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  1. loading movies into RAM


Date:    Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:55:13 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: loading movies into RAM

Loading the movie into RAM directly was a solution
>suggested by Jeff. The only implementation I've seen of this was the
>"movieplus" object that I believe was in a beta state when I last used
>it and, while it had many more features than movie/imovie (dynamic
>placement on the screen, uses of loops, &c.) it was way buggy and not
>very dependable; it might be moreso now. Are there other ways to plug
>video into RAM directly within Max?

Loading movies into RAM was a suggestion that David Z. made a while ago. I
haven't tried it with movieplus yet myself. But creating a RAM disc, which
can be addressed by the movie object, and copying the movie onto it works

Jeff Burns


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