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  1. Re (sort of): G3 boards for 8100s
  2. Let's go over this one more time

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Date:    Wed, 21 Oct 1998 13:14:42 +1000
From:    David Rodger 
Subject: Re (sort of): G3 boards for 8100s

On a related note, this bit of news from the emusic-l list might be good
news to owners of older Macs....

>I've got a Radius 81/110 with a NewerTech 240Mhz G3 board and and
>Audiomedia II, running Cubase VST, Peak, SDII, etc.  The improvement in CPU
>performance was amazing with the upgrade -- before I could get 12-16 tracks
>with minimal fx.  I now get 32 tracks easily (on a 4.3 GB Barracuda), and
>more importantly, can load up 2 or 3 NPP plug-ins before I begin to max out
>on CPU.  I've had probably more stability since upgrading, both with the
>music apps and in general.  I have yet to find an incompatibility.
>On the negative side, two things.  Up until recently, the boards were in
>short supply and I waited months to get mine.  The first two I got were
>defective -- NewerTech was extremely responsive in replacing them, but it
>was still a pain.  I had one of the very first production models, and they
>had problems -- probably less of an issue now.  Secondly, Steinberg has
>apparently decided not to update their AMII driver for the most recent
>release of Cubase (4.0).   That means being stuck with v3.5, which works
>fine but lacks a lot of the very cool improvements in the new version.
>One note -- from tracking the alt.steinberg.cubase newsgroup, it looks like
>the NewerTech cards are much more stable for digital audio than Sonnett.
>Also, check out
> for a writeup on the NewerTech
>for audio.

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Date:    Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:35:42 -0800
From:    James Livingston 
Subject: Let's go over this one more time

>You'll never lose an authorization by downloading a file.
>Some people think they lost an authorization because they
>downloaded the wrong version of Max 3.5.9, then when they run
>it, the authorization that Max is looking for doesn't match the one
>on their hard disk. But download the right version and you'll be
>Opcode's poor instructions on the web site don't help. Let's go over
>this one more time:
>Download what Opcode calls the Sys8 version if you have a 3.5.8
>or later key disk.

>Download what Opcode calls the Sys7 version if you have a 3.5
>or 3.5.1 key disk.


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