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  1. CMJ article
  2. 1. Want advice for outdoor installation

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Date:    Sun, 29 Nov 1998 10:28:12 -0000
From:    Kurt Ralske 
Subject: CMJ article

There is a really excellent long article about MAX at:

It's a forum-style discussion of the stregnths and weaknesses of MAX
as a programming language. (It's from 1993....but is still the most
useful thing I've read about MAX.)

Kurt Ralske


Date:    Mon, 30 Nov 1998 08:46:23 +1000
From:    David Rodger 
Subject: Re: 1. Want advice for outdoor installation

Jan Borchers  wrote:
>I also recommend
>rebooting the machine regularly (once per day...once per week), because MAX
>apps tend to leak memory when running for a long period of time. You'll
>have to check with your particular patchers. Again this can be setup in the
>above control panel. You could throw in the shareware AutoBoot that reboots
>the Mac in most cases when it hangs. I've had an exhibit running like this
>(indoor though) for 2 years now with no major problems.

Recently, the Tidbits newsletter had a report about auto-restart devices
(hardware).  You might want to read about these.

and search from about issue 440 onwards.  (Sorry, I can't remember the
issue number.)  OTOH, Tidbits is quite intereseting, so you might just want
to to download them all from their ftp site.

Regards, David

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"I'm concerned about reproduction above 20kHz, because I want to make
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I leave the stereo on...."                            -- Matt Barstow


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