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  1. G3 powerbook/generator/...
  2. Testing experiment (read carefully)
  3. overdrive on/off / hidden MAX commands
  4. mater.!al d!d.akt!k - apr! r! \+\ ap xter!or! . stena jesuz med 10ton
  5. G3 Powerbooks
  6. nyasta taekni og visindi
  7. MAX Digest - 28 Oct 1998 to 29 Oct 1998 (#1998-53)

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Date:    Thu, 29 Oct 1998 22:30:25 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: G3 powerbook/generator/...

Robert Henke  writes:

>I really looking forward to the day when MAX 9.5 comes out and everything
>works with full audio rate and a MAX ms is a true ms !!!!!!

When you use the "Scheduler in Audio Interrupt" option in MSP,
a millisecond in Max corresponds to 44.1 samples of audio at 44.1kHz.
I'm not sure if that will qualify as a true millisecond, but that's
good enough for me.

To increase scheduling accuracy with this option, you'll
want to reduce MSP's I/O Vector Size to the lowest possible value.
Changing the Signal Vector Size has no effect.

David Z.


Date:    Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:25:15 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Testing experiment (read carefully)

I've decided to open up testing of the latest update to Max to
everyone who reads this list in hopes that any last-minute
weird problems can be resolved before it goes on the Opcode
web site.

Here's the deal:

1. You can download This should
contain most of the normal stuff in the Max folder, it's not just
what's been updated.

2. Only Max FAT is included, there is no 68K version, and no

3. (Very Important) This version works only with 3.5.8 or later
key disks. If you do not have a 3.5.8 key disk, do not download
this file and attempt to run the enclosed copy of Max. I am not
responsible for what might happen to your authorizations or your
key disk if you do this. You have been warned, and I will not feel
sorry for you, and neither should anyone else. And besides, why
haven't you obtained a new key disk?

If you do have a 3.5.8 key disk, this version should be able
to detect your authorization and run just fine with no muss or

4. This is not a supported version. This is only a test. If you
are just about go on stage with Max and feel like using this
version, breathe deeply and think again.

5. Please do not report any bugs you find to this list, unless
they're also in previous versions and everyone should know about
them. Instead, tell me about them via e-mail. The best bug
reporters include a patcher that demonstrates the problem.

You might want to know what I've fixed. Here's a sample:

1. Symbol table related operations can now work at interrupt
level in Overdrive.

2. The famous patchcord sorting bug.

3. The famous "empty the trash" bug with temp files.

4. A nasty bug involving saving tables/colls/detonates in the
PowerPC version as new format binary files that thought they were
old format binary files, which would then not open in any version
of Max.

5. Every time you open a patcher or make a connection, Max was
writing to an area of low memory. This has been true since 1988.
The first bug discovered as a result of porting Max to other

6. Numerous detonate bugs.

And many, many more things.

Happy testing, and thank you in advance.

David Z.


Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 1998 08:14:46 +0100
From:    "Dr. Karlheinz Essl" 
Subject: Re: overdrive on/off / hidden MAX commands

Klaus Filip asked:

> is any more complete listing of commands you can do with

Here's the list (which was posted 2 years ago by David Z.):

v2 -- this message is sent at the beginning of every file saying that
the version of the file is 2. It does nothing. However, if you
have a message other than v2 and not one of the messages listed
below (which is actually a bug I guess--these messages should be
disallowed too), MAX will complain and not read in the file.

bpatcher N -- sets whether bpatcher pop-up menus are allowed (yes =
no = zero). They're allowed by default. This is the same as the "bpatcher
Pop Up Menu" checkbox in the installer dialog.

clock N -- If N is non-zero, set the current logical time to N. The effect
of this is unclear. It could lose tasks in the scheduler if you set the time
to something less than what it was. But how do you find out what the
current time is anyway? (See below.)

counter/reset -- I'm not sure if this still works, but I used to use
and "reset" as a way to find memory leaks. counter shows the total
of bytes allocated using getbytes and the total number of bytes
freed with freebytes. So, for instance: load a patcher, make a new
patcher, put the counter and reset messages in it, close the other
patcher, hit reset, open it again, then close it, hit counter. The
getbytes and freebytes total should be equal. If they're not, you (or
I, if it's not your external object in the patcher) have a memory leak.

install  -- Installs an external from a file in the search path
or from an open collective.

debug N -- set the variable "max_debug" to N. Also reports the current
time. When max_debug is non-zero, more things print out in the MAX
window. However, what all these messages mean is something I don't want
to get into.

symcount -- report the number of symbols in the symbol table

dump -- print out the current contents of the scheduler

goto M D Y -- translate a date into a hex number that represents the
number of seconds since 1904.

pupdate X Y -- move the mouse to X,Y in global coordinates.

preempt N -- Turn overdrive on and off.

Cheers, and happy MAXin'

   Dr. Karlheinz Essl - Composer
   Vienna / Austria
   Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology


Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 1998 05:06:52 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: mater.!al d!d.akt!k - apr! r! \+\ ap xter!or! . stena jesuz med

dans un courrier dat=E9 du 28/10/98 23:38:46 vous avez =E9crit : some

>some questions aboout granulationh again.

