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Topics of the day:

  1. gate args
  2. scaling & presets
  3. CD Object and G3 problems
  4. Standalone apps & custom externals
  5. Things that would be nice (2)
  6. Suggestion about 'gate' (2)
  7. MAX list CD / CD de la liste MAX
  8. fiddle~ 1.01
  9. Master Preset Object


Date:    Thu, 11 Feb 1999 22:13:22 -0800
From:    dudas 
Subject: gate args

Regarding the gate thread, Eric Singer comments:

>I'll second that request...though it would cause problems with backwards

If an *extra* argument to gate were added, it shouldn't cause any problems
with retro-compatibility, assuming no one has been using an ignored second
argument in their patches.

So, for example:
'gate 5 1' would mean 5 outlets, first outlet open by default.

The only drag would be having to type an extra '1' for the standard gate to
make it open by default: 'gate 1 1'. But that's the price you pay for

Merci pour l'idee, Philippe; une tres bonne suggestion!
(on doit croiser les doigts que ca apparaitra...)



Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:29:32 +0000
From:    david stevens 
Subject: Re: scaling & presets

hi all

thanks to Sukander and Steven for the scaling and preset saving suggestions.
can heartily recommend the Megamax collection - my completed patcher looks
better, and functions better as well.

and i'd also like to again offer my thanks to everyone who's provided help
different bits of the instrument in one way or another (it's called Drone
Machine, by the way). there are a couple of refinements i want to add at
point, but it's basically complete and working. Now I have to learn how to
it well!

can i just ask again if anyone knows a way of smoothing out the clicks in a
looping record~/buffer~/groove~ combination?




Date:    Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:55:57 -0800
From:    Carl Stone 
Subject: CD Object and G3 problems

Keay  wrote:

>   I am trying to find out if there has ever been a solution to the G3
>CD-object problem.  I have downloaded the latest object from cycling,
>but it just gives us "no cd in drive" or some such message.  We are
>still using the old cd-object helpfile to try to run the thing.

As it happens, I also noticed a broken cd object with my new G3 Series
Powerbook. And I had been using the second generation cd object that had
worked fine with the ATAPI player in my PB 1400.

I upgraded to MSP rev 6 today, and the problem seems now solved. If you are
an MSP user I recommend the free upgrade. The funny thing is, I looked at
the installer log for MSPUP6 and it seems that no new cd object was
installed. Beats me why things now work, but they do.


Today is Feb 11: Y 1.99911232877K!
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Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:43:18 -0800
From:    Gary Bourgeois 
Subject: Re: Standalone apps & custom externals

David Z. wrote
>One problem may be that if you've made PowerPC-only externs,
>Max won't find them in a collective unless they have a 68K 'mAxL'
>resource inside with the same name as the external. Look at
>any MSP extern in ResEdit, you'll see a tiny mAxL resource.
>Copy it into your resource file, renumber it if you like, and
>rename it to be the name of your extern. This code resource
>merely prints the message "x: not available for 68K" where
>x is the name of your object.

This was exactly the problem, my objects were PPC only. I tried the
solution last night & voila! it worked perfectly.

Gary Bourgeois
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Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:02:18 EST
From:    JohnBrit@AOL.COM
Subject: Re: Things that would be nice

In a message dated 2/10/99 21:03:32, you wrote:

'gate' is a really cool object but there is one thing boring about it:
it ALWAYS initialize at "0"/closed position...

there are so many cases where I would like it initialized open that I
would like to make the following suggestion:

As Max 4 is now cooking, would it be possible to add an argument to
'gate' (and i/f/l/sgate two...) indicating its loading output?

With this kind of gates, I would remove many many 'loadbang'!

I made this exact point (along with several others) headed "things that
about three months ago. Nobody even acknowledged my input so I hope someone
takes more notice of your request.


Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:28:35 -0800
From:    Martin Gotfrit 
Subject: Re: Things that would be nice

I would like to add in the category of Max dream mods:
1. An argument(s) for loadbang - easy to build I know but...
2. Option for colouring (Canadian spelling) lines - it would be fabulous
for teaching and debugging
3. A more elegant and effective way to get counter to deal with new min &
max values and perhaps a bang when it reaches the top of the range (also
easy to build but...)
4. As I get better at encapsulation this becomes less of an issue but what
about a system similar to graphics programs where the parts of the display
could be in a specific layer.  That way one might be able to easily isolate
and modify a particular function.  Inevitably, in building a complex front
page there still is a nest of wires and I'd love not to have to "see" a
layer as I'm connecting a bunch of sends/recieves to a matrix of graphic

These things would be nice but I must add that I am most grateful to all of
you generous Max programmers for your various additions.  I can't imagine
my own work without the support of this community.

