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  1. buffer~ question
  2. MAX Digest - 16 Apr 1999 to 17 Apr 1999 (#1999-118) (2)
  3. lost key again - is this professional ? Change to CODE VERSION
  4. teaching from Masterdisk
  5. MSP Standalones


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 01:13:42 +0100
From:    Philip 
Subject: Re: buffer~ question

This is more specifc question relating to my earlier post.

In the help file for buffer~, it shows that you can connect the output
of buffer~ to a number box to see the time in ms when you click on or
move the mouse over the waveform.  It even says, "This can be used for

Is there a way to hear this?  Or is it just for viewing?

I tried patching it to play~ and sig~ and all I get is clicks.

Am I missing something?

Still trying,


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 08:34:20 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 16 Apr 1999 to 17 Apr 1999 (#1999-118)

>I'm a student working on an interactive installation project in which I'd
>like to include projected video and still images. I'm sorry to ask such a
>broad question, but could some of you who have tried this give me some idea
>of what's involved in incorporate visual stuff into Max? I'm especially
>concerned about file size and compression issues.
>Thanks for your help.
>                                         Mike

The movie object allows you to present movies and stills and navigate
around them at will. Depending on the speed of your hd, graphic card and
Mac, you may have to try out various codecs (compressors/decompressors) to
get the best results. If you need videos at full resolution and full speed,
however, you will have to use some hardware compression, like a Miro card.
For very small files, putting the videos onto a RAM disc will speed up

good luck

Jeff Burns


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:17:01 +0200
From:    Andreas Weixler 
Subject: lost key again - is this professional ? Change to CODE VERSION

Today I lost one of my Max Keys by normal deinstallation and reinstallation.

First during deinstallation I had an "I/O Error" and the key was gone.
After reboot the key was back again on HD.
Further mor I tried to deauthorize. I was ask to answer of a block of words
by the deauthorization programm, which were a code like the msp.code - of
course I could not answer, no password was given to the package of MAX
3.5.8 I purchased (Btw: Do You know that Max is an expensive tool ?).

The result is this: I can run Max 68k from Harddisk, but can NOT run MaxFAT
and the deauthorization programm doesnot find any key to deauthorize.

I am very upset about the UNPROFESSIONAL deal with this Masterdisks, as it
is insecure and dangerous for us users.

I would like to ask to change this Masterdisk version into a key word
version as it is offered in the new MAX/msp Bundle.
I was asking David Z. for this, but I got no answer to this question
(Although  I have to say usually David is answering to questions very
patiently and expert)

Any professional solution ? Please.

Andreas Weixler, composer
Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology Linz/Austria


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:51:01 +0200
From:    Andreas Weixler 
Subject: teaching from Masterdisk

Another story about max authorization key disk

In the Studio at the Bruckner-Conservatory I have to teach Max hby
inserting the Max key disk as we have LOST ALL INSTALLS.

As wrote to the List before today I lost the first key in my private
studio, complete different keydisk, computer HD. Who is wrong. ?

This unbearble. Buy a PC and teach PD ?

Andreas Weixler, composer
Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology Linz/Austria


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:58:33 +0000
From:    dominic robson 
Subject: MSP Standalones

Just a quick query which i couldnt find when searching the list
archives...Ive been having problems building MSP standalone apps that will
run on machines without a MSP licence/authorisation. Im using
MaxPlayFat3.5.9 and ApplicationInstaller1.1.1 to build the standalone. At
loading the patch on a non max/msp authorised machine it asks for an MSP
code. If you refuse it will only work in demo mode ie MSP can only be
turned on once before it disables. Presumably im missing something
relatively straightforward. Cheers for any help...

Dominic Robson


Date:    Sun, 18 Apr 1999 11:48:58 PDT
From:    Nathan Chase 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 16 Apr 1999 to 17 Apr 1999 (#1999-118)

Hi Max/MSP Fans...

I've made a patch for my Advanced MIDI Techniques mid-term project
that does virtual scratching as mentioned by Phillip Levy. It takes
any two digital audio files and allows you to play them back together
at the same time (two turntables) and I have mapped the pitch wheel
controller (the "record" to scratch with) to scrubbing through the
audio file. The pitch wheel is the only real way to get the
resolution of a "record" because of the 15-bit resolution. I also
have the modulation wheel set as my "crossfader" so that in the
middle both files are full volume, and extremes play only one file at
full volume. The last part of the patch allows you to use a foot
pedal (or whatever on-off controller) to switch control between
the "records" (soundfiles) so that while you're scratching, you hit
the pedal, then you can scratch the other file. I also have two MIDI
sliders acting as pitch correctors ala Technics 1200's for each

The Power Glove might not be able to give you the resolution that a
pitch bend might give, but I haven't worked with it. From others that
have, the sluggish response pretty much negates the use of the Power
Glove for anything that requires precision and obviously this does.

If anyone wants to see the patch or if anyone else out there has done
any work similar to this, feel free to send me some mail, patches,

Nathan Chase

**                       **
**Steston University - Digital Arts/CS     **

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