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  4. 2 serial ports on a Powerbook


Date:    Sat, 4 Jul 1998 10:37:49 +0200
From:    Jost Muxfeldt 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 2 Jul 1998 to 3 Jul 1998

> >
> >You're using a G3 with System 8.0 or System 8.1. This was a
> >really stupid "improvement" made in these systems. The moment
> >any sound input device is opened, you lose the playthrough
> >of the input to the computer.
> i have the opposite problem, where i never want to hear the sound input
> device except through MSP. so you start up MSP and playthrough is turned
> off... fine. but then, eject the cd and put in a new cd: the sound manager
> automatically starts playing the cd and turns playthrough back on! ARGH.
> so, go to the lovely "monitors and sound" control panel and change the
> "monitoring source" to none. playthrough goes away - but now nothing is
> coming through msp's adc~ object, even though the DSP Status window still
> says CD!

I have exactly the same problem. Either I have sound in with play-through
or no sound in at all. This is on a Power Computing Power Center Pro. It
was not the case with system 8.0, but only happens since I installed 8.1.
Extremely annoying, since I can't use, for example, a microphone without
getting feedback from the monitors. If I switch sound source on and off a
few times with most any audio application running, then sound-in simply
stops working altogether until I reboot. I have tried this with a newly
installed 8.1 with no foreign extensions. It is almost certainly a system
software problem. I have looked on the apple site for fixes, but I have so
far not  found info on the problem anywhere in the net even.

does anyone know a solution?



Date:    Sat, 4 Jul 1998 12:10:42 +0200
From:    Peter Castine 
Subject: Re: cd object (de nouveau)

On Fri, 3 Jul 1998 10:10:41 -0600 Todd Welbourne
>This has got to a simple problem, but I can't think where else to turn but
>the list. I cannot open the cd object on my machine (PB1400cs, MAX 3.5.9)
>without crashing. In three crashes I got three different error messages
>(from Norton Crahsguard): 1) "Illegal instruction exception" 2) "unmapped
>memory exeception" 3) "bus error exception".  If I could get to the help
>files I might find some relevant information but I can't even get
>there--the manual doesn't mention any special setups or drivers needed.
>Could it be the object is expecting a SCSI drive whereas the PB CD drive is
>IDE??  Any body else having this problem??TW

The cd object we know and love only works with SCSI CD-ROMs. David Z. is
reportedly working on a new but not-yet-ready version to support IDE-bus
drives (which, like death and taxes, appear to be with us, although you
could probably pick up an old Apple SCSI CD-ROM drive pretty cheap).

I've avoided the cd object since I got my G3, but in one patch that used
the thing, it appeared as if the object was trying to talk to my SCSI
hard drive and/or the ZIP drive. I suspect there may be some things going
on on newer SCSI busses that confuse it?

I haven't followed up on this enough to give David a concrete bug report
(and probably won't have opportunity to do so), but if anomalies start
cropping up with other people (and yours, Todd, seems to be an ugly
anomaly), well, a new improved cd object might be a pressing issue for
increasing numbers of Max users.



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Date:    Sat, 4 Jul 1998 15:44:41 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: 37n475

!z !t poszbl 2 open dze status w!ndow w!th a max msg +?


Date:    Sat, 4 Jul 1998 22:55:15 -0400
From:    Jeff Mann 
Subject: 2 serial ports on a Powerbook

What's the latest on getting two serial ports on a Powerbook? Has anyone
tried Momentum's "PortDoubler"? I need to control a laser disc as well
as a MIDI interface. I know about Mediamation's MIDI-to-serial box, but
it costs a lot more. Any other solutions? Thanks...
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