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Topics of the day:

  1. Serial Ports
  2. Analog to MIDI interface
  3. Retrograde of sequence/events in detonate
  4. MaxFAT 3.5.9 install over 3.5.8
  5. Analog to MIDI controller (AtoMIc)
  6. Analog to MIDI interface + Joysticks for Max/Mac?
  7. Trenton Avant Garde Festival

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Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 00:12:16 -0700
From:    Adam Schabtach 
Subject: Serial Ports

Matt Biederman  writes:

>I have a cable going into the modem port that terminates in a DB9
>connector. In order to check the signals coming from a Serial object
>through the modem port I've basically shorted pin 2 to pin 3 on the DB
>This should send the outgoing signal from the SERIAL object back into
>modem port. I should then be able to poll the serial object and get the
>same number back.
>What happens is odd. When I send "82" (ASCII for "R") for example, the
>SERIAL object reports receiving a "0" and "43"

I just tried your loopback test, using the file. I do not
observe any scrambling such as you describe--the numbers are received by
the serial object are the same as those sent, just as you'd expect.

Are you sure that some other piece of software is not trying to control
that port, e.g. OMS or AppleTalk?


Adam Schabtach         


Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 11:31:53 +0100
From:    Vincent Puig 
Subject: Analog to MIDI interface

>OK, I looked - I'm interested.  How much?
>Stephen Kay

Price will depend on how many boxes me manufacture. If we can come up to 50
it should be less than US$ 700.

Vincent Puig
1 place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 78 49 59
Fax: 01 44 78 15 40
email :


Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 11:39:21 +0200
From:    Oeyvind Brandtsegg 
Subject: Re: Retrograde of sequence/events in detonate

Frederic Murray wrote:

> The difficulty is that I have to make it in real time...
> second, is there a simple way (message?) for know the number of
> events in detonate?

Don't know of a simple message, but you might be able to step thru the
sequence (suppressing output) with an Uzi triggering "next" messages to
detonate, and then look for the "-1" number from detonate's Time Parameter
Output. By storing the last number that Uzi output before the "-1" is
encountered you will then have the number of events. I know this solution
is not to be considered elegant and/or very efficient.
It might be easier to implement a coll for storage, and then use the
"length" message to coll, to get the number of events.

Oeyvind Brandtsegg


Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 12:35:49 +0100
From:    Fredrik Emilson 
Subject: Re: MaxFAT 3.5.9 install over 3.5.8

>I've read a few solutions,on this list, for the install of
>nothing seems to work...3.5.9 still asks for the key disk each time.
>I've run out of ideas! Can anyone suggest a solution?
>BTW - I'm using a Mac 7100/80 nubus.
>I'm sure the 3.5.9 install problem has been discussed 'ad nauseam'  on this
>list.Please accept my apologies,but I must be able to use this version of
>without inserting the Key disk each time *yawn*...thanks Opcode :(
>When I bought Max 3.5(recently) Opcode could only supply 3.5.8. Why?
>Best Wishes,

There are two versions of 3.5.9 available for downloading, due to the
change needed in the key disks for OS 8 compatibility.  Since you have
the 3.5.8 key disk, you already have the newer key disk, and you should
download the version of MAX 3.5.9 which says (OS 8), even though you're
running for example OS 7.6.1.  I know that's pretty confusing, but it'll

Good luck,



Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 15:50:00 +0100
From:    Vincent Puig 
Subject: Analog to MIDI controller (AtoMIc)

Sorry the AtoMIc page
is no longer in service

and has been replaced by :

Vincent Puig
1 place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 78 49 59
Fax: 01 44 78 15 40
email :


Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 20:50:47 +0200
From:    Sukandar Kartadinata 
Subject: Re: Analog to MIDI interface + Joysticks for Max/Mac?

>>I did'nt try yet any of those solution.
>>The question is always the same : which one to choose ?
>>The answer always begin with : " it depends on the purpose ..."
>>Another way to look into :  I know that IRCAM is under development for a
>>midi to
>>interface device.
>YES an interface for transforming all analog infomations

oops, seems like I missed this thread, so let me add to it now that (among
other stuff) I design custom MIDI boxes.
After having worked a lot with STEIM's SensorLab I found that designs for
sensor instruments as well as installations are all too different from
another. Sometimes the SLab was overkill, sometimes it was too slow. Or the
resolution wasn't good enough. Or you didn't need the ultrasound.
And then, there are many designs that benefit from "intelligent" sensors,
i.e. bringing the ADC or maybe even the uC close to the sensor.
So that, in a nutshell, was why I decided to go 'custom'.
A good example is the Chromasone on my project pages.

Anyone interested ?

Sukandar Kartadinata
Custom Music Technology
Hagenauerstr. 6, 10435 Berlin, 030-44051219


Date:    Thu, 3 Sep 1998 20:27:55 +0000
From:    Carlton Joseph Wilkinson 
Subject: Trenton Avant Garde Festival

For those who subscribe to the Csound list, my apologies for the
duplication of what follows:

Trenton Avant Garde Festival '98
Saturday noon to 10 pm in Mill Hill Park and surroundings, Trenton,
N.J., USA.
Indoor and outdoor stages. Rain date Sunday Sept. 13.
willl feature, among about a 100 other performances, three tape
compositions using mostly Csound, by Jon Christopher Nelson, Carlton
Wilkinson, and Kelly Wood indoors at the Joe's Mill Hill Saloon upstairs
Live performances will include a roving installation altering crowd
noise with a laptop computer and several analog/digital instrument
players, Chapman Stick players, altered and invented instruments,
looping artists and noise improvisers. Also a ton of visual art,
multimedia and spoken word.

A complete list of performers will be accessible soon at
The site is under construction, but directions and some further
information are already available there.

Thank you.


End of MAX Digest - 2 Sep 1998 to 3 Sep 1998