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  1. to Purchase a Radio Baton
  2. filters
  3. Audiowerk8 problem
  4. Fwd: max challenge/response version for download
  5. Purchase RadioBaton?


Date:    Tue, 11 May 1999 05:08:10 -0400
From:    "Dr. Richard Boulanger" 
Subject: to Purchase a Radio Baton

Max Mathews is building and selling his Radio Baton systems for $1200.
To Purchase a Radio Baton, you will need to contact Max Mathews directly.
His company name, address and email are:

31 Peter Coutts Circle
Stanford, California 94305
(650) 855-9115


The Radio-Baton is a controller for musical performances.  It consists of
batons, a receiving antenna board, and an electronics box. This device
tracks the
motion of the two batons as they are moved by a musician in
space above the receiving antenna.

The electronics box contains a processor which analyses the gestures made
by the
musician and uses this information to control the music being played by a
synthesizer. The electronics contains a standard set of midi in, out, and
connectors. All communication between the Radio-Baton and the synthesizer
is done
via midi. The Radio-Baton can interact with any computer that can send and
receive MIDI.

The Radio-Baton operates in two principal modes--the Conductor Mode and the
Improv Mode.   In this mode, the Radio-Baton simulates an orchestra. The
loads a score of the piece to be played from a Computer into the
Radio-Baton. He
then uses one baton to beat time and thus to control the tempo of the
and the other baton to control the dynamics, balance, and timbres of the

In the Improv Mode, the Radio-Baton serves as a simple controller which
triggers and x,y,z positions of two batons to a computer. The musician must
a program in the computer to interpret this information and to send midi
to play music to the synthesizer.  The Improv Mode can run with any
computer (for
example, a MacIntosh running the Max program). It is a more general program
the Conductor Mode, but it requires the musician himself to write the
program to make a musical interpretation of his gestures.

A Radio-Baton can be obtained from the Marmax Company for $1200 plus
costs and any applicable sales taxes. Included in the price are:

1. The Radio-Baton electronics box, antenna board, power supply, two
batons, and
interconnecting cables.

2. A copy of the Conductor-Program (Bat.exe) which runs on a PC computer
either the DOS or the Windows 95 operating system and the source code
(Bat.c) for
the Bat program. The source code is written in the Microsoft C language.

3. An instruction manual and a floppy disk of sample scores for the

In contrast to the Improv Mode which can be used with any computer that
MIDI the Bat program runs only on a PC computer and requires a Midiator
MIDI interface. The MS124 connects to an RS232 serial port on the computer.
MS124 can be obtained from Key Electronics 7515 Chapel Ave. Fort Worth TX

To obtain more information about the Radio Baton contact Marmax and ask for
copy of the instruction manual.   The manual can also be obtained via email

>Date:    Mon, 10 May 1999 18:16:55 +0800
>Subject: Purchase RadioBaton?
>Does by chance anyone know how I can purchase one of Max Mathew's
>Christopher Keyes
>Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Richard Boulanger
Professor - Music Synthesis Department
Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street  - Boston, MA  02215-3693
Office Phone: (617) 747-2485   Office Fax: (617) 536-2257
Email:  OR
Personal Webpage:
Csound Frontpage:
HTML Tools & Tips:


Date:    Tue, 11 May 1999 13:02:18 +0200
From:    hollek 
Subject: filters

can anybody of you guys tell, if there=B4s a conversion
of msp=B4s filter q-factors to db/oct ?

grazie, matthias

Matthias Schneider-Hollek
Heusteigstr. 44
70180 Stuttgart

phone xx-711-6070780
fax xx-711-6070783


Date:    Tue, 11 May 1999 09:27:04 -0400
From:    Michael E DeMurga 
Subject: Re: Audiowerk8 problem


Try using the "Sound Manager AW 8 Driver" v 1.0 extension.

I couldn't get MSP to work with the v 1.1 of the AW 8 extension.  Maybe
that's the one you're using?

Hope this helps,


Date:    Tue, 11 May 1999 19:03:42 +0200
From:    karl kliem 
Subject: Fwd: max challenge/response version for download

>From: "Opcode Authorization 2" 
>We hope to have a Challenge/Resposne version of Max at in
>next few days. Keep an eye open at for future announcements.


Date:    Tue, 11 May 1999 14:12:14 -0700
From:    Stefania Serafin 
Subject: Re: Purchase RadioBaton?

>Does by chance anyone know how I can purchase one of Max Mathew's

>Christopher Keyes
>Hong Kong Baptist University

You can buy the RadioBaton directly from Max Mathews, just sending him
mail ( It costs about 100$, and there is a video
by Max himself that explains how to use it.



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