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  1. Want advice for outdoor installation

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Date:    Fri, 27 Nov 1998 18:17:57 +0100
From:    Jan Borchers 
Subject: Re: Want advice for outdoor installation

When people built an outdoor kiosk system here, they included an electric
heater (no kidding). Now, Germany is not as cold as Norway, but
nevertheless that might help. Also, you can set up your Mac to autoboot
after power failure (energy saver control panel). I also recommend
rebooting the machine regularly (once per day...once per week), because MAX
apps tend to leak memory when running for a long period of time. You'll
have to check with your particular patchers. Again this can be setup in the
above control panel. You could throw in the shareware AutoBoot that reboots
the Mac in most cases when it hangs. I've had an exhibit running like this
(indoor though) for 2 years now with no major problems. If possible for
you, you might want to create a boot CD with everything on it, and forget
the hard disk completely, though; I feel that CD drives last longer than
HDs (no hard evidence here).


- jan

>Date:    Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:43:25 +0200
>From:    Eirik Lie 
>Subject: Want advice for outdoor installation
>Asking for a bit of advice:
>I am about to make sound and/or music for a permanent outdoor installation
>here in Oslo, Norway. We are a little in doubt what equipment to use for
>the project. Different sounds should be generated by movements of the
>installation. I'd say this is a typical "Max and a sampler" project, but
>for the reliability. This installation will be left unattended for 24 hours
>a day, 365 days a year, hopefully for many years. Temperatures will vary
>between minus 30 and plus 40 degrees centigrade, and it has to auto-boot
>after power failures. [...]

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