I want to experiment. again. +?

>1. I want to experiment

id be grateful!? free @ address Get w a n t . +?
IIIIIIIIIIIIII .want m! msp to experiment - there is a functon called
-coin- +?
-coin- +?
-coin- +?
-coin- +?
-coin- du u ... l!ke |2| ko!n +?
Any similar such object in msp- I cant think of it
looking thru the guide +? I want to experiment. +?
I cant think looking thru the g u i+d e.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! w a n t  +?
to -coin- -coin- -coin- -coin- -coin- -coin- +?
Get w a n t . f r e e .  eczper!mnt. +? -coin- +?

>with mixing grains [-coin-] from two
>diffeerent buffers into one in a kind of crossfading
>way.How might I do this?

0.995686   Heiddegger     +?
0.956586   TRAHISSANT     +?
0.908686   maitre Husserl   +?
0.861986   Heidelberg      +?
0.816486   frapper . frapper  +?
0.772186   terrible           +?
0.729086   ne peut pas oublier CA car LE   +?
0.687186   de notre discipline       +?
0.646486   fondateur                 +?
0.606986   criminels EST lui-meme criminel +?
0.568686   droit penal                  +?
0.531586   COMMANDITAIRE                +?
0.495686   COMPTES                      +?
0.478186   aux EMINENCES                +?
0.444086   graves questions             +?
0.411186   Moi, je refuse               +?
0.379486    a gazer, a torturer         +?
0.348986   forment la                   +?
0.334186   masse de la chair            +?
0.305486   et sa femme qui les          +?
0.291586   accompagnaient               +?
0.264686   EST lui                      +?
0.238986   LES SOEURS DE FREUD          +?
0.191186   \\ vous avez ecrit :         +?
0.148186   ne peut pas oublier CA car LE   +?
0.128486   de notre discipline            +?
0.109986   fondateur                      +?
0.092686   criminels EST lui-meme criminel +?
0.076586   droit penal                 +?
0.061686   COMMANDITAIRE              +?
0.047986   COMPTES                    +?
0.041586   aux EMINENCES              +?
0.029686   graves questions           +?
0.018986   Moi, je refuse             +?
0.009486   a gazer, a torturer        +?
0.001186   forment la                 +?
           masse de la chair          +?
a                                     +?
  n        et sa femme qui les        +?
    a      accompagnaient             +?
      l                               +?
    e      EST lui                    +?
  z                                   +?
!          LES SOEURS DE FREUD        +?

>2. In SuperCollider there is a functon called -coin-
>which performs the kind of thing mentioned above. Any
>similar such object in msp- I cant think of it
>looking thru the guide.
>3. When someone mentioned Richard Dudas's rgrain
>based patch they refered to its polyphonic
>capabilities, by combining them together as in
>'Gransynth4" etc.
>Can someone explain how this kind of polyphony
>relates to that of a keyboard type synth, I'm not
>sure what it means.

the doctor in the house provided much needed smiles +?

>4. What about video granulation. Does this mean
>sampling from a video buffer on the same way as the
>audio, or different. In this case how could it
>manifest itself on screen- flipping between images or
>mixing or both.   +?

>If anyone's got any ideas id be grateful

 1. I want to experiment [looking through the guide] +?

>please excuse spelling im operating a pc.godammit

+ rem+mbr humanz hav kreatd godz not godz humanz. +?
!t =3D no longr dze presensz ov god but dze absensz ov  +?
god wh!ch reassurez humanz. he!degr++ +?

>jim y wood

DO YOUYAH OO!? fr!l! +?

>ps the doctor in the house provided much needed smiles

!nterogat!v gezture \\ !z dzere 1 non-model s!t!zen "in the house"
ok.e. egt n! rula af oremo + v!om ra. +?

>Get your free address at

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w a n t  +?

_+ zekuent!al+e reduszd |2| [to experiment looking through the guide] +?

dans un courrier dat=E9 du 28/10/98 23:38:46 vous avez =E9crit : d!v!ne

>\\ humanzsukc++
>d!v!ne komed!. angel!2k sferez. dze kont!nentz =3D adr!ft !n dze oceanz
>osc!llate zoftl!. osc!llate freel!. osc!llate fr2nt!kall!.
>>i2    0     42
>>i1    0     1    9000  440   2     51     ; kar!erz
>>i1        +      .         .       .      .        .
>>i1    +      .         .       .      .        .
>>i1    +
>>i1    +
>>i1    +
>>i1    +   - =10f=10=10=103.mazk!n3nkunzt.m9ndfukc macht fre!.
>>i1    +      . d u b ! z t e s . d u b ! z t e s .
>>i1    +
>               |  |                                 |  |
>               |  |                                 |  |
>   -           |  |            -        -           |  |            -
>   -           |  |            -        -           |  |            -
>   -           |  |            -        -           |  |            -
>   -           | 8|            -        -           | 8|            -
>  o >          | *|6      -   o        o >          | *|6      -   o
>  C -        v | *|1      -   C        C -        v | *|1      -   C
>    -        o | *|.      -              -        o | *|.      -
>    -          | *|1                     -          | *|1
>    -        z | *|6                     -        z | *|6
>    -        ! | *|.                     -        ! | *|.
>  1-          *|2                      1-          *|2
>    -     w | *|2           1            -     w | *|2           1

per!peteja  [Greek, from peripiptein, to change suddenly : peri-, peri- +
piptein, to fall.] +?

de notre discipline +?

fondateur  +?

kap!tal!zt EST lui-m=EAme kap!tal!zt : kommun!zt : pol!t!ka +?

