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Topics of the day:

  1. Lots of questions. Any answers?
  2. Key disk and partitions and stuff
  3. using buffer~ loop sync
  4. IS THAT IT, MAX 3.5? (2)
  5. Lots of answer
  6. stamp


Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 00:24:17 -0800
From:    dudas 
Subject: Re: Lots of questions. Any answers?

Some responses to a few of A. Scott Piccotti's questions:

>I've been running MAX 3.0 on a PPC 7600. I've recently installed MacOS
>8.5, and discovered that I can't lock/unlock patches that I'm working
>on, it just acts as though I had hit the 'window shade' button, and
>colapses into its title bar. Is this a function of MAX 3.0 not running
>well with OS 8.5? Will it fix itself if I upgrade to 3.5, or is there
>something bizarre going on?

3.5.8 fixes this bug (or maybe it was already fixed in 3.5.7 ?)
Anyway, it boils down to an upgrade to Max 3.5, which is PPC native, and
thus probably more fun to use on your 7600!

>Second, I'm considering purchasing a PowerBook in the near future. How
>does disk authorization work on a computer with no floppy drive??

I know several people who have bought the new PBs (which come w/o floppy
drives) - it is very useful to buy the floppy expansion thingy, as it helps
with all of these music-key-disk problems. I believe there is a way around
this if you buy the Max/MSP bundle and mention that you have an iMac or PB
w/o floppy. I could be "delire-ing" again, so please double check this with
the info on the Cycling74 web site.

>And also... MAX is expensive. MSP is expensive. MAX copy protection
>irritates everyone. Does anyone have any experience with some
>alternatives? I've been looking at HMSL and Squeak/Smalltalk ($25 and
>$0, respectively) and wondering how these stack up against more pricey
>packages in terms of capabilities and such. I'm sure that learning Forth
>is harder than learning MAX, but what the hey. And what about jMax on

The aforementioned hyper-cool Max/MSP bundle lets you save big$$$. (again,
check out the Cycling74 web site for precise info). However this does not
help you if you already own Max... but nonetheless, it might be worth it if
you're thinking of upgrading, anyway.

If you're looking for something really low-budget, take a peek at Miller
Puckette's "Pd" for SGI/Windows/Linux. It's freely available from the uscd
web site, and, although still in its infancy, should look familiar to
anyone who's acquainted with Max.

-Georgette Sanders


Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:47:30 +0100
From:    Oeivind Idsoe 
Subject: Re: Key disk and partitions and stuff

>>Should I expect problems [...]?
>You have to authorize the partition/volume on which Max resides, not
>one with the system software. I had a similar set up; two hard drives
>with the smaller containing the system software and the larger one
>divided into three partitions/volumes of which one was home and
>authorized for Max. I had no trouble with that set up. (til I installed

>System 8. Ouch, eh?).

This is (as expected!) a bit odd, because, since I didnt receive a
reply at first on the Max-list, I contacted Opcode support, who (in a
same-day reply) said that:

"You should be able to authorize either partition on your hard drive and

MAX should be able to launch normally withb the latest key disks."

I notice theyve used the word "should" (the incarnation of the software
support language), which basically means *they* are not sure and I am
not sure. Which again means: I guess Ill either have to "see what
happens" (the incarnation of both software support and software user
language), or simply de-partition my drive and go back to the usual 1:1

I really dont want to go through the getting-a-new-key-disk mess again
(and this time Ill have to pay $15), so maybe Ill just do that last
thing. Although I was hoping I could have used the volume-copy feature
of HarddiskToolkit to back-up an authorized copy of the system
partition, but this will be difficult now since the drive itself is 1GB
(and I cant find room for such a large backup). "Oh well" (the
incarnation of the software user whos been in the game long enough to
understand the limits of software, and whos developed a colossal
super-ego because of the external authority of the computer

>I strongly suggest you keep the system software on a separate,
>non-partitioned, drive if at all possible. If only to keep the number
>trouble-shooting variables down.

Yes, I think Ive noticed some new problems now that the system software
resides on a different partition from the applications and etc. (weird
and random crashes, Thonk and other audio software behaving strangely,
etc. etc.). Any idea why this happens?

>Bruce Alexander.



Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 15:00:48 +0000
From:    david stevens 
Subject: using buffer~ loop sync

hi all,

i'm trying to get various parts of my patcher to synchronise by using the
loopsync output of various buffer~s.  The problem is that the ramp is at 0
and 1
for such a short time that it's diffcult to detect either one reliably. the
following patchette is how i've done it, and it works fairly well - but i'm
hoping that there's a more reliable/elegant way of using loopsync outputs.
thoughts, anyone?



max v2;
#N vpatcher 352 76 666 389;
#P newex 75 35 65 196617 groove~ loop;
#P newex 130 65 68 196617 snapshot~ 10;
#P flonum 130 89 45 9 0 0 0 3;
#P button 127 227 15 0;
#P user uslider 154 136 30 38 101 1 0 0;
#P newex 153 113 42 196617 * 100.;
#P newex 127 201 44 196617 select 0;
#P newex 174 200 50 196617 select 99;
#P button 174 227 15 0;
#P connect 4 0 2 0;
#P connect 2 0 5 0;
#P connect 8 1 7 0;
#P connect 7 0 6 0;
#P fasten 6 0 3 0 135 109 158 109;
#P connect 3 0 4 0;
#P connect 4 0 1 0;
#P connect 1 0 0 0;
#P pop;


Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:03:45 -0700
From:    Walter Sheluk 
Subject: IS THAT IT, MAX 3.5?

Why has the development of MAX stopped at 3.5?

Is that all there is?


Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 15:42:59 -0500
From:    Christopher Murtagh 
Subject: Re: IS THAT IT, MAX 3.5?

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Walter Sheluk wrote:

> Why has the development of MAX stopped at 3.5?

Why do you think that it has stopped? The current version is 3.5.9, and
this is rather recent. WinNT4 is older than MAX 3.5, and I haven't heard
of anyone wondering if they were stopping there.


Failure is not an option. In order to better serve the client, it has been
bundled with Windows98.


Date:    Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:12:01 -0000
From:    David Bianciardi 
Subject: Re: Lots of answer

On 3/18/99 4:59 AM, Automatic digest processor wrote:

>Both the i-Cube and the STEIM SensorLab look awfully nifty, but (again)
>expensive. Anyone using homegrown microprocessor-based soloutions? (e.g.
>Basic Stamp or Motorolla HC11 type stuff?) Any recommendations?

stamp is good for midi output from sensors, but don't expect much (any?)
useful midi input on it.  come to think of it there's a new stamp that's
much faster that might work.

we use the PIC 16Cxx from microchip.  programmers (picstart plus from
microchip which includes dev. tools) are cheap or build your own, and
there's a good cheap ICE from parallax called mathias.  you can program
in C if you want to spend more dough.

midi i/o works great.

David Bianciardi

212.353.3947 fax
IDRC || 415 Lafayette St || NYC, NY 10003-7000


Date:    Fri, 19 Mar 1999 13:25:54 +1100
From:    Garth Paine 
Subject: stamp

>stamp is good for midi output from sensors, but don't expect much (any?)
>useful midi input on it.  come to think of it there's a new stamp that's
>much faster that might work.

Can someone point me at a URL that explains the use of the "stamp" for
sensor input, MIDI output.



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