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  1. Bomb Renders G3 Laptop to Numbness.. (2)
  2. Folder
  3. Pluggo, apps, animation
  4. Powerglove/Gold Brick
  5. new bomb release


Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 01:34:06 EST
From:    Scott Draves 
Subject: Bomb Renders G3 Laptop to Numbness..

> when i tried the previous release of bomb - _all_ my max icons
> turned into bomb icons

based on my limited knowledge of Mac, i'm going to guess that it's the
executables that are messing you up.  ie, that the icons did not die
until you downloaded the mac version (after just the max .sit file, it
was still ok?)  the executables are not required for the max version,
so i will make another release that includes (some of) the suck
directory directly, thus obviating the mac version download and saving
your icons.  (why only some of and not all of is too horrible a story
to recount.  basically it has to fit on a floppy.)  i will also try to
get it to not crash if the suck directory is not present.

> Is that a feature of bomb, btw?

nope, just the usual nightmare :)


Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 10:59:05 -0500
From:    David Crandall 
Subject: Re: Bomb Renders G3 Laptop to Numbness..

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Scott Draves wrote:

> > when i tried the previous release of bomb - _all_ my max icons
> > turned into bomb icons

Not a G3 user yet, but I've solved this in the past by using File Buddy to
change the creation date of the new application to one day (hour, minute,
whatever) *prior to* the creation date of the Max version I'm using, then
rebuilding the desktop.  Somebody else had posted directions on how to do
this using ResEdit, I think.  Does this trick not work anymore?



Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 13:09:00 EST
From:    JohnBrit@AOL.COM
Subject: Folder

In answer to Jeff Rona's questions about using folder, here are a few things
which might help.

1.      When you enter a path using dialog and decide that it is incorrect
you will
want to re-open the dialog and edit the contents of the text edit field. If
you do this, a space (ASCII 32) will always be added at the end of the
pathname so even though you might have now entered the path correctly, the
folder will not be located as the space is now part of the pathname. To
this, go to the end of the pathname and delete any spaces.
2.      The text edit box in dialog is too small to enter a long path name
and see
very much of it. Once you compile your stand alone app, you can use Resedit
(or similar) to change the size of the dialog box. Editing DITL id 3101,
the edit text box as long as you want and move the two buttons accordingly.
Then edit DLOG id 3101 and resize the window by a similar amount (you can
change where your dialog box will appear by re-positioning DLOG 3101).

While we are editing resources, you can get rid of the the three checkboxes
which appear at the bottom of the "Save as" dialog by editing DITL id 1003.
You cannot remove them (unless you want to crash every time you try to
but you can place a static text box over them which can either be blank or
contain your name or the name of your favorite Spice Girl or vegetable or

Part of the problem with folder is that, altough you can specify a folder
anywhere on your machine, the files listed can not be opened unless they are
in MAX's search path. So you can forget about having a library somewhere
than in the folder containing your application. Stephen Kay wrote me an
which returned the length of files located by "folder" anywhere on any
Something like this with a more general use would solve the search path



Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:57:21 -0800
From:    Jim Wood 
Subject: Pluggo, apps, animation

Questions:1. PLUGG0 opening 3.Animators use MAX

Pluggo looks really interesting from the catalog pdf
What i think is best about it is that it opens th
MAX/msp world up to people
who dont want to get into Max ( I recently went to a
talk about Music
Software where Max was described as "geekware", fair
enough opinion, but the
speaker then went to talk on about neural networks
and fuzzy logic systems
etc v.boringly for an hour and without explaining how
he used this to make
music or any implemantation, just some dubvious
soundfiles, whos the
Anyway the reason I mention this is Pluggos ability
to open users of Cubase
et al to Max/msp and some neet stuff, all the best
for Max programmers.
What I wanted to ask was on the bunf it says you can
use MSP patches as
Plugins via Pluggo, so I guess that could include
whole apps, beyond usual
VST plugins type style.BUT,  will everybody have to
own Pluggo to make these
patches/plugins work. What I like about Max is that
you can make standalone
apps, so therefore you can give/send/sell your work
to others who dont have
the Max software, and then theres even the Play
version which allows
playback for free. This I feel in the end is a good
advert for the product
and a percentage of people when end up buying the
whole thing.
I realise that Pluggo is a product and has to make
money and as it is
75dollars is a great price for all these plugins.
So could there be a player version, or better a
compiler version for
registered users.
I mean to be supportive not critical here by the way.


About the application re-opening I understand up to
this point

>Open a 'maxb' resource with the hex editor and copy
>all of the text.
>Then make a new file. It will show a  0 in it.
>Open's the data fork of the file. Position
the cursor
>at the beginning (there should be no data in it), and
>paste all of the hex data you copied from the 'maxb'
resource. Finally,
>choose File Info from the File menu and set the new
file's type
>to 'maxb' and the creator to 'max2'. Now you should
be able
>to open this as a patcher file in Max.

I dont know this resourcer How about ResEdit??
Which bit is the Hex Editor?

>From:    Michael Sweet 
>Subject: MSP/Max/Animation Announcement

>Over the past few months there has been a lot of
talk about max and how you can
>use it to control graphics/video.  Here is a project
that we worked on
>that some of you might find of interest.

Yes I'm interested to know how this is done. You
mentioned the control of
animation, i presume this is MIDI, but what kind of
graphics is it,
QUICKTIME etc. Im just generally interested to know.
I noticed that POSSIBLE WORLDS had also animated
Beavis and Butthead Live
using a similar system based on Max, got me thinking
of an ANtiorp-Butthead
Horror Manga combination, that would be interesting.


I appreciate any response


PS is that Pluggo sprite creature based on anyone in

Get your free address at


Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 13:31:03 -0800
From:    Jeff Rona 
Subject: Powerglove/Gold Brick

>Before anyone asks again, no, I don't have any more, nor do I know of
>anyone who does.  Someone on the list recently got in touch with Donald
>Eastlake of Transfinite, but I don't know what the result was.  It might be
>possible to get the schematic or PCB plot from him, so someone else could
>produce them.

 I have a PowerGlove and Goldbrick. It's a fantastic concept for data
input, but unfortunately is fraught with problems. First is a rather
primitive and crash prone driver that conflicts with a number of other
system extensions.

 It's easy to see why the Glove did not succeed. It's jitter rate is just
too high. You never were guaranteed of a good "hit" even if you are right
on with your movements. You can easily find yourself sending far too much
spurious data to justify the coolness of the glove.

 I think it would be more interesting to tap the analog sensors in the
fingers and send them to a better DA input device and give up on the XYZ
part of the Glove.

      Jeff Rona


Date:    Fri, 5 Mar 1999 19:11:47 EST
From:    Scott Draves 
Subject: new bomb release

there's a new stuffit file on the bomb web site.  this includes a suck
directory so you shouldn't have to download the other distro and lose
your icons (this will also save you a lot of time if you use a modem).

or directly from:


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