                    \\ vous avez =E9cr!t : h !p +o k+ r !t ez +?

- ou!. +?
- bon. k-l!k. +?
- ma!s ou!.
- oke. 1. [dans 1 h ou 2]
- paranoja. vax hogre. vax storre. tja. man maste val !nte bo ! amer!kka.
  ar det s!sta zom dom tar
- vo!la

determ!nat!on. perz!tsensz. asz!m!lat!on. !nf!ltrat!on. - v!lle h!s!ng
ad + nSk c!t!zen . bazooka !nter.akt!f. | <-->


Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 1998 12:22:26 +0000
From:    dominic robson 
Subject: G3 Powerbooks

I have used a couple of G3 powerbooks, a 233Mhz and a 292 Mhz for general
MAX/MSP. I didnt notice any significant hum on either and the sound seems
surprisingly good for a 'laptop headphone output'..

The 233 Mhz machine did not benefit from a backside cache and seemed
sluggish even compared to the same speed desktop machine running the same
patches. The 292 machine is benchmarked at running nearly twice the speed
and this is a very noticeable difference. MSP Patches that just about get
by on the 233 seem comfortable on the 292 but that obviously figures with
the price difference.

Surprisingly, simple old school MAX tasks like receiving a lot of
continuous midi data that would be no big deal on a quadra years ago, seems
to tie up quite a lot of processor power on all the G3s ive used.

Dominic Robson


Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 1998 08:18:17 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: nyasta taekni og visindi


>Since we're discussing the IR port, some of you might be interested to know
>that Mac OS 8.5 adds an IrDA comm toolbox tool so you can route serial data
>through the port. I've tested it with printing and hope to try syncing to a
>Palm Pilot with it soon.
>I've seen a technique where you set up a serial data stream using a certain
>number of stop and start bits, then send a certain character. By doing so
>you can emulate the carrier used on TV remotes, etc. I just wish I could
>remember where I saw the details.


>Departamento de Electr=F3nica y Computaci=F3n
>Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
>15706 - Santiago de Compostela


>phase correction is gratification, result matching desire, scan matching
>proof matching print, thirst matching perfect softdrink. society isn't a
>phase corrector, commerce is the promise of phase correction.
>subjectivity and its superset (society) are constantly going out of
>phase... deviations from perfect gratification-match. inventions of own
>desiringloops at odds with those of commerce (but engaging in
>self-stabilising feedback relations with commerce). polyphasic -
>portions of the signal remain in phase with commerce / capital, others
>with other registers. perhaps 'resonance' would be a better metaphor in
>signal terms?


>At the 45th meeting of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), audio
>experts reached agreement on a common format for creating sounds with
>the popular "wavetable synthesis" technique. The agreement merges the
>best features of different specifications promoted by the MIDI
>Manufacturers Association (MMA) and Creative Technology Ltd.  into a
>single format. This new format is called Downloadable Sounds Level 2
>(DLS-2) and is known within MPEG as the MPEG-4 Structured Audio Sample
>Bank Format.
>...."Microsoft is a firm believer in the value of open standards,"

\\ NT&V - I think the most horrifying thing about the US is how average
   everything is. -> kongezt!on kauszd b! 1 lrgr p!pe feed!ng 1 zmlr p!pe.
urgent mode.
   out ov band data. wr!te wr!te wr!te. - wr!t!ng 1024 b!tez. rece!vr
w!ndow =3D full.
   dumpdumpdump. standards.


Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 1998 11:51:21 -0500
From:    baxtrr 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 28 Oct 1998 to 29 Oct 1998 (#1998-53)

>Date:    Thu, 29 Oct 1998 11:40:04 +0100
>From:    Robert Henke 
>Subject: G3 powerbook/generator/...
>In this context it may be interesting to have a look at Native Instruments
>"generator" software which is simmilar to msp and has no limitations in
>creating feedback loops / iterative structures and a block size of 1 .
>Generator runs on ugly windows PCs but will be ported to macs in a few
>i could
>imagine that a combination of MAX and Generator will be really powerfull

i urge caution:
according to my people at native instruments
the beta of macgenerator will ship momentarily
according to my people in the industry
pcgenerator consumes mips like nusco
especially with patches of any complexity

to be sure
generator seems like a wonderful program
but whether and when
it will allow max to run smoothly
on the same cpu
remains to be seen


baxtrr the cd muse


End of MAX Digest - 29 Oct 1998 to 30 Oct 1998 (#1998-54)