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Topics of the day:

  1. movieplus >> ramload
  2. Force Sensitive Resistors
  3. RAM disk
  4. preset object


Date:    Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:51 PDT
From:    v a u g h n 
Subject: movieplus >> ramload

loading an entire movie into ram works wonders with movieplus.  if you
send the command:

ramload 1

movieplus will try to load as much of the movie into ram as possible.
additionally, there are a plethora of other options that are not
available with the standard movie object.  check it out.


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Date:    Sat, 24 Apr 1999 12:24:54 +0100
From:    Jamie Bullock 
Subject: Re: Force Sensitive Resistors

On April 22nd Michael Wieser wrote:

>I put this answers together, because all answer depends on the material and
>the contact-area (sorry for _that_ answer...)
Thanks for the response!

>Whats p.d?
P.D. stands for 'potential difference' ie. the difference in potential
(Voltage) between two terminals.

>Whats "domestic" (sorry, my old dictionary hasn`t it...)
As you guessed, for the purposes of my question the word CHEAP would have
been sufficient!

Thanks again


Date:    Mon, 26 Apr 1999 09:06:13 -0800
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: RAM disk

>But creating a RAM disc, which
>can be addressed by the movie object, and copying the movie onto it works

This definitely works.  It works best with one movie--trying to switch
files causes a noticeable delay.  If you want to work with multiple movies,
put them all in one long movie, and index the start/end points of each
segment.  In experimenting with this, however, I found that the RAM disk
has a limitation of 260 MB, even though the machine (Blue G3--perhaps it
should be shortened to blug3?) I was working on had (!) 500MB.  Very
annoying.  Anyone else know about this?


Peter Nyboer
"Now, I not some guru or Dog or anything"


Date:    Mon, 26 Apr 1999 21:31:02 +0200
From:    Werner Funk 
Subject: preset object

quite new here, I would like to introduce me as another MIDI- and AUDIO wor=

Preparing a sound installation for the pretty Lake of Constance I have trou=
with the preset object:

- there is no output on middle outlet.
- when connecting several objects with the left outlet, other objects are a=
- when connecting these objects with the right outlet, same problem.
- when calling a preset by number input from random number generation, not =
stored parameters are recalled. But they are, when recalling the same prese=
t by=20

It's a quite complex patch: I get the message 'Stack overflow. Choose=20

Sch=F6ne Gr=FC=DFe von der Cannstatter Altenburg!
Werner Funk


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