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Topics of the day:

  1. FWB & OS8.5
  2. Granular Synthesis
  3. Request
  4. window commands to p & menu on top of fpic
  5. Max/MSP event in Berkeley CA

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Date:    Fri, 6 Nov 1998 00:32:33 -0500
From:    Johnny DeKam 
Subject: FWB & OS8.5

FWB recently released an update to version 2.5 of Hard Disk Toolkit which is
OS 8.5
compatible.  I've been using it on an internal 3 gig scratch disk, and so
far no problems at all
under OS 8.5 - even when doing heavy multi-track audio / video.

This version of FWB Hard Disk Toolkit is 2.5.3



Date:    Fri, 6 Nov 1998 09:16:19 +0000
From:    david stevens 
Subject: Re: Granular Synthesis

> From:    Neville John Cross 
> Having worked with Nobuyasu Sakodna's  excellent MSP 'Granular 1.2'
> I  was wondering if anyone has been able to process G.S. in realtime.
> If it's possible with 'Granular 1.2' or any other patch or program
> perhaps you could email me?

please post any info to the list - I'm also interested in this, and i think
there are several other people here who are too.




Date:    Fri, 6 Nov 1998 20:06:33 +0100
From:    Manuel poletti 
Subject: Request

Dear Maxers,

I would like to continue collecting Max objects and patches as Richard Dudas
did for the IRCAM FTP server. Since there are fewer new Max objects I would
like to concentrate on collecting new MSP objects. If you would like to put
your MSP objects, patches, abstractions or MaxMSPPlay applications in the
domain, I would be very happy to handle them.

If you agree then proceed thus :

* document your objects, patches etc.
* put them in: or attach them to the
your mail if they're not too large
* send me a mail ( saying what you put there and what it

I will then transfer them to the right directory after having tested them.
I will then post the information in the list giving an ftp site where they
will be made public. These items will also be put on the Forum bi-annual CD
and freely distributed to Forum members.

If you have any comments, suggestions or whatever contact me at :

As they say on TV, I hope many of you will "phone in".

-Manuel Poletti

Ircam Forum technical support
tel : (33) (0)1 44 78 16 05
email :


Date:    Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:03:05 +0000
From:    Trond Lossius 
Subject: window commands to p & menu on top of fpic

During debugging I've run into two problems:

1) When sending the message(s)

window flags nozoom, window flags grow, window exec


window flags nozoom, window flags nogrow, window exec

from one message box to several subpatches, only one of them (the one
that most recently has been up front) responds. Could this be a bug?

2) I have a problem when placing a menu object on top of a fpic (or a
PICT pasted into the patch) in a subpatch:

When selecting an item from the menu, menu and other objects (envi) on
top of the fpic gets covered by fpic. menu still responds to mouse, and
items show up when mouse is down, but menu hides again as soon as an
item is selected. envi gets hidden and inaccessible.

If the subpatch is closed and then reopened, everything looks fine again
until next time menu is used.

I've made sure that fpic is sent to back and other objects are sent to
front. I get no such problems when using the other objects on top of
fpic (message, number box and envi).

Has anyone got any suggestions, apart from getting rid of the background


Trond L.


Date:    Fri, 6 Nov 1998 15:11:57 -0800
From:    William Tsun-Yuk Hsu 
Subject: Max/MSP event in Berkeley CA

(For San Francisco Bay area max-ers...)

This Sunday 11/8, Yasuhiro Otani from Tokyo will be giving
a concert of interactive electronic music utilizing Max/MSP.
Otani has worked with Ground Zero, Experimental Tokyo, and
other experimental music groups.

The concert will be at Beanbender's at the Berkeley Store
Gallery, 2295 Shattuck at Bancroft in Berkeley (2 blocks
from the Downtown Berkeley BART station). Cover is $7.
The complete schedule for the evening:

8:15    The Boy Beneath The Sea, a story by Dean Santomieri
        featuring Bruce Anderson chromotone guitar, David Kwan
        tidal control, Karen Stackpole perc, gongs, Dean Santomierir
        narration and video
9:15    from Tokyo, Yasuhiro Otani (solo electronics)
10:15   Wetgate (film projectors and electronics)

Bill Hsu


End of MAX Digest - 5 Nov 1998 to 6 Nov 1998 (#1998-61)