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  2. MAX Digest - 12 Dec 1998 to 13 Dec 1998 (#1998-98)
  3. rpns & nrpns & bank select
  4. CPU bypass URGENT!
  5. MAX list CD a 'go'.
  6. Max-list CD?
  7. MAX Digest - 10 Dec 1998 to 11 Dec 1998 (#1998-96)

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Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 01:57:53 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 

>Date:    Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:00:47 +0100
>From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
>Subject: FIMU 1999 : Call for participations  ||  call 4 zubrdonat!on

0+2 kreez murtagh. s0ls0l

>Date:    Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:00:47 +0100
>From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
>Subject: FIMU 1999 : Call for participations  ||  call 4 zubrdonat!on

This  =3D  !n akordanSS w!th 1 |kap!tal!zt!k| ekonom!e

>Alex Stahl 
            This  =3D  !n akordansz w!th 1 |kap!tal!zt!k| ekonom!

>Certainly, allowing Max patches or collectives as well as audio would be
>fun.  Maybe it should be a two-CD set, one data and one audio.  People
>could include the source patches as well as the output, or just one or the
>other. Best of all people might consider contributing a Max collective
>which takes over control of CD playback,

0+1 l!ne.

>or an MSP patch which accesses
>sound files included on the CD.

all MSP patch.ez =3D access sound files included on the CD.

>Best of all people might consider contributing

d!sz amnt ov !nt.erakt.!v!t! ke!verdz++ =3D kausz
evn 0+1 modl c!t!zn 0+2

>My favorite kind of hybrid data/red book CD's are those which allow, or
>even encourage, accidental playback of the data tracks in an audio player.

>I propose a contest
>to make a file,
> whi\ch generates exactly the same nasty
>wavef\orm whether you execute it as code or play it as audio.
!=3D zupr kom max appl wh!ch =3D deletez cccelf
>If this can be
>done I'm sure\ some loudspeaker manufacturer will be happy to underwrite CD
>replication in\ anticipation of increased parts sales.
0+1 > kap!tal!zt| parts sale
m9nd konta!nr| 4mat.
t0t2L b!tez: 1,886,774,784
kr34te d2t3: 7.9.00 0:20 am
l2zt m0d!f!3d:\ 7.16.00 7:24 am
l2zt b2kup: no |voL b.u
wr!te kount: 157\,644
dr!v3r !d.taG: .P|TAD!001.63
m9nd konta!nr ch3k\. kmplt. 0 err.0rz


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:39:39 +0100
From:    Lars Brondum 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 12 Dec 1998 to 13 Dec 1998 (#1998-98)

>Date:    Sat, 12 Dec 1998 18:54:24 -0500
>From:    Chris Murtagh 
>Subject: Max-list CD?
>Greetings Maxers,
>- MAX list subscribers would submit pieces on either DAT or CD to be put on
>the CD (not too long)....


Sounds like a terrific idea!

Lars Br=F6ndum Ph.D.


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:40:42 +0200
From:    Trond Lossius 
Subject: Re: rpns & nrpns & bank select

A little addition to Peter Elseas explanation of (N)RPNs in yesterdays
(#1998-99) digest: Although the general format consist of four CC

RPN MSB (CC101) or NRPN MSB (CC099)
RPN LSB (CC100) or NRPN LSB (CC098)
Data MSB (CC006)

some of the (N)RPNs of the Yamaha XG format does not use the Data Entry
LSB. In that case three CCs are sufficient, saving a little on MIDI

Also as far as I remember from my own testing, the CC096/CC097 (Data
increment/decrement) is not always working with the XG MIDI Format. I'm
not 100% sure on this though.


Trond L.


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:16:53 +0000
From:    Louis Dufort 
Subject: CPU bypass URGENT!

Hi, just got in the list so sorry if my question have already been

I'm using MSP with a G3 and MAX 3.5.8

For my piece I use 3 differents MSP patcher.

1. Cross synthesis (output mono)
2. Granulator (output stereo)
3. Harmonizer (output mono)

I have to put those 3 patchers in one patch so that I can quicky change
from one to another.

The problem is the CPU.  I need to cut the CPU of the 2 other Patcher
while one is in use.

I've tryed  begin~ wiyh selector~ but it doesn't work, even the help
file of begin~ doesn't seem to work, when I put the selector at 0 the
CPU is still running...

The other problem is that I have a Stereo out for my granulator, so  I
need 2 selector~, does begin~ can control 2 different selector~?  Or is
their a kind of selector~ with 2 outs?

My concert is thursday so I really have to fix this now.

Any suggestions




Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:13:31 -0500
From:    Chris Murtagh 
Subject: MAX list CD a 'go'.

Greetings Maxers,

 From the positive feedback I've been getting, I would like to make the
MAX-list CD a 'go'. I have also gotten an  anonymous 'matching grant' of
$150 US from a generous MAX list subscriber to go towards this project. If
anyone else feels like parting with their $$ towards this, let me know. It
would be really awesome if we could offer the CD for free.

 Here is what I've been thinking as to material, dates, etc.:

- I'm thinking of 1 or 2 CDs, depending on the material received. If 2 then
one will be audio only and the other either CD-ROM or mixed media.

- In order to have as many contributors as possible, I'm thinking of
limiting the audio to 4 minutes per submission (think of it as a 'short
story' competition), and the media component to 'not too big' (I know,
that's pretty vague, but I don't expect to have problems here).

