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  1. e z k t u j b
  2. MAX Digest - 13 Jul 1998 - Special issue
  3. no nationalism on Max list please!
  4. Nightmare of the never-arriving key disks
  5. authorization disk
  6. Non MAX stuff
  7. my last contribution (?)
  8. Systems?
  9. Alchemy program


Date:    Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:42:18 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: e z k t u j b

>If you don't mind, why did you pick Logic over Vision?

max + msp = (log!k + v!s!on) / 47
log!k = v!s!on + max / 47
v!s!on = 0
max = log!k / v!s!on

47 = -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
Version: PGPfreeware 5.5.3 for non-commercial use 

>I'm trying to make
>>a decision about upgrading my MIDI sequencer.

I'm trying to make
a decision about doungrading 1 MIDI sequencer.

reazon +?
due2 100 zucz!ng m!d! sekunzerz w!ll zmak 1 ultra 900 megab!te
dzp vzt tzt bzp 999 trakx + ultraful kolor krapmattr kode buket.

regardlesz ov !tz nat!onal!t+e.


+ d!sz = 1 tezt

how does one access the text in the max window ?
can - one access the text in the max window ?

how does one erase an object in a patcher ?
dynamically ?

antiorp will type in standard english for 1 month if the
questions above are answered satisfactorily.

antiorp will type in standard english for 2 months if the
questions above are answered satisfactorily by stephen kay


--beg!nsmallpr!nt---BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----


Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 00:38:56 -0600
From:    "Pablo Silva-Escuela Nacional de Musica,
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 13 Jul 1998 - Special issue

> On Mon, 13 Jul 1998 "Nick Lowe"

> In particular, S2K has an operation called Crunch, where you select a
> group of objects in a patch by dragging and/or shift-clicking

Ircam's Patchwork has an "abstract" feature, esentially the same as this.
If incorporated into Max, this could save us a bit from the boring
set-up-a-patcher, name-the-inputs/outputs,
re-connect-the-whole-thing-again routine... David?

Pablo Silva


Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 00:46:56 -0600
From:    "Pablo Silva-Escuela Nacional de Musica,
Subject: no nationalism on Max list please!

BTW, I must support Peter Castine on this:

> BUT, if there is more "America is the greatest country in the world"
> nonsense, I may not be able to restrain myself.

nos vemos

Pablo Silva


Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 01:16:03 -0600
From:    "Pablo Silva-Escuela Nacional de Musica,
Subject: Nightmare of the never-arriving key disks

Just adding my final 2 cents for the night (let's see, that makes...):

Just so the sheriffs know (and I'll shut up then), Roby's situation in
regards getting proper legal key disks is far from being a fluke, as many
past postings from people in Europe and all over the place testify. So,
attention, you mighty guardians of legality.

It can always get worse, it seems: We bought a Studio pack for MAX
recently for the lab here, and it came with only 3 authorizations. Packing
error? You bet...  Which totally sucks when you need to authorize a whole
lab. Two calls plus email to Opcode to solve the problem, to no avail (at
least yet). I can't teach Max as I planned, the registration card seems to
have got lost in the mail, and even though we have bought several Opcode
products before, we are somehow not in the Opcode registered users
database, which likely means ALL our Opcode software is orphaned, our
distributor here honestly told me that he'd rather have me solve these
problems and get upgrades with Opcode directly because of their rather
erratic policy vis a vis mexican distributors, which then of course means
Opcode will refer me back to the distributor for upgrades, etc... So, not
only do we seem to have paid 750 U.S.  for what's basically a dead
unsupported 350 U.S. package, but everything we bought before is dead

It's hard to be honest when you face <...insert your favorite...> like

Any suggestions? Like, how can I contact someone at Opcode capable of
fixing this mess? I have past key disks, official school docs, etc.



Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 09:27:00 +0200
From:    Roby Steinmetzer 
Subject: Re: authorization disk

>The best thing to do in a situation such as this is to
>contact your local distributor and request the disks from them (if you are
>an international customer)
I contacted my distributor several times.
As far as I can see, they do not get the disks from Opcode...

>Opcode will not rev the version of the copy protection used for any old
>version of software.  As far as I have been made aware (I do attend the
>weekly tech support meetings) there have been no significant recurring
>problems with the copy protection used for the 3.5.8 Key Disks (the last
>time key disks rev'ed).  Therefore, it is unlikely that there will be any
>changes in the near future to the Copy Protection scheme that is currently
>in place.
I used the 3.5 key disk.
If there was a newer foolproof version I should use, Opcode should ship them
 at least inform me about that.
That's what I thought registration was for but I maybe wrong.

