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  1. 997x65876585
  2. MSP & SoundManager
  3. news, part 1
  4. LiSa and Max
  5. new-cd-object

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Date:    Sat, 5 Sep 1998 00:10:15 -0500
From:    antiorp@TEZCAT.COM
Subject: 997x65876585

>> Cycling '74 concluded two agreements yesterday with Opcode. The
 >> first of these agreements will allow my company to develop
 >> new versions of Max, including a version for Windows NT that
 >> is projected for mid-1999 release.
 >That's what I call good news :-)

 f!nanc!al good

 >physical packaging (it would be about a 20MB download).

 prblm =_?

 >v 2.0 will be out
 >in the fall,

 upgrade kozt =_?


Date:    Fri, 4 Sep 1998 22:28:10 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: MSP & SoundManager

=?iso-8859-1?Q?=F5=FF?=  writes:

>I'd like to be able to do further processing on LiSa's ouptput, so is it
>possible to, as it were, interupt the audio pathway between LiSa's output
>and the SoundManager, and insert a Max/MSP patch?

Truly impossible until a major revision of the Sound Manager. But,
there are some rumors about this happening.

>I was looking at the picture on the front of the Max manual, and I couldn't
>decide whether the picture was of someone having a flash of inspiration,
>or of David Z in the sixties (long orange hair and green hairband). I
>think we should be told!  :-)

The "Max character" was drawn by John Hersey, who was responsible
for the Vision Man and the other Opcode characters. Hersey got
a lot of money for drawing that picture. I always thought the idea
was that the guy was supposed to be a "mad scientist." Personally
I prefer the MSP generation. They're sure of their trip, but they
don't have any hang-ups.

I was born in the sixties. But I've had the same hairstyle since I
was about 12.

David Z.


Date:    Fri, 4 Sep 1998 22:22:03 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: news, part 1

Oeyvind Brandtsegg  asks:

> Will MSP be ported to NT too ?


David Z.


Date:    Sat, 5 Sep 1998 10:59:00 +0000
From:    =?iso-8859-1?Q?=AE=3B=FF?= 
Subject: Re: LiSa and Max

Hi Matthew,
> I wrote the manual for LiSa, and can tell you it probably won't be easy,
> especially if you want to keep it around for a while  -- v 2.0 will be out
> in the fall, with a lot of changes, the most relevant being 32-bit FP
> internals for the sampling, and also built-in resonant filters.

ah - I'm definately looking forward to the resonant filters, as that's
what I wanted to add with MSP (now I'll have to figure out something else to
programme with my new MSP!)

(OT - do you know if they'll be adding vst plugin support? multiple outs? -
actually off to STEIM tomorrow to do an orientation week on LiSa, so maybe
get a chance to discuss new features with the programmer (Frank Balde,

> Re your MIDI front end -- I messed about with that quite a bit, and you'll
> find that quite a lot of data gets lost as you go across the IAB in OMS.
> (This is not a problem if you go directly in from an external MIDI source
> via the serial port.)

At the moment I just want to use max to split a 3 8ve keyboard into seperate
midi channel trigger zones with per note sustain - should be very simple!,
there won't be lots of controller data, just the occasional trigger.
that will work without problems.

> I avoid all things having to do with the sound manager, so I can't tell
> much about that, but I know it's ugly & probably not doable without a lot
> of low-level programming, if at all.

that's actually what I suspected. I'm hoping that either Digigram come up
drivers for their laptop digital audio card sometime soon, or someone else
the sense to make an audio card for PowerBooks. Then all I'll need is
drivers for it!

thanks for your help



Date:    Sat, 5 Sep 1998 18:22:02 +0200
From:    filip 
Subject: new-cd-object

dear all
first i got to say, i am very happy about meeting this list after many
years max-programming very lonesome and also very pleased and thankful
to david zicarelli for msp.

my question: i downloaded the new cd-object, since i hoped it will be
able to control my powerbook-G3 cd-drive - but it does not. it still
simply says in the max-window:
no drive
anybody out there who may know help?

klaus filip


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