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Topics of the day:

  1. new-cd-object / driver hassles? / the very solution
  2. can't we all get along???
  3. gear info + ongoing personal arguments (2)
  4. Sonagrame software
  5. CD to audiofile
  6. Antiorp/anti-antiorp solution part 1
  7. s!n.x(2^n) + m9ndfukc.os propaganda

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Date:    Tue, 5 Jan 1999 21:25:15 -0800
From:    Carl Stone 
Subject: new-cd-object / driver hassles? / the very solution

>BTW - due to the fact that only the analog output of the CD is used (which
>has to be converted to the digital domain and reconverted into an anolog
>stream) the overall performance suffers, naturally. So I am happyly waiting
>for an update which allows one to access the CD drive's digital output.

The long (and still) awaited cd~ will be a wonderful thing

Today is Jan 6: Y1.9991643835616K!
Today's Palindrome -  Satan: Oscillate my metallic sonatas

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Date:    Tue, 5 Jan 1999 22:51:39 -0800
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: can't we all get along???

Uh, Steve (I can call you Steve, can't I?), you're getting sukked in...

>I thought some of you might enjoy
>this private e-mail of antiorp's (from some months ago).


>Talk about art imitating nature...
>I almost fell off the toilet...

In other words, keep the crap where it belongs!

Max on, baba!

Peter Nyboer
"Now, I not some guru or Dog or anything"


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 13:41:19 +0000
From:    Andy Gracie 
Subject: gear info + ongoing personal arguments

has any one hereabouts used the doepfer MAQ sequencer in a MAX controlled
system? i would be v. interested to hear your views on the performance of
this device.

i was also wondering if any one else finds stephen kay's repeated personal
vendetta postings on antiorp to be more annoying and insulting than antiorps
general list activities.


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:18:49 +0100
From:    Vincent Puig 
Subject: Sonagrame software

>Date:    Thu, 24 Dec 1998 00:33:58 +0000
>From:    rb 
>Subject: Re: Phonograme & other free/shareware
>> From: Tommy DOG 
>> I would like to put in an indorsement for Mr. Vincent Lesbros
>> Phonograme.
>> It is not at all like XX, in terms of interface but it is is a fun
>> program, I've used it for a number of years in fact Vincent was one of
>> the first people I met online.
>he's working on an english version.
>> Some shout outs to: Lemur, SoundHack, Sound Effects (commercially
>> Sound Maker) and Thonk...
>micromat is ripping off alberto ricci for soundmaker.
>he is working on a new version of soundeffects.
>(please don't support micromat/soundmaker.)

Alberto Ricci is now starting at IRCAM a new version of sonagrame software
called AudioSculpt based on a phase vocoder (

Vincent Puig
1 place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 78 49 59
Fax: 01 44 78 15 40
email :


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:08:18 -0500
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: gear info + ongoing personal arguments

>i was also wondering if any one else finds stephen kay's
>repeated personal vendetta postings on antiorp to be more
>annoying and insulting than antiorps general list activities.

Sorry, you're right of course.  Don't know what came over me...

Stephen Kay


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:00:26 +0100
From:    karl kliem 
Subject: CD to audiofile

are there apps that are optimized for grabbing CD-audio tracks (as files)
quickly into a number of different sound files?

adaptec toast audio extractor. part of adaptec toast / adaptec jam
software. not freeware/shareware/public domain.


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 16:11:42 -0500
From:    Chris Murtagh 
Subject: Antiorp/anti-antiorp solution part 1

Greetings Maxers,

 As I have promised, I am working on a solution to the MAX listserv
problems with antiorp and the anti-antiorps. As a temporary measure, I felt
it necessary to have all of antiorp's postings come to me before they will
be distributed to the MAX list. This is simply to stop the personal attacks
and the posting of privately sent emails to the MAX list and nothing else
(I have asked antiorp to do this himself, but he doesn't listen). I ask
everyone else to NOT send attacks of ANY kind to the list, (especially not
attacking antiorp) as I really don't want to be the list police (nor do I
want there to be a list police).

