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  1. Of execution and order
  2. MAX interface term in french/lcd for?
  3. MAX Digest - 22 Jul 1998 to 23 Jul 1998
  4. Joysticks for Max/Mac?
  5. max question

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Date:    Sun, 26 Jul 1998 01:34:33 -0800
From:    Alex Stahl 
Subject: Of execution and order

>>It's true that the calculations still ultimately need to be made in a
>>certain order, and this example is reading and writing the same sample in
>>the buffer~, so order is relevant. But in my mind, this begs the question
>>of why the buffer~ is being used at all. Why is the signal being poked
>>the buffer~, being stored for "zero" time, and looked up with index~? Why
>>not just use the original poked signal (instead of the output of index~)?

Well, it's because the Index~ is supposed to happen first. An existing
signal is read from the buffer~, scaled, combined with new signals, and
written back to the same location.  Since the buffer is addressed by a
repeating count~, it nominally works like a delay with feedback.  Except,
as David pointed out, other objects like play~ and groove~  can access the
loop too, for effects like backwards echoes. (I have a new version which
prevents discontinuities when playback intersects recording. I'll send it
along for possible inclusion in the Night School examples.)

By the way, if Max/MSP Night School ever comes to your neighborhood, I
highly recommend it.  Although there are cheaper ways to embarrass yourself
with Max, it was nonetheless quite entertaining and informative. Really,
Prof. Zicarelli's attitude "bordered on arrogance" about as much as
Berkeley borders Santa Cruz-- quite a commute.



Date:    Sun, 26 Jul 1998 13:25:28 +0100
From:    Jean Favory 
Subject: MAX interface term in french/lcd for?

> I want to make a french WEB sit dedicated to MAX. I try to traduct
> some interface terms in french, but it is not easy.
> Here is the terms:

Voici des propositions, fort peu satisfaisantes (j'ai supprimer les
accents car ils ne sont pas pris en compte par la liste et se
transforment en d'autres caracteres) :

patcher = fenetre de raccordement
toggle = bascule
inlet = entree
outlet = sortie
preset = configuration
script-driven Envelope = script de controle d'enveloppe
graphic switch = commutateur graphique
graphic gate = porte graphique
increment/decrement = increment/decrement
LED = Diode Electroluminescente (DEL)

> Finally a question, the letter lcd is for ?
liquid crystal display = ecran a cristaux liquides

Ceci dit, il me semble qu'il vaut mieux eviter de traduire les noms des
objets dans la mesure ou quand on utilise le logiciel l'on est confronte
aux noms anglais. Cela me rappelle trop les notices et modes d'emplois
ou tous les termes sont traduits (souvent mal car les equivalences sont
parfois difficiles): on finit par ne plus rien comprendre.

Jean Favory
Laboratoire Musique et Informatique de Marseille (MIM)
Cite de la Musique - BP 8
13234 Marseille cedex 04 - France
phone: (33) 04 91 39 28 60 - fax: (33) 04 91 39 28 69


Date:    Sun, 26 Jul 1998 14:49:22 +0200
From:    Georg Hajdu 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 22 Jul 1998 to 23 Jul 1998

I hope someone can help me with following problem:

I copied my MAX/MSP files to my new G3 Powerbook and everything worked fine
(I should say, great!!) for a few days until for some reasons the 'dates
created' (and modified) had been set to 2040 for most of my files.
Running MAX/MSP prompted my to enter a new authorization code, and entering
the current one led to the following message:

Error while verifying your authorization. The serial  number you specified
has already expired. You need a new serial number in order to use this
software. Result code: 32.

Of course, I thought, I just need to reinstall my system and maybe this
problem will go away. I also tried to run MAX from an external hard disk.
But, unfortunately, the problem persisted.
Interestingly, reinstalling MSP gave me the same results (The installer
somehow accesses a file or resource with my name and address and maybe a
wrong date; does this need to be erased?). So I wonder what's going on.

Thanks for any hint on how I can get MSP to work again, 'cause I have some
heavy programming ahead of me (live electronic compositions by Dieter
Schnebel for the next WireWorks concert).


 Dr. Georg Hajdu

Hochschule f=FCr Musik Detmold,
Abteilung M=FCnster
Ludgeriplatz 1
D-48151 Muenster



Date:    Sun, 26 Jul 1998 15:54:40 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: Joysticks for Max/Mac?

Hello Maxers,

I suddenly have a need to interface some sort of joystick =

game controller to Max.  In the past I have not paid much
attention to talk of joysticks; I filed some info but it
doesn't seem to tell me much.  Can anyone provide some
info/a summary of any joystick-like input devices that
work with the Mac/Max (hopefully without a lot of mechanical/
electronic modifications?)

Not having any experience with game controllers, if you
bought something like the Microsoft 3D SideWinder Joystick,
does it plug into the ADB port, or into a serial port?  Is
there anyway to access the information?

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Kay


Date:    Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:04:11 EDT
From:    "Britt H. Myers" 
Subject: max question

Hey folks, I'm a beginning Max student and have a problem doing what I want
do.  Basically, I'm sending controller data into Max and want to create a
that outputs the difference in that controller data.  However, I don't want
output to be dependent on one controller or the other.

How do I make the calculation dynamic?  I don't want one of the controllers
be stored in the "-" object while the other one triggers the calculation.  I
want the movement of either controller to trigger a calculation.

So this may have a simple solution, perhaps I'm just not seeing it right
Any help will be welcome.




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