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  1. New! "Unauthorized MAX"

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Date:    Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:59:29 -0500
From:    Johnny DeKam 
Subject: New! "Unauthorized MAX"


I'm happy to announce the birth of a new web site for MAXers:

Unauthorized MAX

Q: What's it for?
A: Unauthorized MAX is many things...
first, it is a comprehensive MAX FAQ, organized by topic (hardware, general,
objects, geek stuff)
second, it will serve as a patch archive, users can upload their MAX patches
for public distribution
third, it is a 3rd party object mirror, developers can put their objects in
a central location
fourth, a comprehensive list of links of sites and people in the MAX
fifth, a place to find out about opportunities for electronic artists and
sixth, a showcase for algorithmic music - MIDI files, audio or Quicktime
seventh, editorial content, news and interesting tidbits about electronic
arts & music

Q: Just how comprehensive is this FAQ?
A: I've managed to convert my entire Digest archive to html. (2.5 years) I'm
in the process of sifting through the contents to pick out "the good stuff",
and format it into FAQ format.  I'm not finished yet, the FAQ not yet
"comprehensive" -- users have the opportunity to submit items to the FAQ.

Q: I already get alot of info from the MAX list, why would I visit this
A: Over the years, we've had to settle for searching our archives, sifting
through alot rubbish.  To my knowledge there is no one stop source for those
common problem, (and the really obscure ones)
The MAX faq is the answer... also, consider how many repeat questions occur
on the list from newbies. Hopefully we can cut down on these repeat
questions and spend more time MAXing.

Q: Is affiliated with any organization or company?
A: Absolutely not, it is a labor of love, and a way to encourage connections
with others, and promote the wonderful world of MAX

Q: Sounds Great, do you need any help?
A: YES! I'm counting on the MAX community to contribute, and make this an
active interesting web site.
If you are interested in helping out, contact me, or submit material through
the site itself.

Q: I'm about ready to check it out -- is it done yet?
A: It is never done, but especially now... I've completed a skeleton
structure, and a basic FAQ.
NOW is a crucial moment for contributions, hopefully, with a flurry of
responses the site will grow very quickly in this initial (birthday)

Q: Come on! Are you serious?
A: You Bet - I have about 300 megs of server space and a dual T3 connection,, my personal piece of pie on the internet has until now, been a
showcase for my own work, I love MAX dearly and want to give something back
to all of you... we really do have a community here, let's make it stronger!

Enjoy, and forgive the 'beta' state of things... see you!

Johnny DeKam


End of MAX Digest - 11 Nov 1998 to 12 Nov 1998 (#1998-68)