May 1999 15:20:43 -0400
From:    Eloy Anzola 
Subject: Bomb & MAX - Using my own pictures

Dear Maxers:

I found Bomb to be such a cool aplication.

Along with MAX it can easyly build amazing
interactive Multimedia presentations and

These could be so much more powerful if I could
add my own pictures. I have tried many different
ways to replace the pictures ( in the suck folder)
to no avail.

How were the original pictures created ?
how can I, on a Macintosh, create my own ?

I had posted this question in other forums before
but I still don't have a clear solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Date:    Sun, 23 May 1999 15:07:55 -0400
From:    Christopher Murtagh 
Subject: 2408 and ASIO

Greetings Maxers,

 Just wondering if anyone else here is using MSP with a 2408. I have been
experiencing strange things such as:

1) When MSP starts up, I have to hit 'escape' after if found the AISO
drivers and loaded them, otherwise it will wait for ever.

2) If I make any changes to any audio routing to adc~ or dac~ , or I try to
stop the audio, the status becomes disabled instead of off. The only
solution is to quit and restart MSP.

Anyone else experience this? Should I remove the Digi Init?

This is what I'm running: Beige G3/233  OS8.6, 96MB RAM, with AMIII card
and 2408.




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