- Each submission (either on DAT or CD) must be accompanied with a document
with the details on how, where, when, why it was created as well as how MAX
and/or MSP was used to create it (for the liner notes).

- Only 1 submission per person.

- Space will be 'first come, first serve' with a due date no sooner than
Feb. 1st, 1999 no later than Feb. 13th, 1999. This should give everyone a
chance to work on something, and no particular advantages to someone who
already has a work ready (audio entries before Feb. 1st will not be
accepted - don't jump the queue :-).

- MAX patches, MAX apps, MAX demos and anything MAX/MSP related can also be
submitted. Save many hours downloading from your favorite FTP site.

- In order to save costs, the CD will be in a `Tea Bag' only (no jewel
case), and the CD liner will be posted (probably in PDF format) for people
to download and print and/or on the CD itself.

- I will post my snail mail address to the list in January to where you can
send your submissions. If you want your CD/DAT back, please include a SAE.

I think this will be a really fun project, and I'm hoping we'll get a lot
of people joining in (and donating $$ even? :-). To ease the concerns of
many (including myself), I'll make sure that all costs are as low as
possible and all money info will be completely public (so that no one
thinks I'm just thinking up a scheme to part them from their hard earned

 What do YOU think? Are you interested? If so, give me a shout at
. The more people we get involved, the better.

Cheers, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and good Maxin',

Christopher Murtagh


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 23:30:15 +0100
From:    Jean Paul Laurent 
Subject: Re: Max-list CD?

Hello Chris,

Tres bonne idee le(s) CD de compilation MAX! J'y contribuerais volontiers.

Very good idea the Max compilation CD! I'd like to contribute.

Jean Paul L.

Jean Paul Laurent

Court-Saint-Etienne                           Belgium


Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 1998 16:12:27 -0700
From:    baxtrr 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 10 Dec 1998 to 11 Dec 1998 (#1998-96)

>From:    David Bianciardi 
>Subject: Re: flamewire
>well, as both of us point out, the current dirth of available gear means
>that not a whole lot of consumers are getting their feet wet, but in the
>developer community things are definitely afoot... in any case I've seen
>(yes, working) Yamaha promix consoles with an m-lan port, as will other
>gear, at a couple conferences.  I've seen and worked with the standalone
>1394-audio/MIDI interface box that they were using as their testbed (not
>sure if they'll go into production or not) and it's quite elegant.  The
>system becomes analogous to a big distributed Audio and MIDI patchbay,
>and you can specify routings between machines on a network controller (PC
>based as I recall).

very well:
i asked to hear if such a thing exists
and now you tell me that it does
this is certainly interesting news
and well worth tracking
but the fact that the device you saw
is not yet definitely slated for production
reinforces my point

>as far as 1394's killer app in the audio market, we may find that it has
>nothing to do with desktop computers (and their whining users) at all.
>Embedded devices enabling addressable MIDI or digital audio "taps" for
>I/O at any point in a high bandwith isochronous pipe might be the best
>thing since patchbays that large multi room studios have ever seen.

much like the lone wolf devices you mentioned?
i will agree
this is likely to be a much more pervasive end result
than computer platform integration
but i question whether this will truly be
a killer app in the traditional sense

i do not (yet) see
major studios eager to pull all their wiring harnesses
and switch to a new and untried standard
it will probably be new builds
that follow this route
and they are slow enough in coming
that the sea change could be a slow one

>I'm sorry my intent was not clear to you.  You quoted me, but apparently
>failed to read what you quoted.  I consider the "in terms of actually
>coming to market" portion of the sentence above to be 100% in agreement
>with your next 3 paragraphs of spew...which begs the question...was it
>just a bad batch of speed, are you trying to prove something, or are you
>customarily abusive of people you've never interacted with before?

if you consider
the above to be 'abuse'
i will remember in future
that you are easily offended

i was merely taking an amused stance
against the popular mindset
that usb is somehow less than useful
for anything
simply because it is not firewire
and that its coming to market
is rather like a dog walking on hind legs
amusing to see
remarkable in that it happens at all
but of no great use to anyone

if this was not your intent
than i did indeed misread your text
where the facts are concerned
we appear merely to be agreeing
in angry tones
which is a pity
as it raises one's hackles
and accomplishes

(never fear
 were i truly of a mind
  to pick a fight
   i could express an opinion of mlan
    by naming at least one major project
     that yamaha funded for years
      advertised extensively
     hired development partners to perfect
    took to trade shows
   demoed for the media
  and then quietly threw away
 but i am not
so i won't

>speaking of specs, MIDI over USB is still, to my
>knowledge, not part of the MIDI spec yet, so I guess it's possible that
>all the boxen you refer to may "break" in the near future as soon as the
>MMA comes around to it ;)

i am not an expert on interfacing issues
but given the mma's track record
on preserving legacy hardware
i would be amazed at any de jure announcement
coming from the mma
that would hinder devices
already in the field

>here, I'm afraid we disagree.  Not only is the spec nice on paper, but
>m-lan works, and has a number of uses that would be very helpful in a
>number of applications (at least for my business).

i reiterate:
you are privy to data
to which i had no access
i will remain watchful

>Anyhow, I like it, and am considering putting an order in for Pavo's
>Papaya development rig, which might be alot of fun.  Hopefully soon my
>company will be offering 1 hour round trip tickets
>(Orlando-Beijing)...payment by e-cash only...I'll make sure you're the
>1st to know ;)

i'm afraid i won't have time
i have just booked a vacation
on the international space station
and have swapped my silk robes
for a space suit

thanks for offering


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