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Topics of the day:

  1. International Experimental/MAX friendly venues
  2. 'messages to max'
  3. matrices
  4. improving MSP efficiency


Date:    Sat, 27 Mar 1999 09:39:56 -0500
From:    Johnny DeKam 
Subject: International Experimental/MAX friendly venues

Dear Friends,

subject: International Experimental/MAX friendly venues:

I would like to compile a list of venues nationwide (indeed worldwide) that
are friendly to experimental performances - music or otherwise.  Such a list
would be made available for reference on - and would be extremely
useful for anyone planning a trip or tour.

This list would include Name of venue, city, address, URL and contact
information (phone and/or email).  I beg everyone on this list to send any
information they have about known spaces to -- together we
can build a network of places to both see performances and to schedule our
own shows.

Again that address:

Thanks to sensorband for inspiring this idea...

>tour, northeast u.s.
> Mar31 - Experimental Intermedia New York
> Apr 1 - Velvet Lounge  Washington DC
> Apr 2 - Maryland Art Place (MAP)   Baltimore
> Apr 3 - Speak in Tongues  Cleveland
> Apr 4 - Detroit Contemporary Gallery  Detroit
> Apr 5 - Empty Bottle  Chicago
> Apr 6 - Millvale Industrial Theater  Pittsburgh

-- Johnny DeKam

PS: IVP status: alpha 1 seeded, MIDI video playback working!
public beta release in April!


Date:    Sat, 27 Mar 1999 10:32:36 +0000
From:    Steve Smith 
Subject: 'messages to max'

Am looking for a list of "messages to max", ie. messages that begin ; max

Thanks for the direction.

Steve Smith



Date:    Sat, 27 Mar 1999 11:44:47 -0000
From:    David Bianciardi 
Subject: Re: matrices

On 3/27/99 4:59 AM, Automatic digest processor wrote:

>I saw a very impressive device at the last AES and NAMM shows from
>cmautomation ( They make 2 audio routers - one 16x16, the
>other 32x32. The larger one includes gain controls. Both are MIDI
>controllable. you may want to check them out.
>Jeff Rona

these guys made the VCA based LCS matrices and mixers (the LCS Nova
series is all DSP, not sure where they oem them from).  I have had great
results using their MX-816 (dual 8 x 1 or 16 through) vcas.  I don't know
if they're still in production (this was a long time ago).
they're nice and cheap, as i recall, and blow away (IMHO) the resistor
network devices like the niche.

David Bianciardi

212.353.3947 fax
IDRC || 415 Lafayette St || NYC, NY 10003-7000


Date:    Sat, 27 Mar 1999 19:26:24 -0800
From:    "Keith A.McMillen" 
Subject: improving MSP efficiency

Hi All,

I have been working on using MSP to do simultaneous processing on 4 audio
sources (guitar and Zeta bass, cello and violin) . I must say that I am
amazed with how much of the CPU is used for processing MIDI. (using a
225MHz G3 and an Opcode 64X) I have a patch with multiple groove~ objects
that runs fine at about 45% CPU useage until I start using external MIDI
control. I start to hear lots of random clicks, screen slow down, and often
see CPU useage in the high 90% and even the occasional lock up. I'm not
sure if this is due to OMS or lower functions.

I assume your mats are coming in from MIDI. If so this is a possible cause.
You might try drastically thinning the control input stream. This may not
be enough. Seriously considering using 2 Macs, one for MIDI processing and
control and the other exclusively for MSP. I am exploring connecting them
via Ethernet and either using UDP or CNMATs OSC. Any one done this yet?

Keith McMillen

>Date:    Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:40:21 +0000
>From:    Joel Conde 
>Subject: improving MSP efficiency
>Dear Maxers,
>My name is Joel. I'm a Sonic Arts student at middlesex University, London.
>I've been building a patch in Max which is supposed to interface a grid of
>pressure mats with soundfiles played from the hardisk. Basically the same
>should be duplicated by 50 (the number of mats). To improve efficiency and
>because there are only two subpatches supposed to be on at the same time
>due to be performed by two dancers), I've used the "mute~" MSP object to
>shure all other objects are off when their respective mat isn't being used.
>The mats are connected to Max via key comands. So whenever a single key is
>pressed Mute~ unmutes all of its assigned MSP objects. I've tried it and it
>seemed to work fine. after some further try outs (by pressing the key
>consecutively) I got a buzz when I should have silence. I came across with
>the "pass~" object but it didn't solve the problem. I was wandering if
>has a suggestion for what may be wrong? Sometimes I hear the buzz noise,
>I don't...!


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