 Any comments/complaints etc. should be directed to me at and not the list please.

 Like I said, this is only a temporary measure until I can iron out the
final solution which is coming soon. Please be patient, this should be
resolved to  everyone's satisfaction in about a week.

 Thank you.

Christopher Murtagh
Christopher Murtagh
MAX listserv owner


Date:    Wed, 6 Jan 1999 17:28:17 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: s!n.x(2^n) + m9ndfukc.os propaganda

                         \ \
- 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt   \ \ \  s!n.x(2^n) re:leasz
                         / /\ \

4 s!n.x(2^n) re:leasz     may aksez :
4 m9ndfukc.os propaganda  may aksez :

!f tzo dez!re

m9ndfukc.os \\ s!n.x(2^n) no!sz.masch!ne !nterpolat!on. anti.akadem!k.

      info     -  kontakt:  - subjekt sin.x
      format   -  mp2 \ 60+megz    ||     audio cd + zoftkode [see info]
      duration -  0+60
      data     -

_____...___.____ 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt_|-art!kl nummer 0+28.

detektion of onset + offset asynchrony in multikomponent komplexes.
diskriminating standard stimulus from signal stimulus
audibility as crisis and kommodification in sine.x


dze no!sz ztruktur as system degraded to an abstract totality
inspired by the urge to actualize itself as it arrives into tension with
its audibility as subject, acquires urgency evoked by experience \ stored
data \ memory module
its central impulses mobilized by the objective tendencies of the crisis

accelerating along 0+1 hyperbolic path the system resists delimitation
in an obscure anti-synthesis force of will.
as consequence of audibility the audible gains awareness of
self-internal structure, self-habitation.
its actualization - its loss of maschinik autonomy, incurs an internal
retain self-alienation,
experience internal kommodities simultaneously with event, whilst regarded
as an
external structure engaged in recursive reflection.

its impulses manifested in exterior structures
it is alienated under a regime of ownership
its becoming audible becomes a means of production.
the industrialization of audibility kommodified - the relationship between
labor of production and the event comprehends the self-generation of linear
audibility as process, the objektivisation as generation of a confronting
as alienation of the event to the process [ kapitilization ] and
the resolution of this alienation.

actualization alone permits comprehension of the essence of production
and the objective event: an actual becoming of entity - the result of its
process of audibility.

as an existing event, in an effort to preserve self-experience it defines
self-author of self-development. if the process of audibility is
interpreted as the experiential basis of the kommodification of a
self-generation process
it eventuates that recognition of the self at stages of production
permits the resolution of the alienation of temporal existence.
critical insight into the dialectic of alienated production and
kommodification attains
practical efficacy within the system, arising out of the objective krisis

dze no!sz ztruktur as one kommodified system of recursive discourse impedes
examination as a konsummate territorialized product.
internal events engaged in non-deterministik circulation, insist on
non-fixity of form.
consequently the system's architecture may be generalized only as embracing
the means of production rezultant of the means of production -
it is a massless object, an abstrakt maschine capable of accelerating
its capacity directly dependent upon the practical appropriation of internal
events which are measured in accordance to their relations in discourse.
the value of the commodity is subsequently analyzed in terms of explanations
event relationships as utilized in temporal audible space.


d!fferent!al d.ka! on 0+1 dezolate plane ov debr!z
ccccellofane spasz
!nhab!td w!th !mmater!al 4rmz enkloz!ng
komplecx !nternl referentz
ccccel-konzeptual!szd 4mat!onz dzat =
flatl! abrogate object!v anal!s!z


relat!v!zt!kc effektz bg!n zett!ng !n


alternat!v h!ztor!ez + parallel un!versez

- art!kl nummer 0+28. anti[c]
ma! kontakt 4 komplet l!zt!ng [x]

     0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

zoftkode 4 s!n.x cd = dounloadble from
the url is 0+1 line naturally. just as naturally the zoftkode is macintosh


End of MAX Digest - 5 Jan 1999 to 6 Jan 1999 (#1999-7)