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Topics of the day:

  1. MTP AV
  2. duplicate install of max??
  3. video objects / ftp ircam
  4. sfplay~ crash
  5. sfplay~ crash (again)
  6. MAX authorisation without floppy on mama

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Date:    Sat, 19 Sep 1998 01:26:26 -0500
From:    Ed Hartley 
Subject: Re: MTP AV

> Hello.  Does anyone know if it is possible to use the MTP AV interface
> OMS and the assignable pedal inputs (there are 2) on the interface?  I
> like to use this with MAX but the MTP manual only talks about installing
> FreeMIDI.  OMS seems to recognize the interface and MIDI coming from the
> pedals but not individually.

Yes it works. What you have to do is load up FreeMIDI and the MTP Console
and edit
the MTP AV from there. For each pedal, you specify what message is created
and what
input port and channel it will be merged with. You can either merge it with
already existing controller device, or if using a port with nothing
create a "dummy" device in OMS Setup. That way you have something to assign
to a
ctlin object. Then, as far as MAX and OMS are concerned, it's as if your
pedal was
an external device plugged into the MIDI in on the MTP AV.  It's pretty
straightforward once you get FreeMIDI happening.

As far as running FreeMIDI, you've got two options. First, you can have both
extentions active at the same time, but you have to uncheck the "Run MIDI in
Background" in the MIDI Setup Dialog (File Menu->MIDI Setup->OMS Setup).
allows OMS and FreeMIDI to share your serial ports. The downside is that a
application will only send and recieve MIDI when it is active. (That means
won't work while you're editing the MTP AV.) The second option (what I do)
is to
create a FreeMIDI extention set (without MAX) in the Extentions Manager
Panel that you only use for editing the MTP AV. Use it to create a bunch of
and then reboot with OMS to use MAX. Once I got it all working, my MTP AV
has been
a "set and forget" device and I rarely have to reboot with FreeMIDI to
things. I've only got 3 or 4 Setups saved on it and those are easy to call
up from
the front panel. If you need more flexibility, you might want to read up on
"modifiers" capabilities of the MTP AV. I've never gotten into this but it
like you'd be able to make changes within a Setup using regular program

Hope that all made sense. Good luck. You can email me privately if you have
questions. I'm not sure but I suspect this list might frown on FreeMIDI
almost as
much as Windows.

--rant start--
By the way, when MAX goes Windows NT, are we going to allow all those weenie
questions about SoundBlasters, Plug-n-Play, DOS (shudder), DLLs , blah,
blah, blah?

--rant end--

Ed Hartley


Date:    Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:46:35 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: duplicate install of max??

david stevens  writes:

>the solution would seem to be to have a seperate copy of the Max folder,
>>without MSP. This could be done either by duplicating my existing Max
>folder and then
>deleting any MSP related files in that folder, or by doing a new additional
>install of Max.

To remove MSP from Max, just delete the file "Max Audio Library" from the
Max folder. You'll get harmless error messages in the Max window
when you start up if you don't also delete MSP objects from the
max-startup folder.

I should mention that this issue is discussed on the Cycling '74
FAQ at

The Max copy protection scheme allows as many copies of Max
as you want on the same hard disk.

David Z.


Date:    Sat, 19 Sep 1998 11:28:57 +0200
From:    Andreas Weixler 
Subject: video objects / ftp ircam

Dear Maxers,

I have trouble to open file, it says no memory. which just is
not true (96 MB RAM and Max got 20 MB), sometimes it says file error.
Has anyone else  expirience with video and videoin (which works nice,
thanks to Eric) and are the interactive video patches I could try ?

and is this adress still correct ?
it doesent seem to work.

all the best

Andreas Weixler, composer, lecturer
SAMT Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology
Bruckner-Conservatory Linz/ Austria
directors board of GEM
Society of Electroacoustic Music in Austria
T/F: ++43 316 39 11 68


Date:    Sat, 19 Sep 1998 12:51:28 +0200
From:    Martin Grube 
Subject: sfplay~ crash

A few days ago I posted some messages about a crash when using sfplay~.
Now I downloaded a 7-days-trial-version of conflict catcher 8.
First it was fun to watch conflict catcher disabling some extensions so I
could use sfplay~ without crash. But then CC marked extensions like Qicktime
VR, Quicktime 3D, MathLib, Apple CD-Rom and it took several hours and a lot
of restarts and that was not a lot of fun. And after restarting the normal
way with some extensions disabled Max crashed again when opening a soundfile
while sfplay~'s still playing that file.
There may be one hint that I don't understand: While running the conflict
test from CC the're some error messages in the Max window at startup
concerning Quicktime:
can't fragload emovie (missing QuicktimeLib), err -2804
.. imovie, ... playbar
Without this messages the crash ocurrs each time with sfplay~, with error
message it works or not.
The only place on the hard disk where I found QuicktimeLib is in the IDE's
of CW or C++. Ther's no QicktimeLib in the Max folder or in the System's
Are there any known incompatibilities ? I'm using Sound Manager 3.3.0, OS
8.1 (German).

Thanks for any help



Date:    Sat, 19 Sep 1998 18:22:29 +0200
From:    Martin Grube 
Subject: sfplay~ crash (again)

Hello David Z.,

sorry addressing you directly now but I think you're the only one who could
handle this.
I described some crashes after sending sfplay~ an open message.
MacsBug then always shows this line:
PowerPC access exception at ...          sfplay_convert +0000C
Now I started to build extensions sets step by step.
Crashes do occur when one of the following extensions is added:
Smart Scroll
Surf Express
PPP Menu
Power Switch
some Fax extensions of FaxExpress
the new Action Utilities
In this moment the set which worked first time now also leads to a crash.
Because there=B9s a lot of different utilities functioning well with other
applications, my assumption is that there's a bug in sfplay~.

Thanks for any answer
Martin Grube


Date:    Sat, 19 Sep 1998 23:14:26 -0000
From:    Frederic Murray 
Subject: MAX authorisation without floppy on mama

David Z. write:
>As part of the agreement, Cycling '74 will be able to authorize
>Max using the PACE "challenge/response" scheme that does
>not require a key disk. (This is a machine-specific permanent
>authorization, unlike the scheme we use for MSP.) This will allow
>Max to run on hardware that does not have a floppy drive.

Mmmm, David, if I go to my mother (who own a iMac) for a weekend and
I want to work with MAX. How can I use MAX on this other machine?
Is it a problem?


Frederic Murray
Etudiant en musique
Universite Laval, Quebec


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