Martin Gotfrit * Associate Professor, Music Area
School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C. Canada  V5A 1S6
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Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:05:16 -0800
From:    Matt Wright 
Subject: Re: Suggestion about 'gate'

I, too, have clutter problems with all my "loadbang"s.  A solution I've
for a while is a special message box syntax, sort of like the way ";" in a
message box means to use send instead of the outlet, that means for the
message to output at loadbang time.

Again, though, there's the backwards compatibility problem.



Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:50:51 -0500
From:    Christopher Murtagh 
Subject: MAX list CD / CD de la liste MAX

(Le francais suit l'anglais)

Greetings MAXers,

   I have gotten a number of submissions for the MAX list CD, looks like
we will have a really eclectic mix  (great stuff). This weekend I will be
emailing all the people whose works I have received. If you have sent
something and you don't hear from me by Saturday, please email me.

 If there are any other last minute works that are out there from people
who thought they might have missed the deadline, please email me and I
might be able to accommodate something.

I will also post some www pages this weekend with the financing and
estimated cost of the CD, and maybe a few other nifty things. I'm not sure
yet if I will do a run of 500 or 1000, if you are interested, please send
me an email with the subject 'X MAX list CDs' (where X is the number of
CDs you are interested in).



Salut MAXeurs (SVP excusez le manque des accents),

 En ce moment, j'ai recu un nombre de soumissions pour le CD de la liste
MAX, il parait qu'on va avoir un CD tres eclectique (et tres
interessant).  Pendant le weekend, je vais envoyer un courrier
electronique a tous ceux qui on soumis un travail, si vous avez envoye
quelque chose et je ne vous ai pas contacte, SVP envoyez moi une note.

  S'il y a des personnes qui ont pense qu' ils ont manque la date limite,
n'enquetez pas, et contactez moi des que possible, puis j'essayerai de
faire quelque chose pour vous.

  Aussi, pendant le weekend je mettrai des pages www avec des informations
financieres et un cout estimatif pour le CD.  En ce moment, je ne suis pas
certain si je vais commander 500 ou 1000 CD, si vous etes interesse SVP
envoyez moi un courrier electronique avec 'X MAX list CDs' (ou X est le
nombre de CD que vous voulez).



Christopher Murtagh
MAX listserv owner


Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 13:16:23 -0800
From:    Ted Apel 
Subject: fiddle~ 1.01

A bug fix update of fiddle~ for MSP (version 1.01) is available at

Please send bug reports to me at


Ted Apel
Technical Director
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)
UC, San Diego (UCSD)


Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:53:24 -0800
From:    Alex Stahl 
Subject: Re: Suggestion about 'gate'

Yes, if gate had an initial state argument I'd start wanting that in
several other objects too, which
would be asking too much. So I like the generality of this approach better,
not that we're having another vote.

! seems like a good character to consider for this.

-Alex S.

>I, too, have clutter problems with all my "loadbang"s.  A solution I've
>for a while is a special message box syntax, sort of like the way ";" in a
>message box means to use send instead of the outlet, that means for the
>message to output at loadbang time.
>Again, though, there's the backwards compatibility problem.


Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 1999 23:59:34 -0500
From:    Todd Winkler 
Subject: Master Preset Object

In answer to the comment: "The other thing that I'd like to be able to do
is to save the settings of all
the user interface objects in the whole patch...I want to save the state of
objects inside patchers to a single Preset object in the top-level patcher.

You can't save it all to a single preset object, but you can set up a
preset at the top level as a master to store subpatch presets in the entire
program. Here is a simple way of doing it: store settings in the master
preset using a number box (use the message [store $1] )- at the same time
do a remote send of that number to all of the embedded presets ([store
$1]). Voila! All of the values are stored, and each preset has the same
number. Recall from the master preset in the same way just by sending the
number straight in. You can still store/recall inside each subpatch. I
wouldn't suggest dropping a preset inside every subpatch with a number box,
but instead, placing a preset on each large subpatch with a well-developed
interface (say for example, a subpatch used to store the mix levels and
program changes for a particular section of a piece).

You can find this example in my book, "Composing Interactive Music,"  on
page 275 - 276, in chapter 9, "Score Objects."

It's true, what Stephen Kay says, that all of this could be handled more
efficiently using a coll object, and his MultiModColl on his web page is
well worth studying. However, there often isn't a "correct" way of doing
things in Max, just different styles. The style I describe above is quick
and easy.



End of MAX Digest - 11 Feb 1999 to 12 Feb 1999 (#1999-51)