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  1. CD object
  2. What's the deal? (2)

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Date:    Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:30:11 +1000
From:    Garth Paine 
Subject: CD object

I have been given a MAC 7220 to run a show from.  I need 2 CD-ROM drives
and so took alsong one external SCSI drive - the trouble was the 7220 has a
ATAP internal CD-ROM drive - can we access these yet with the CD object ?



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Date:    Sun, 16 Aug 1998 20:26:46 -0400
From:    Nicholas Longo <71477.2332@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Re: What's the deal?

Subject: Re: What's the deal?

>But what I'm really
>unfamiliar with is the C language itself, so not knowing where to
>start, I thought I'd solicit some helpfull responses.  Yours as always
>are helpfull, if a bit edgy.
>Nick Longo

Thanks for not going crazy on me :-)  I've always been a bit too
"edgy" for my own good, unfortunately.

Regarding C: I never went to computer school; indeed I opted to
go off and tour with the rock band(s) before I even got to college.
And who the hell needed math? I was just going to write songs and
be a big star - math would be used to calculate how many millions
my manager ripped me off for - and I could pay an accountant to
calculate it.

Things change, life goes on, bizarre things happen - eventually
I found myself in a situation where I was introduced to Max (long
story). I swore I would never ever learn to "program" anything. =

But Max was fun!  It was addictive. But after 4 years of working =

with Max, it became apparent that what I then wanted to do would =

require programming my own externals.  I literally screamed and =

ripped out my own hair before I took the leap.

I can only say (having had limited experience in "computer languages"
(although perhaps 4th Dimension's Pascal-like language qualifies)
that I have found C to be relatively easy to learn, and I'm now
totally in love with it.

What's interesting is that by learning it now, on my own, I am
constantly realizing things that you probably learned in computer =

school, before you even learn things like C - kind of a backasswards =

education. Like why Hex makes sense, and why binary operations like =

bit-masking and shifting etc. are cool and useful.  For a guy
who swore he never would program and/or need math, I suddenly
find myself referring to a calculator quite often and writing
code dealing with additions, subtractions, multiplications, etc.
Life is weird.

As Sean Connery (or Ian Fleming) once said: Never say Never.

I don't know Visual Basic, but C doesn't seem that difficult to
me.  I highly recommend it, whether you get MPW or CodeWarrior.

Stephen Kay


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