>I think that in general you will find that hackers and crackers are a
>rather self sufficient bunch who are not likely to hand hold you through
>the process of figuring out what they have learned to do on their own.  It
>is also unlikely that they would choose to expose information which could
>be used to locate /identify them in a public forum.
Ok, understandable with all the sheriffs around  ;-)

>As for extra key disks ("Professionals always have a backup."),..

You got me.
I'm going to ask for several!

And Pablo writes:
>..., we are somehow not in the Opcode registered users

That's what they tell me everytime.
But you have to insist a little bit, send copies of your purchase invoice,
 them to look again and then they will find your registration card in some
 part of the office.

Roby Steinmetzer
Luxembourg, Europe


Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:10:16 -0400
From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Non MAX stuff

I hate to even clog up the MAX list with more on this subject and I hate
to be a boring stick in the mud.

However this list is mean't to be about MAX. Now I know from time to time
some of may promote ourselves in some way or mention things that are a
little off subject but IMHO this =3Dcw4t7abs and Stephen Kay argument has
gone on for too long. If you want to insult eachother do it privately.

Also I have never read =3Dcw4t7abs postings as I can't be bothered to
translate them. Why not just write in English. We have a number of non
native English speakers who go to great trouble to translate and post
things to this list without some other quirky language being introduced
that will undoubtably exclude them too.



Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:43:02 +0200
From:    flow 
Subject: my last contribution (?)

hello all.

just want to say:

> 1) Intellectual property laws do exist.
I agree.

> 2) Software Licenses do not allow you to give away extra
> copies when you sell your computer.
if Mr.X sold another copies of MAX after selling his computer to me, he's
broken the law. but I didn't.

> 3) It may therefore be improper for people with such
> licensing problems to be essentially requesting sections
> of the users manual from the list.
now that's clear. anything I will ask for will be answered in some
section of the user manual - and that's why I can't even think of answer
on my question. anyone who would help me would become a BAD guy.

look, once my authorization will go dead and it will be all over. no more
problems with my (nonexisting?) license... then probably I'll buy a copy
(I'm ready to give up MAX @ all after all what happened in the list, I'm
totally disgusted).
sometimes I feel like a criminal element of this list. but am I?. just to
let you know (especially Stephen Kay) - I've bought Photoshop 5.0 (I'd
sent you serial number of my copy of PS, but it's illegal, right Stephen
?) some time ago, and also my Korg Wavestation. that's why I'm horribly
short of money and can't afford buying MAX earlier than in 4 months. I
have to live from something (e.g. food). and more I surely don't earn as
much as you...

virtually out of here



Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:56:02 +0200
From:    Matthew Ostrowski 
Subject: Systems?

>Dear Uncle Max,
>I'm concidering bumping up to another system, I'm at 7.7.5 (running on a
>PPC 8500/135). I know there has been a lot of hoopla about Sytem 8.1, both
>pro and con. What I want to know is if I bump up to let's say System 7.6.1
>instead of jumping to 8.1 am I going to have less trouble with installs and
>what not?

I upgraded to 8.1 and had no significant problems with installs or anything
like that, although I eventually went back to 7.6.1, since it ran faster on
my machine (PB 3400/180) than 8.1, which wastes a lot of cycles on GUI
entertainment and psuedo-multithreading.  Being able to copy in the
background is fun, but at the end of the day it does slow down your machine
a bit, so I remain a 7.6.1 fan at this point.  If you do go for 8.1, be
wary of HFS+, which is not always the friendliest toward soundfiles, I've


Date:    Tue, 14 Jul 1998 09:52:54 -0400
From:    James Garfield 
Subject: Re: Alchemy program

I worked with Alchemy when I was at Oberlin a few years ago, and at the
time it was pretty cool.  A friend of mine prefers working with it
because he can transfer samples over SCSI to and from his ESI-32.  It's
really best used for dumping samples to a sampler.

If you're looking to do cool (i.e. experimental) DSP stuff, I think
there are better and more exciting ways to do it (insert plug for MSP
here).  Try MSP, or maybe SoundHack or TurboSynth if you have access


James Garfield                            
BadRat Multimedia Productions          


End of MAX Digest - 13 Jul 1998 to 14 Jul 1998 - Unfinished